Fun & Games

AK47 AK47 v1.2.1

SchottGunn just not enough for you? Well then how about loading up an AK-47 and really getting some!!!


Also try the Ruger SR-9 and SchottGunn from Scheff's Blend


slotmaniac slotmaniac v2.05

Slot Maniac is a fun game where you play slot for a living, you are given 300-800 free coin a day, you can level up to play more slot,

-You can buy cloth for your character
-You can buy furniture to decorate your house
-You can add friends and visit their house
-You can collect prize to increase daily coin
-You can collect gems to increase daily coin
-Up to 16 different machine
-You can kill ant in your home to earn coin


Minesweeper For Android Minesweeper For Android v1.2.1

Minesweeper for Android is the best minesweeper clone for Android platform featuring nice UI and global highscores!


Balloon Popper Balloon Popper v1.3

You are a llama. A llama that hates balloons. Shoot those pesky bright cheerful colorful balloons out of the sky before you run out of loogie.


Lethal Racing Lethal Racing v3.0

Lethal Racing - The fun and addictive game where you wreak havoc with your car!


Mob Killer Mob Killer v1.2

Mob Killer - clean up the streets!

You are equipped with a new fantastic gun - the Mob Killer.


Peace Bringer Peace Bringer v1.4

Peace Bringer - bring peace and justice to rebel states!


Peggy Peggy v1.7

Peggy - The easy and accessible game where you drop balls on pegs on a game board to score points!


Ricochet Ricochet v2.1

Ricochet - The fun and addictive game where you put your triangulation and physics skills to the test!


Splat!: Bugs III Splat!: Bugs III v1.2

Try Splat!: Bugs III - time for revenge! The addictive and fun bugsquishin' sequel to Splat!: Bugs I & II!


Splat!: Bugs II Splat!: Bugs II v2.0

Try Splat!: Bugs II - the sequel to the addictive and fun bugsquishin' game for your phone: Splat!: Bugs!


Hnefatafl Hnefatafl v1.5

Hnefatafl - popularly known as 'The King's Table' - but the actual meaning is 'Table Grab' - a combination of the words 'Hnefa' which translates to '(to) Fist' and 'Tafl' which translates to 'Table'.


Solitaire Solitaire v1.3.0

Classic solitaire game with 1 or 3 cards draw. Customize card backs, hit the highest score or simply have a fun playing this amazing game. More info at:


Survive! Japanese Lite Survive! Japanese Lite v0.2.4

Survive Japanese is a Japanese learning adventure game for beginners. Learn hiragana, katakana, basic vocabulary and conversation phrases, which can unlock key information about the adventure that you seem to have stumbled upon.

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Chp2. Temple Grounds Chp2. Temple Grounds v0.2.2

Chp.2 Temple Grounds is the continuation of our popular Survive! Japanese app. Learn new vocabulary, kanji and simple sentence structure while solving challenging logic puzzles.


Guess Droid Guess Droid v1.0

Guess Droid for Android is the all new Android version of the Hit iPhone Guessing Game, iGuess.


Sea Fight Sea Fight v1.03

Sea Fight game. You can play classic sea fight game against your phones ai or other players online. Choose from 10×10 and 16×16 game fields and weather or not ship corners can touch when setting your battle ships.


BowShooter Lite BowShooter Lite v0.8

Awesome timepasser! Very addictive!
Shoot the crazy demons and have fun!


What you gonna play today? What you gonna play today? v1.0

Choose the game for today.


Twenty Four Twenty Four v1.4

Play this game well and impress your friends. Or make your children the best.