Fun & Games

PZL ME : Arabia PZL ME : Arabia v2.1

A fully customizable puzzle game for all Android devices.
Discover the beauty of Arabia!
اكتشاف الجمال في العالم العربي


Twenty Seconds Twenty Seconds v1.0.1

This is mobile version of a famous little game "survive 20 seconds if you're man". In this game you control a spacecraft ( by using gravity sensor or virtual joystick) to avoid the pursuit of alien creatures. Try it and see if you can make it!


BaseBall2011 Pro BaseBall2011 Pro v8.9.3.9

Best Baseball app for just 1.99 USD with several modes to play
Roll up your sleeves to batter up in Baseball 2011!
*Why to pay more when equally good game available for just 1.99 USD price*
For both casual players looking for something fun, as well as hardcore baseball fans wanting the real deal.
Now you can dream about MLB, NFL, or NBA athlete by playing it on different modes.


FGG Memory For Kids FGG Memory For Kids v1.2

Simple Memory game for kids.
Simple and cute pictures.

New version !!


Freaky Bartender Freaky Bartender v1.0

Freaky Bartender is perfect game, when you want to get wasted with the friends. Freaky bartender mixes the drinks that you have at home to make cocktail. It provides you recipe for the cocktail and he randomly selects one of your friend who will drink it :)
Enjoy the game!!


Number Quiz Number Quiz v1.0.0

A riddle game where the answers are numbers!


Labybox Labybox v1.0.2

Labybox puts you to the test with intricate maze filled with traps! Make your way with your ball moving boxes and do not get stuck in dead ends.


UnTangle UnTangle v1.5

The object of game is to position the orbs so that no lines overlap. Yellow or red color indicates there is one or more tangled state, green indicates free. Touch and drag an orb to move it to desired location. Try to solve the puzzle in fewer moves.
"Practice" mode allows selecting of level to play, "Challenge" mode allows levels based progressive mode of play.


Cliché Crazy! Cliché Crazy! v1.0

It has been estimated that there are over 3000 Cliché’s in the English language! Cliché Crazy! is a fantastically exciting quiz on some of the most popular Cliché’s in the English Language. With this quiz you can 'get a handle' on these phrases, so YOU TOO can start using them daily to drive people Cliché CRAZY!


Gun And Smoke Lite Gun And Smoke Lite v2.6.4

Test & feel the real popular Guns simulation & shooting range.
Key Features:
*No Ads*
*New Design and theme*
*Cow Boy theme*
*More genre of Guns added*
*Tap the screen to shake, vibrate and fire the gun*
*Check Gun by shooting birds*


Gun And Smoke Pro Gun And Smoke Pro v2.5.5

Enjoy the fun of real gun with a shooting
touch. Can select any model of Hand guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Gernades, Rocket launchers and much more with actual voices. Get details of the different guns and its background and make.
Our team of experts are continiously working to improve this app and we welcome feedback from our users. Do give us your feedback at:
We try to include all the feedbacks from our customers.


ABC Write Right ABC Write Right v6.0

Play and Have Fun while learning to hand-write the letters of the alphabet.

You can draw with your finger on the touch screen.
ABC Write Right will recognize the letters you have drawn and will give you points and animal pictures as rewards.


All Mighty RTS Free All Mighty RTS Free v1.2.6

NEW! Play online multi player or Bluetooth multi player!

All Mighty is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. All Mighty features 12 buildings each with 4 levels. Building and upgrading unlocks additional buildings and people to recruit. There is also 9 different types of people to recruit including Infantry, Battle Mage, Medic, and more! Build your city, recruit warriors, and conquer your rivals!


Puzzle 15 Puzzle 15 v1.0

Fifteen puzzle. Order the numbers ascending by sliding the tiles.


SuperDice SuperDice v1.3.6

Do you like more fun at party?! Do you want to have some adventure with your sex partner?! Super Dice is a fun tool whenever you are drinking at a dinner party with your friends or boring at home on weekends with your lover.


Color-Line Color-Line v20110617

This is a classic desktop game.


Control Air Flight Free Control Air Flight Free v4.4.9

Top Flight Control Game in Addictive Air control action to land airplanes safely
Land planes safely & avoids collisions in the Best Top Flight Control Game with Addictive Air control action!


Control Air Flight Pro Control Air Flight Pro v4.0.0.4

Best Flight Control Game with Addictive Air control action to avoid collisions
Land planes safely & avoids collisions in the Best Top Flight Control Game with Addictive Air control action!


Fish Mating Game Fish Mating Game v2.9

A fun game to share with your loved one this Valentine Day. Swim and mate with as many female fish as you can. But careful, hungry sharks roam the waters as well - avoid them. A friendly advice. Be gentle with the female fish, or she will refuse to mate with you!
Installs on external SD card for Froyo.


Valentine Gravity Clumps Valentine Gravity Clumps v1.0.3

We offer our congratulations on Valentine's day and propose this amazing game... Valentine's edition of "Gravity Clumps"!

Valentine Gravity Clumps! The game goal is simple - to remove the connected groups of clumps of one color.
Tilt the phone to control the direction of falling of clumps.