Fun & Games

Androkey Androkey v0.98

First online okey game.


Zo Dart No Ads Zo Dart No Ads v1.0

This is a real dart game with many challenger that the user take a dart from the shelf. The velocity of dart depends on the throwing force. Which player scores down to 0 first will win. To score down to 0, players have to throw into the double position. In each turn, if the remained point of the player is lower than 2, that turn is considered as “Bust”.


Pixel Speed Pixel Speed v1.2

Pixel Speed is a simple game in which you control a space ship and save people from ship wreaks and kill viruses, make sure you don't hit space rock.

Pick up people from ship wreaks = 5 points
Kill viruses = 10 points
Hit space rock = -10 points


Touch That Icon Touch That Icon v1.0.1

Touch That Icon is a fun game that improves your recognition, reflexes and accuracy.

Touch the correct icon as fast as you can! Walk through 10 levels to achieve a high score!


Find the Differences : Landscapes Find the Differences : Landscapes v1.5.2

Find three differences in each photo pair and try to earn as much point as you can before your time runs out!

-Hint system
-Local high scores
-Global high scores


Shapes Defense Shapes Defense v1.0.0

Shoot and destroy waves of randomly incoming shapes, use combos and upgrades wisely to stay alive as long as you can and get a high score.


CANdroroid EX CANdroroid EX v1.1

Just shake can as fast as you can & submit your score to be no.1 in world rank !


CANdroroid CANdroroid v1.26

Just shake can as fast as you can & submit your score to be no.1 in world rank !


Doodle Defense Doodle Defense v1.0.1

Shoot and destroy waves of randomly incoming enemy ships, use combos and upgrades wisely to stay alive as long as you can and get a high score.


CroCoDroid CroCoDroid v2.0.2

CroCoDroid is very hungry now, Let feed him with your or your friends finger !!!


Drippy the Raindrop (ad-free) Drippy the Raindrop (ad-free) v1.0.1

Drippy is a platform jumping game. Cute graphics and simple gameplay make this a great game for kids. Tilt the phone to move Drippy. You cannot fall or die, and you see your online rank improve as you get to higher levels.

This is the ad-free version of this game, which might be better for young children.


Coins Coins v1.0

"Catch The Coins" is a unique challenging physics-based puzzle game.


MineSweeperDeep MineSweeperDeep v1.5.2

A simple mine sweeper game.


Collect Pearls Collect Pearls v2011.08.04

A puzzle game of collecting pearls. Moving the grip of the line to cross the pearl.


PuzzleSquare PuzzleSquare v1.1

Did you remember the Fifteen Puzzle ?

Here's return in digital.


Falling Moron Section One Falling Moron Section One v1.6

A new Moron Test brain teasing game.Just fall down like a MORON!
Downloaded DAILY by hundreds of Android users!
Enter the world of the fun Adventure of a moron test game. Take the life puzzling road with the cat & dog against the roaring goblin monster!


Late for my Date Lite Late for my Date Lite v1.7.3

Improve your dating skills with "Late for my Date".
Have you never been in the situation where the only obstacle to be on time for a date is an incredible crowed street? You want to make it but it seems to be impossible because of the speeding drivers?
Try this game and your skills in crossing the street will improve significantly.


Flying Demon Flying Demon v1.0.1

Flying Demon

Interesting and colorful game where you need to hunt for the souls of emoticons.
There are two mode of games. They differ in how they control the demon

Compete with the world. Collect the most souls of emoticons!


Pie Gates Pie Gates v1.2

*** Throw Pies and Win Amazon/eBay/iTunes gift card worth $35 ***

60 seconds to many pies can you throw?

The ultimate reflex test...Go on a tapping spree!

* HD Graphics
* Global Highscores and Achievements by OpenFeint
* Addictive Fun for all age groups
* Ultra smooth animation and quick touch response

Now throwing pies can win you Amazon/eBay/iTunes gift card worth $35

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Bar Buzz Bar Buzz v1.0.2

Bar Buzz is a fun game that tests your accuracy and concentration.

Press on start, hold your finger and drag within the bounds of the bar to the end. Do it as fast as you can!

- Better support for small screens