Spanish 4 Kids Spanish 4 Kids v225

Spanish for kids is a program for children to learn Spanish language vocabulary so simple and intuitive. Kids just have to go through the finger pictures that come out, besides the text description in Ingés of photography will be taught the pronunciation of the word in Spanish.


English Cards English Cards v78

Learn English for free through graphics cards with vocabulary, find the words in English that the game says.
Thanks to this application to learn English, learn it as a game. This application is valid for adults and children with different levels also are updated the screens so you always have to learn new words.

This application serves to improve educational and learning advanced English vocabulary


QuickDic QuickDic v3.3

QuickDic Uses data from Wiktionary and Beolingus to generate dictionary files that can be used offline.


VocaBoca VocaBoca v0.9 beta

Vocabulary to your Boca ()

Build your own vocabulary list from the words you find in your favourite apps.
Learn new words when you surf, when you read the news and when you check your e-mail.

VocaBoca combines the power of Google Translate, Flickr images and Wiktionary to explain any word, from any app in almost any language.


English Danish Dictionary FREE English Danish Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

Offline English Danish dictionary. More than 91.000 words. FREE!
Engelsk Dansk ordbog offline. Mere end 91.000 ord! GRATIS!


Spanish Czech Dictionary FREE Spanish Czech Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

Offline Spanish Czech Dictionary. More than 20.000 words! FREE!
Španělsko Český Slovník offline. Více než 20.000 slov! ZDARMA!
Diccionario Español Checo. Más de 20.000 palabras. No necesita internet! GRATIS!


Spanish Swedish Dictionary FREE Spanish Swedish Dictionary FREE v2.0.0

Offline Spanish Swedish dictionary. Diccionario Español-Sueco. Spansk-Svensk ordbok.
More than 22.700 words. FREE!


German Swedish Dictionary FREE German Swedish Dictionary FREE v2.0.0

Offline German-Swedish Dictionary. Tysk-Svensk Ordbok. Deutsch-Schwedisch Wörterbuch.
More than 14.700 words! FREE!



Японско-русский словарь иероглифов и слов. Основан на рукописном вводе иероглифов, также можно искать по элементам, он- или кун-чтению или значению.

Для каждого иероглифа выводятся чтения, варианты перевода, примеры использования, правильное начертание и произношение.

ЯРКСИ содержит также словарь составных слов. Поиск по чтению или значению.

30 дней бесплатно, потом база данных ограничивается списком "Школьные кандзи".


German Dutch Dictionary FREE German Dutch Dictionary FREE v2.0.0

Offline German-Dutch Dictionary. Duits-Nederlands Woordenboek. Deutsch-Niederländisch Wörterbuch.
More than 49.000 words! FREE!


CamDictionary CamDictionary v2.1.2.20120604

Translate with your eyes

License: 60% off for the celebration of Oxford Dictionaries joining in.

Got stuck in a totally unfamiliar language environment? When you could not manually input to search for results, even the most powerful electronic dictionaries would be just useless! CamDictionary – your personal translator anytime and anywhere!

CamDictionary is a professional instant translator application.


French German Dictionary FREE French German Dictionary FREE v2.0.0

Offline French-German and German-French Dictionary.
Französisch-Deutsch und Deutsch-Französisch Wörterbuch.
Dictionnaire Français-Allemand et Allemand-Français.
More than 30.000 words! FREE!


English Croatian Dictionary FREE English Croatian Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

English-Croatian and Croatian-English Offline Dictionary.
Englesko-Hrvatski i Hrvatsko-Engleski Offline Rječnik.
More than 120.000 words. FREE!


English Slovak Dictionary FREE English Slovak Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

Offline English Slovak dictionary. Anglicko-slovenský slovník.
More than 100.000 words. FREE!


German Italian Dictionary FREE German Italian Dictionary FREE v2.1.1

Offline German Italian Dictionary. Dizionario Tedesco Italiano. Deutsch Italienisch Wörterbuch.
More than 32.000 words!


Spanish German Dictionary FREE Spanish German Dictionary FREE v2.0.1

Offline Spanish German dictionary. Spanisch Deutsch Wörterbuch Diccionario español-alemán
More than 42.000 words! FREE!


German widget German widget v1.04

Scientific research shows that You look at Your smartphone 150 times a day. Add our widget to Your screen and repeat German words every time You look at it. Choose German words from different categories: travel, family, school and others or add Your own words...and learn.
This German language learning widget can be great for those who learn German at school, language course or those learning by themselves. Every word has its english translation, and German phrase which will help You to learn.


English Czech Dictionary FREE English Czech Dictionary FREE v1.0.0

Offline English Czech dictionary. Anglicko-český slovník.
More than 164.000 words. FREE!


Spanish Words Spanish Words v1.14.1

Are you learning Spanish language and want to expand your vocabulary? Try "Easy Spanish", an educational game for learning 5,000 most frequent words in Spanish language. "Easy Spanish" successfully combines scientific methods and video game mechanics for effective language learning. So come have some fun and learn some Spanish!


English Russian Dictionary FREE English Russian Dictionary FREE v1.1

Offline English Russian Dictionary. Англо-Русский словарь
More than 69.500 words. FREE!