Fun & Games

Ball Slide Ball Slide v1.4

It's simple slide game.

Touch green circle and slide to goal(red circle) in 30 secs.


Cause and Effect: Lite Cause and Effect: Lite v1.0.4

Use elements to achieve goals in this ultra-original and super addictive game


Arcade Fishing Arcade Fishing v1.0.4

A fast-paced fishing game where you catch as many fish as possible while avoiding river rubbish that will damage your boat.


GeoTrivia GeoTrivia v1.0

Test your knowledge of the world. See if you can tell countries flags, capital cities, currencies and more. Prepare yourself at the "study area" before the challenge. Be careful you have only three strikes in a game. Adds free premium version is available. Please check out other fun games from jniv. Enjoy!!!


Gallery Memory Game Lite Gallery Memory Game Lite v3.2

Gallery Memory Game is the only memory game that lets you pick the pictures that will appear on the game cards!!

Choose pictures of your friends, kids, family or anything you like!


Eggs Eggs v1.1.1

Use the Wolf to catch all the eggs thrown by the chickens! Challenge yourself in hard mode and have your scores globally ranked!
- 2 game modes: modern and retro (old school USSR style)
- 2 difficulty levels: easy and hard
- global score rankings
We hope you enjoy. Comments appreciated.


Lobix Lobix v1.0.2

Lobix is a logic-puzzle medley sure to satisfy players of all tastes. Lobix currently consists of an unlimited supply of 5 different puzzle types, including well-known staples such as Sudoku & Calcudoku.


Rebirth Rebirth v1.2

Redefining the falling block

Rebirth is a falling block puzzler with amazing visual effects. The aim is to create quads of the same color while keeping track of the sweeper.


The Numbers The Numbers v1.0

The simplest counting game ever 'The Numbers'
Game goal is to count as much as you can. There are numbers intervals for example:
Easy: Counting start from 2 so next will be 3 , 4, 5,6 ..
When you finish clicking all numbers then you go to next level where counting goes multiple by 2 as 2,4,6,8,10 etc. and so on.
If you think you can really count , then you can choose Hard level counting start at 38 ,57,76 adding 19 to previous number.
Tested on android os 1.6-2.2 need higher resolution.


Gomoku Gomoku v2.1

Play Gomoku online with players all over the world, or play offline with machine AI. Full board view, easy way to place stones, and strong AI.


Puzzle4Kids Puzzle4Kids v1.8

A funny puzzle for kids plenty of color.

When you finish each level, you can see a beautiful picture.

Your kids will gain motor skills in a kid-friendly way.

3 difficulty levels

Motivational sounds.


LateralThinking LateralThinking v1.0

Welcome to Lateral Thinking puzzle game in which you can get different set of interrogations over some period of time routinely.


Complete the Series Complete the Series v1.0

Complete the Series quiz


Gravity Clumps 2 Gravity Clumps 2 v1.0.4

The Game with online rating. The game goal is simple - to remove the connected groups of clumps of one color.
Tilt the phone to control the direction of falling of clumps.
But barriers will disturb you.

* Clicking on groups with N clumps give you N*(N-1) points
* Finally you got 100/(K+1) points, where K is count of stones, which left.


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FlagQuiz FlagQuiz v1.0

FlagQuiz is an Android quiz game which invites you to test your knowledge of countries flags around the world. Game consists of 177 countries, each question has 5 possible answers.


Gravity Stacker Gravity Stacker v2.5

Defy gravity. Stack blocks as high as you can. Each level has different number of blocks to stack. The number increases with each level - as the challenge increases. The higher you stack the more the tower totters - just like the real world. Requires skill and manual dexterity. Take the blocks from the top left and stack them on the slab on the bottom of the screen. Installs on external SD card for Froyo and above. App2SD ready. Tablet ready.


Guess the Next Number Guess the Next Number v1.3.6

Guess the Next Number is a simple but funny game which helps you to improve your maths skills and your IQ.

How to play:
You will see a numerical sequence (5 numbers) and you will have to choose the sixth number out of four option which fits in the sequence.


Mastermind Pro Mastermind Pro v1.01

The famous puzzle game Mastermind without Ads !

You can choose the color's number & trial's number.


Mastermind Mastermind v1.64

The famous puzzle game Mastermind.

You can choose the color's number & trial's number.


Zero Gravity Zero Gravity v1.0

Who can keep it the longest in low gravity?