Shapes Study 4 Kids Shapes Study 4 Kids v1.0

This Application can study different types of shapes and can fill different color on the shapes .


Word Puzzle Word Puzzle v1.1

The core concept of the app is to solve 2 words by identifying missing letter.


Let Set Learn Let Set Learn v2.0.1

A Fun Way to learn ABC.


Drive Safe Drive Safe v1.9

Το Drive Safe αποτελεί το δεξί χέρι για κάθε οδηγό.

Είναι η πληρέστερη εφαρμογή για όσους θέλουν να αποκτήσουν δίπλωμα οδήγησης σε αυτοκίνητο, μοτοσυκλέτα, λεωφορείο ή φορτηγό (και Π.Ε.Ι.). Προετοιμαστείτε για το δίπλωμα με τον καλύτερο τρόπο!


Win32 API Reference Win32 API Reference v1.0

Win32 Api reference(Offline)


MathGraph MathGraph v1.0

The program drawing graphs of functions.
32 defined functions and constants.
Easy editing of complex expressions.
The ability to save 25 custom functions.
The ability to compare up to 10 functions.
Dynamic range selection chart.
The ability to save plotted functions to an image file.
Lots of options to configure the program.


Coloring 4 Alphabets Coloring 4 Alphabets v1.0

This application helps to learn English Alphabets for children.


Russian Alphabet Russian Alphabet v1.11

Learn the Russian alphabet with this simple app.


123Numbers 123Numbers v2.1

123 Numbers - an interactive game to learn numbers for babies and toddlers.


Safari Animals for Kids Safari Animals for Kids v1.1

Tap, Explore, Play and Educate because it’s time to know the Safari Animals.


6 in 1 - Kids Math HD 6 in 1 - Kids Math HD v1.0

- Fun way to develop math skills with 6 engaging functions
- Each function features up to 3 levels with engaging graphics
- Rewards encourage children to test their math skills


MyTools2Learn MyTools2Learn v1.0.7

Using spaced learning, MyTools2Learn makes sure that you REALLY learn.


Geo Whiz Lite Geo Whiz Lite v1.01

Geo Whiz provides a fun way to explore different countries and expand your knowledge about their Capitals, Flags, Maps, Languages, Currencies, National Anthems, Governments and other facts.


Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition v2.0

Color & Draw Super Artist Edition is an interactive artistic springboard for children. It invites them to draw, color and decorate drawings with stickers and to unleash their creativity!


Estou aprendendo alfabeto Estou aprendendo alfabeto v1.0

Estou aprendendo alfabeto português


English Alphabet Game English Alphabet Game v1.0

Ghost Bird I am learning english alphabet


Aprendiendo Alfabeto Español Aprendiendo Alfabeto Español v1.0

Pájaro divertido del ninja estoy aprendiendo alfabeto Español


فرهنگ لغات فارسی فرهنگ لغات فارسی v1.01.1

فرهنگ فارسی انصاف پور از منبع معتبر و به روز انصاف پور
تالیف استاد غلامرضا انصاف پور
با بیش از80.000 مدخل واژه
به همراه تلفظ صوتی واژه ها


Seasons Seasons v1.1

Tizzy Seasons is a beautifully illustrated educational game designed to teach your kids about the different Seasons of the Year.


iDurocher Math iDurocher Math v1.1.3

This app was created to help kids with their daily math practice. It is targeted for simple math problems, but allows some flexibility to challenge those a little beyond the simple math.