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FitnessTracker FitnessTracker v1.1

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Then Fitness Tracker is the app for you!! Track your fitness, view your energy, speed, pace while exercising, keep record of your workout data on your phone. Check your physical fitness, your BMI, monitor how many calories you burn daily.


Hooked On Fitness Hooked On Fitness v0.68.13402.39519

If you're tired of the "one-size-fits-all" workouts, let Hooked On Fitness develop a program for what you want and what you need.


Nature Sounds Limitless Nature Sounds Limitless v1.0

Listen to the sound of sea waves natuaral,frog chourus,bird songs,rain and more.

Listen to the sound of sea waves natuaral, or sound of natural rainfall, or natural sound of water currents. Close your eyes, put on a headphone , touch this application.

You are NOT limited to a few different sounds.



İdeal Kilonuzu Bulun! İdeal Kilonuzu Bulun! v1.2

İdeal Kilo Hesaplama..
Boy, Kilo ve Cinsiyetinizi girin Vücut Kitle İndeksinizi(BMI) hesaplayın.
BMI sonucunuza göre bulunduğunuz kategoriyi görün.


Calorie Stopper Calorie Stopper v1.52

* * * Calorie Stopper is a calorie counter, diet assistant and .gpx tracker. * * *


Yogamrit Yogamrit v3.0

Patanjali Yoga Videos - Asanas. Get daily dose of Yoga & nourish your life.
Bringing the best of Yoga - Famous asanas, their videos and description. Welcome to world of Yogamrit

Join & spread the Yoga revolution with Yogamrit – Original Patanjali Yoga Videos. We wish you life full of HeWeFi – Health, Wellness & Fitness.


Cosmetics Design Cosmetics Design v1.3

Download de Cosmetics Design App voor eerlijk & onafhankelijk advies op het gebied van liposculpture, fillings, facelifts, borstvergroting en nog veel meer!
Hier vindt u informatie over de ingrepen die COSMETICS DESIGN aanbiedt. De plastisch chirurgen zijn erkend en de artsen zijn zeer ervaren en voeren de ingrepen wekelijks tientallen keren uit.


Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis Tarjeta Medicamentos En Farmacia Gratis v0.63.13391.94547

Ahora Usted Puede adquirir Una Tarjeta GRATIS para comprar sus medicinas o medicamentos con hasta 10% - 75% o mas de DESCUENTO.


Mobile Maternity Mobile Maternity v1.0

Are you expecting? Expect the best with Mobile Maternity, the DMC baby app from DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. Mobile Maternity is for moms-to-be who are on the go and want to be well prepared for every stage of pregnancy. From health tips to tracking tools, Mobile Maternity is here to help you and your baby have a happy and healthy experience.


Weight Diary 1.0 Weight Diary 1.0 v1.5

The Weight Diary is an app under the eHealth platform, aimed in helping an individual in keeping a tab over their weight and body fat index.


Pronto Pronto v1.0.1

Pronto is an ultra simple GPS tracker for walking, running and cycling.


My Gym Personal Trainer My Gym Personal Trainer v5

My Gym Personal Trainer helps you achieve your goals


Free Prescription Rx Card Free Prescription Rx Card v0.63.13387.69249

Free Pharmacy Prescription Rx Card, can help you save money in all your meds. You can order a hard card copy too


Steel ABS A6W Steel ABS A6W v1.5.10

*** The only abs workout that allows you to train with your facebook friends ***
*** The Weider Six-Pack ABS Training Program is the simplest and most proven method to have perfect abs ****


All About Me All About Me v1.3.2

All about me helps you to track your body data and stores them in a safe environment. You can visualize the history of your data and have a graph of them.


Constellation Almanac Constellation Almanac v1.0

Can predict the fortunes constellation almanac,
After set birthday,
Will be able to predict the fortune.
In the application, you can read the fortune of your own history, learn new things, enjoying themselves.
You can also share their fortune by way of SMS, email, microblogging to a friend,Bring more fun and good luck to my friends


Ideal Weight Ideal Weight v1.0

•This tells ideal weight as per height and age.
•Every Human is having an ideal weight according to his/her weight and
height. this application tells you what your weight should be.


Mosquito Repellent Mosquito Repellent v1.0

This is a free desktop widget components.
By continuously transmitting powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves, it drives away mosquitoes effectively. These sound wave frequencies are inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets like cat, dog, or bird . Mosquito repeller protects an area up to 10m2 (square meter).


מלך הכדורגל מלך הכדורגל v1.0

Live score boards, soccer games schedules and videos


My Ideal Weight - BMI My Ideal Weight - BMI v1.1

Is your weight healthy? Discover your Ideal Weight by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI).
How many calories do you burn exercising? Discover how many calories you burn walking, running, cycling and more. Over 200 activities.