Memory Languages Memory Languages v1.1

Memory Languages ​​is a game based on memory, to learn vocabulary in a foreign language. Three languages available : English, French, Spanish.


Hiragana Scholar Lite Hiragana Scholar Lite v3.2

Start learning how to read and write Japanese with Hiragana Scholar. This fun, interactive and educational app will not only help you recognize each Hiragana character, it will teach you how to write and pronounce them too.


Katakana Scholar Lite Katakana Scholar Lite v3.2

The characters are dived into manageable lessons, each lesson includes interactive animations that break down the process of writing a character, perfect if you are new to Katakana!


Learn language from SUBTITLE Learn language from SUBTITLE v1.0

Make your own dictionaries from your favourite TV series or movie.


Испанские слова Испанские слова v1.5

Вы изучаете испанский язык и хотите расширить свой словарный запас? Попробуйте нашу обучающую игру "Испанские слова", которая позволяет быстро запомнить 5000 наиболее употребляемых слов в испанском языке.


Eng To Guj Dictionary + Eng To Guj Dictionary + v2.0.1

This dictionary help to View English word to gujarati meanings. It is much better then other dictionary. You can also listen words. It have 46,000+ word . It has huge collection of words. And Easy to use. And easilt operatable application.


Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture v8.0.248

The premier illustrated architectural dictionary, Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, features 8,000 definitions, 4,000 illustrations, and biographies of hundreds of architects accompanied by classic examples of their work. This new, full-color edition includes terms relating to green, ecological, and sustainable architecture.


Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology v8.0.228

An essential pocket manual for anyone who treats children

Featuring an instant-access, find-it-now presentation, Texas Children’s Hospital Handbook of Pediatrics and Neonatology delivers concise, evidence-based information that is directly applicable to bedside care of the patient in both pediatrics and neonatology.


Conversational American English Conversational American English v8.0.248

As a new speaker of English, you may hear some expressions in your daily conversations that you do not understand--yet. McGraw-Hill's Conversational American English will help you learn these expressions, so not only do you know what a person is saying to you, but that you can use the expression yourself!


Common American Phrases Common American Phrases v8.0.250

A useful guide to everyday American English to help you understand meanings and avoid difficulty in translation.


Words Words v2.26

Fast Search for words, substring of words or anagrams, perfect for crossword and word games like Wordfeud, Words With Friends, Scrabble, WordSmith, Word Game, DroidWords, WordWise, Word Mix, Words By Post, Lexulous etc.


Kernerman Advanced English Dictionary Kernerman Advanced English Dictionary v8.0.250

The Kernerman Advanced English Dictionary is a user-friendly dictionary designed to address the needs of both English-speakers and learners of English at upper-intermediate and advanced levels. All those who use English as a native or foreign language, whether high school and university students, professionals, or the general public, will find it a useful addition to their library.


Cyprus Dictionary Cyprus Dictionary v1.0

Μodern Cyprus dictionary with over 2000 Cypriot words.Κυπριακό λεξικό(Κύπρος)

A 100% FREE modern Cyprus dictionary with over 2000 Greek Cypriot words. Search fast for any word you don't understand!


IELTS Vocabulary IELTS Vocabulary v2.2.151



ChineseEasylearn ChineseEasylearn v1.0.2

Learn Chinese Mandarin effectively and freely


Deutsch First Deutsch First v1.0

My First Application. This is made by me Yudha Hasbi Yanuar :) This Application still have any weakness. So your advice can make me learn more better :) CHEERSS


Commands Dictionary Commands Dictionary v1.0

Commands Dictionary is an android application which has been built for getting quick reference to commands required for AIX admin,DBA i.e Database Administration as well as SAN which stands for Storage Area Network.It also includes UNIX as well as TSM commands which are helpful for AIX,DBA and SAN.This application gives a short decsription of these commands which can be quite useful to Core IT people.


French Czech Dictionary FREE French Czech Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

Offline French Czech dictionary. Dictionnaire Français Tchèque. Francouzsko Český Slovník.
More than 30.000 words! FREE!


German Czech Dictionary FREE German Czech Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

Offline German Czech Dictionary. Deutsch Tschechisch Wörterbuch. Německo Český Slovník.
More than 65.000 words. FREE!


PeraPera PeraPera v1.0

Pera Pera is a simple dictionary of Japanese Mimetic and Onomatopoeic words used in daily life and manga.

For those studying Japanese or reading manga, Pera Pera is a useful resource to aide understanding.

Onomatopeia are words which try to imitate sounds. For example: wan wan (woof woof), nya (meow).

Mimetic are words used to describe the sound of an action or state. For example: goro goro (rolling around), pera pera (fluency).