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Puzzle Warrior Puzzle Warrior v1.0.2

Enjoy an entertaining puzzle game while you relax. Puzzle Warrior will keep your brain trained and is available on your mobile device. Adults and kids of all ages can enjoy this game at anytime - it 's FREE.

A simple puzzle game that'll keep your mind thinking.

Puzzle Warrior is NOT another match 3 game with random falling tiles. This game allow users to experiment with moves, win big rewards for thinking, and win bigger rewards for playing a fast & perfect game!


Zombie Baseball Zombie Baseball v1.0.0

Welcome to Zombie Baseball!
How many zombies can you smash, until you surrender?


In Ze Boite In Ze Boite v1.0

Après le succès du jeu télévisé diffusé sur Gulli, « In Ze Boîte » est enfin disponible sur iPhone et iPad. Basé sur le même principe que l’émission, obtiens le maximum de points et affronte la terrible boite noire !


monster-math monster-math v1.0

Monster math is a funny math game for smart kids. Learning and testing the math skills can now be funny too!


Wargames of 1939 Wargames of 1939 v1.1

Did you grow up playing turn based strategy games during the 90s? We did. This game is a retro style modern tribute to the spirit of those wonderful hex & dice unit shufflers. If you like turn based military strategy, this game is for you!


Aero Monkey Aero Monkey v1.0.6

Help Chip to collect bananas, diamonds, fruits and various items, but beware! Many enemies will go after you!


Aero monkey jumping Aero monkey jumping v1.0.0

Play Aero Monkey Jumping today and see if you can make Chip the monkey reach the maximum altitude as possible by jumping.


Invaders Strike Invaders Strike v1.0.0

Play the futuristic Invaders Strike today and defend humanity from an attack by aliens.


Candy Pack Candy Pack v1.0

Did you ever want to push boxes around? Now you can! and it has.... candies!


Destroy Chemical Weapon Destroy Chemical Weapon v1.0

Destroy chemical weapon and save the world. You have the responsibility to defend the world against chemical weapons. Perfectly target the chemical missile and hit them to destroy before it launch. Be careful for public life, plane and cars. Game play is simple but challenging and addictive. Let's play it to save the world and enjoy.


simon360 simon360 v1.0.2

Play Simon like never before...


Escape from House Garden Escape from House Garden v1.3

It's time to escape from dangerous house garden! Can you escape?


Gold Runner Gold Runner v1.6

Free Gold Runner game for Android.


Hiscore Words Hiscore Words v1.05

App to discover and practice words with high scores to use in word games!


Mars Pilot Mars Pilot v1.0.0

Command a Star Ship through rotating obstacles! Collect Upgrades and Coins. Shoot oncoming enemies. Challenge other players and join the Online Leaderboard


Starve Game Starve Game v1.0

Starve Game is a traditional sandbox game, you will spawn in an arena which there is no way out, you must collect items found in chests scattered in the arena and use them to defeat other players.

Starve Game with its truly multi-player feature, you can create your own server on your device to play with your friends via LAN, or you can connect to public servers via internet. A lot of creative world on the public servers.


Bomb the Monsters Bomb the Monsters v1.2

Do you like fun game apps? Would you like to bomb monster? Do you like to blow stuff up?
Awesome game, download now! This game is the bomb!


Duck Hunting Duck Hunting v1.0.7

Classic Duck Hunt in the new format.


Candy Strike Candy Strike v1.0.1

A fun filled addictive game


Small Tower Small Tower v1.1.4

Construct a most wonderful tower!