Fun & Games

Munching Monsters Munching Monsters v3.1.4

Munching Monsters is a free strategy puzzle racing game where the objective is to race against rival monsters trying to eat the most food. Watch out for traps and nasty surprises. Use logic to find the best route to take. Explore 190 levels, buy cool items and skins from the shop. Munch your way through and play against level bosses. Earn a coin for each piece of fruit you eat and spend it on game items you want.


Whacksy Taxi Whacksy Taxi v1.04

Sit in your taxi and experience an adrenaline rush with this unique racing game.Rock to the music as you dodge, jump and fly over high speed traffic on a whirlwind tour of the US and Japan in search of world domination. Pick up super cool powerups along the way to boost your cab to ultra high speeds! But beware,don't crash out!


Jokes Droid Jokes Droid v1.3.2

Jokes Droid, is a story with a humorous twist.
- Find thousands of funny jokes.
- Support favorite jokes bookmarks.
- Support shared Facebook wall posting.
- Thumbs image click list item to view detail.
- Long click list item to view detail.
- Support translation language powered by Google.
- Can be share and tell your friend and networking.
- Hope you enjoy it.
By the way all of them, Its Only a Joke... :)


ColorFlood ColorFlood v1.6

The object of ColorFlood is to flood all cells in field with one color by using as few turns as possible.


Blitz Blitz v1.6.3

A high speed charge to collect as many soccer or football balls as you can before the time runs out!

The clock starts ticking, giving you 15 seconds to collect as many soccer balls as you can before the time runs out.

Avoid non-soccer balls as that will lead to an instant game over!

Collect the clocks to add additional time to the count down.

How long can you last?

Link provided to BallTapp! Classic. Download that too and give it a try for FREE!


Deep Space Frontier Deep Space Frontier v1.1.1

Deep Space Frontier is a top-down shooter that takes place in a distant future on a distant planet. You are a pilot that is send to destroy a doom-device and put an end to a war that is going on for centuries.


Words Cheat Words Cheat v5.4.2

Free Words with friends cheat

This is a FREE cheat app, designed specifically for Words with Friends. It contains all the same words as words with friends and allows for blank tiles. To use blank tiles just substitute with a question mark '?'or dot '.'

Many new features, have now been added, download and give it a try.


Animals Puzzle Animals Puzzle v1.2.0

Animals puzzle try to construct image !!
This is a puzzle 3×3 called 8-puzzle . The object of the puzzle is to construct animals' images.

In this version :
* more than 20 animal images.
* High score table.
* music ans sound control.


Poker_phone Poker_phone v2.0.43

FREE Live Texas Hold’em Poker!

The hit mobile poker game is now available on Android! Play PlayPhone Poker with hundreds of thousands of Android and iPhone/iPad friends from around the world.


Paper War for 2 player Paper War for 2 player v1.0

A fun and simple game for 2 people. If you like 2 Player Reactor, you must like our game too!

There are 3 game modes. Shoot mode, cannon mode and tap mode. Player will fight against each other different game modes.


Memo Trumps Memo Trumps v1.0

Challenge your memory with the suit of cards!
Take a good look at the cards before they disappear!
Think you have it all locked up in your head? Find the matching cards and you will triumph


Choo_Choo Kids Choo_Choo Kids v1.0

The perfect 3-in-1 game for those who love trains!
You can build, catch and play in this great game and have a wonderful time with your child!


Hot Cross Bunnies Hot Cross Bunnies v1.0

Hot Cross Bunnies is a game for deft fingers and a sharp memory. Show how clever you are and get the highest score possible in one of the two modes of this game.


Action Reloaded Action Reloaded v1.2

Action Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Action clips and videos from movies, TV shows and Live shows. Your search for Action clips on YouTube is simplified with Action Reloaded Application on your Android. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your mobile, so that you can enjoy your favourite Action moves instantly.


Space Bubbles Space Bubbles v2.1.1

Space Bubbles is a "Bubble shooting" game type with smooth fast action.


AcceleSnake 2 AcceleSnake 2 v1.0.0

Accele Snake II is a retro style game which connects classic snake gameplay with accelerometer sterring system. The number of stages is unlimited and each one is uniqe every time you play!


Hexen II Hexen II v1.0.6

Hexen II the legendary first person shooter for the PC brought to your device in single or multi player modes, plus all your favorite characters.


The Number's game The Number's game v1.0.2

The simple game of the market ! Find the number !


Flash Game Library Flash Game Library v1.0.2

Ever wanted to play a flash game on your android device but found out you can't play it properly? Either you couldn't get to press the controls you wanted or the game did not save?

Now you can with Flash Game Library, a fully featured library full of flash games that you can play that comes along with a handy on screen touch screen controls that makes playing flash games easier and more convenient than ever.


Justin Bieber Jigsaw HD Vol.3 Justin Bieber Jigsaw HD Vol.3 v1.0

Justin Bieber Jigsaw HD Vol.3