Trapped in a Nerd Factory Trapped in a Nerd Factory v1.2

Kill all nerds!!!


MushRoom Bounce! MushRoom Bounce! v1.5.6

MushRoom Bounce! is a unique, addictive, 2D physics adventure where you spin, bop, and ricochet Mushrooms into various holes to clear each level. Addictive!


Tilt Ball Tilt Ball v1.8

Test your dexterity & agility. Collect diamonds, avoid spiky enemies.

Move by tilting your device around.

The game uses the accelerometer to control your ball.

Fun and addictive. Enjoy!


Block Runner Mobile Block Runner Mobile v1.0

Dodge the blocks, beat the levels! Get Block Runner Mobile Today!


Templar Run Pro Templar Run Pro v1.06

The Assassins have invaded the Templar Castle and scattered it's treasury. It's up to the Templar Guardians to gather the treasure while destroying the Assassins.

PRO Version has no ads, free updates, exclusive characters, and twice as many coins!


Sea Bubble Sea Bubble v7.0

Sea Bubble is a fun and relaxing game in which you have to predict your fish ricochet direction and speed. You must have a great reflexes and a desire of having fun and completing all the levels.


Killer: Into The Deep Killer: Into The Deep v1.1

Become the killer of the deep! You are a fish, that is on its way to the top of the food chain. Eat the others, don’t be eaten. All those other fish want to snack on you, so eat them first! Lots of upgrades are there to help you on your way.


Slap The Hipster Slap The Hipster v1.0.0

Feeling mainstream? Oh well, isn’t that ironic! If you’re tired of all the hipsterism around you, like we are, maybe slapping one of them will make you feel better


SpiderFloodFree SpiderFloodFree v1.1.0

Oh noooo spiders are coming! Smash them before they flood You!


Templar Run Templar Run v1.07

The Assassins have invaded the Templar Castle and scattered it's treasury. It's up to the Templar Guardians to gather the treasure while destroying the Assassins.


Cute'n'Angry Bubble Trouble Cute'n'Angry Bubble Trouble v1.0.0

This CUTE, FUN and ADDICTIVE game will make your fun bubbles pop and make you want to rule the Bubble Kingdom. Tap away into this amazing world, accept the challenge and get the best SCORE, while enjoying an amazing adventure in a fabulously adorable world!


Submarine Jack Submarine Jack v1.7

Submarine game. Avoid the mines or destroy them with your torpedoes.


Penguins Patriot (FULL) Penguins Patriot (FULL) v1.0

Help Penguins for attacking Alien, protect earth and winner the war.
Penguins patriot full version is powerfull of the game !
you can find a new concept playing the games, only touch the screen for moving object.


Survival Run Survival Run v1.3.2

Sometimes you have to RUN to Survive! In Survival Run with Bear Grylls, by F84 Games, you will run for your life from the world’s most relentless grizzly bear.


Pet Wars Pet Wars v1.0.4

Wizard Dogs vs Evil Cyborg Cats + Magic + Weapons + Leveling up = Explosive fun!


Witch Muncher Candy Collector Witch Muncher Candy Collector v1.0.0

Collect magical candy!


Fruit Balloons Fruit Balloons v1.3

Join the fun with Fruit Balloons !

Bored of swapping gems and jewels? Do you like a challenge? Fruit Balloons is the game for you! This action packed game with exciting gameplay will have you hooked in no time.


Up2TheStars Up2TheStars v0.9.0.1

Up 2 The Stars. Aliens pursuit - is an action game for phone and tablets.
The game sees players in the role of Scrooge.

The main hero saw as aliens stole his bank and going for a pursuit for them on the balloon (aerostat).

Game mission:
Pickup more coins as possible what was scattered from the bank.

thunderclouds and missiles


Mosquito Punch Mosquito Punch v1.0

Smash noisy mosquito!


Knife Joy Knife Joy v1.2.1

Stab the gaps between a man's hand with a knife without cutting his finger.