Fun & Games

Gr8 The Game Gr8 The Game v1.1

Gr8 is a 3D strategic mind game. Competitive, fun and educational.


Acrosswords Acrosswords v1.21

A game of linear crosswords with over 140,000 words & 700,000 clues to solve!


Hiscore Words Hiscore Words v1.06

App to discover and practice words with high scores to use in word games!


Dress Up - Little Pet Salon Dress Up - Little Pet Salon v1.0

Welcome to Little Pet Salon, the world of little cute pets and you.


Mega Trivia Mega Trivia v1.07

A game of trivia featuring over 50,000 questions on a wide variety of topics!


Trivia Canada Trivia Canada v1.12

A game of trivia with 4000+ questions that quizzes you about all things CANADA!


Word Get Word Get v1.15

A fast app for finding words from jumbled letters, handy for solving word games


Words 4 Pattern Words 4 Pattern v1.09

App to find words matching letters using patterns. Handy for solving word games!


Wumble Wumble v1.14

Wumble, word jumble game with a clever plot! Unscramble words to solve the clue!


Colours Colours v1.18

Immerse yourself in Colours’ world. Help Ada to combine identical colours.


Детские пазлы Детские пазлы v2.0

Puzzle Zoo - Children's puzzle game.


Combat Helicopter Combat Helicopter v1.0.1

★ Combat Helicopter - fun and addictive classic game taken to a whole new extreme level ★


Peppy Airborne Peppy Airborne v1.0

Guide Peppy the Penguin upward by moving over the fish to get a boost.


Myopic Mole Myopic Mole v1.1

Guide Myopic mole Max using tap skills to complete the course as quickly as possible.


My Bird My Bird v1.4.0

Survive as long as you can by staying inside the screen.

Just tilt the phone left and right to move.
Touch the screen to jump.

Try to get the silver or gold medal to unlock bonus content.

Added Challenge Mode in Bonus Content


Goal Sweepstake Goal Sweepstake v1.2

Its a next goal scorer sweepstake soccer game.


Rune Mania Rune Mania v1.0.8

Match and collect gems in this amazing puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy your feeling!


The Brownie Strategist The Brownie Strategist v1.1

There are monsters in the lands of the Brownies.


Colors Colors v1.0.0

Change all cube color to one color.


CashCrunch CashCrunch v1.2

Personal Finance app in the form of a game that focuses on budgeting, income, expenses and net worth. can you stop your money from being Crunched.