Fun & Games

Real Bottle Shoot Real Bottle Shoot v1.0

Releive Stress by breaking bottles that you are not supposed to do in real Life!


What do you do? What do you do? v1.3

What do you do? Is a graphic adventure game like Maniac Mansion or Broken Sword.


Stay Alive Stay Alive v1.0

Most gamers can make a dude run and jump over the objects


Money Tower Money Tower v1.0

Here’s a fun game apt to test your reflexes and precision as well as keep you entertained for hours on end!!


Must Go To Work Must Go To Work v1.1

Whatever the situation is, you Must Go To Work!


Blewti Blowfish Bubbles Blewti Blowfish Bubbles v1.0.1

Tap the blowfish on the side to navigate the fish (Blewti) safely onto the bubbles.


InfinityS InfinityS v1.0

Are you ready to fight with infinity ? yes i do? Then this game is for you!


LucasTower LucasTower v1.0

Lucas Tower or The Tower of Hanoi, also called the Tower of Brahma is a mathematical game or puzzle.

Game features:
★ Easy control
★ Choose your difficulties by choosing number of disk
★ Collect more stars for each levels and show your achievement to your friends
★ You can stop playing and continue later from continue/ resume game feature
★ Best way to keep your brain fresh


Box Shooter Box Shooter v1.0

Defend the Galaxy from the evil Boxes!


mazes of hell mazes of hell v1.0.0

a Fan made fps game of doom with some good old rock music


Words for Kids Words for Kids v1.1.0

A game in which kids can learn new words while having fun.


MysteryLandHiddenObject MysteryLandHiddenObject v1.1

A 2nd mystery hidden object point and then click on object to find.


Jills Nightmare Jills Nightmare v1.4.0

An action packed 2d horror shooter game.


Candy Truck Fall Candy Truck Fall v1.0

Tilt your device to control the Candy Truck. Fall Down through the gaps and avoid getting out of screen.


Sketch With Buddies Sketch With Buddies v1.8

Sketch Effects Sketch With Buddies!


SpaceEx SpaceEx v1.0

Try to survive as long as you can


Pin Mania Pin Mania v1.09

Pin Mania is an addictive pin shooting game where speed, timing and strategy matters. Launch all pins towards multiple rotating geometrical targets, avoiding pin collisions as you loose lives. Game includes levels from easy to insane difficulty.


Tranz-Am Tranz-Am v1.8

Classic, Retro graphics. Intense, human-like AI, a fast, strategic gameplay and high learning curve make Tranz-Am one of the must have top-down shooters on any compatible android device


Tilt-A-Cube: Origins Tilt-A-Cube: Origins v1.1

A 6-sided Cube with “Labrynth-like” puzzles on each side...


Number Bubbles for Kids Number Bubbles for Kids v1.0

Number Bubbles for Kids is funny and addictive game which educates kids and toddlers to recognize numbers from 0 to 9.

It is extremely easy to play and super fun. Touch and Pop, that's it.

Playing this game will improve your kids focusing and timing ability.