Fun & Games

Spelling Be Words game Spelling Be Words game v1.2

Make words out of letters in english. Spelling bee game


Learn ABC Learn ABC v1.3

Learn alphabet and letters with penguin Dewey. Free games for kids


Learn 123 Learn 123 v1.5

Fun games to learn numbers for kids. This educational game will help kids and preschoolers to learn numbers and counting.


Think Different Think Different v1.4

Think Different is type of a Puzzle games and consider very challenging game


Draw Animals Draw Animals v1.0

Draw Animals is an app that teaches you how to draw cartoon animals step by step.


Blocky Kong Blocky Kong v1.0.18

Beat Kong, beat your friends, beat anything that stands in your way.
Climb to the top and grab a fistful of lunch!


Pet’s Newborn Baby Doctor Pet’s Newborn Baby Doctor v1.0.0

Pet mommy will give birth soon, and this time, she is is full with excitement, tension, pay out, fatigue, joy

and fun. in the period, go through various checks, birth, bathing, dressing, feeding and other tedious work, but

the birth of new life is very exciting! Now come to help these few nervous and excited Mommys let their pet baby

safe and healthy birth into this world!


My Baby Drum HD Animals My Baby Drum HD Animals v1.3

Do you like drum games? With My Baby Drum Game HD your kids can learn conga beats and most favorite animal sounds on funny way.


Toddlers Time Toddlers Time v1.0

The game toddlers love.


My Baby Music Box Free My Baby Music Box Free v1.17

Want your baby to fall asleep quickly? Your baby cries a lot? Just play beautiful music for your baby or toddler.


Find the Difference 4 Find the Difference 4 v1.24

Find the Difference on Earth is a classic picture puzzle for everyone. The goal is simple: Search and Discover all the differences you can find in two similar pictures.


Up Coming Up Coming v2.18

Unique gameplay for you to have fun and train tactic skills.


Word Search Word Search v1.12

Classic Word Search game with unique gameplay. More strategy and tactics now. Play english or russian (set russian locale on device).


Word X Word X v1.12

Word builder game with unique gameplay.
An extraordinary twist on Scrabble, Wordsearch and Wordfued games by Play new innovative game in english or russian (set russian locale on device).


9 Wheel Slot Machine 9 Wheel Slot Machine v1.7.0

9 Wheel Slot Machine is a simulated casino popular slot machine game, the game has 9 wheels/ reals more betlines/paylines than other games in the market, progressive jackpot.


NightofBear NightofBear v1.0.2

beat em up, kill em all, get revenge, get your sons back, BE A BEAR


Slot Machine Multi Betline Slot Machine Multi Betline v2.2.1

Multi BetLine Slot Machine is a simulated casino Slot Machine game, it is little different than normal slots, here player can BET on multiple bet lines and on win all win credits are accumulated and declared as winner paid.


Moon Guard Moon Guard v1.2

Moon Patrolling is a challenging job.


A Frog Tale II A Frog Tale II v2.2

Help the Frogs to defend the valley!
Version without Advertising.
Eat bugs, avoid dangers and defeat the Rats! Version with no Advertising. The Croak Valley is threaten by a terrible enemy, who wants to conquer it fighting off the Frogs. Shoot the tongue in the air to grab the bugs and hit the enemies.


The Adventures of Zip The Adventures of Zip v1.0

A unique fast-paced yet simple jump and run adventure. A game without violence fit for both young and adults. Prepare for an adventure filled with amazing graphics, a hero that awesome he is pink and Carrots!