Fun & Games

Kid's Alphabet V1 Kid's Alphabet V1 v1

Very simple game for learning alphabet. Available in 9 languages with one hundred images.


Kid's Alphabet lite Kid's Alphabet lite v1.5

Very simple game for learning alphabet. Available in 9 languages.


Doctor Droid Doctor Droid v1.6

Help to Doctor Droid for defend your body. Protect the body from the small creatures, firing their antibodies. Do not forget to pick up emerging bonuses, which can freeze enemies, give you extra strength, etc. A total of 15 levels of play. You can also publish scores at Scoreloop


Expressions à la con Expressions à la con v1.8.5

Retrouvez tout l'humour du site sur votre téléphone

Toutes les citations les plus débiles, les dictons les plus stupides, les proverbes les plus drôles sont ici.

- Amusez vous avec les expressions les plus récentes
- Riez avec les meilleures expressions
- Recherchez vos expressions préférées


Pool Break Pro Pool Break Pro v2.3.1

- Realistic 3D Pool games
- Online Multiplayer support
- Online Chat
- US 8 and 9 Ball Pool
- 10-Ball, 6-Ball, 3-Ball Pool
- UK 8 Ball Pool
- Straight Pool
- Snooker
- One Pocket Pool
- Carom Billiards
- Just Place-n-Shoot Pool
- Pool Drill
- Regular and Hexagonal Tables
- Carrom
- Crokinole


Lights Out Lights Out v1.1

LightsOut is based on the classic puzzle game of the same name. Face a random grid of on and off lights. Touching a light will toggle that light and the lights around it. Can you turn them all off?

There are 3 difficult levels so can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Can you beat the game on Hard?
There are 3 levels of difficulty so everyone from novice to expert can enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.1
- Added ability to disable sound
- Added Exit button on the main screen


Bulls Cows Bulls Cows v1.1.3

Cows and Bulls is a code breaking fun game


Simple Poker Simple Poker v1.3.7

Poker is a card game. To win the game you have to obtain a poker hand whose rank is greater than dealer's hand. If your hand rank is same as dealer you will neither win nor lose. Game gives chance to reduce your BET amount.


Brain Puzzle Brain Puzzle v1.2.4

Brain Puzzle is a memorizing game


Video Poker Video Poker v2.9.9

Video Poker is a simulated casino poker game. A player's goal is to obtain a poker hand from 5 randomly displayed cards.


SmartHangman SmartHangman v1.4

Smart Hangman is not only word guessing game, its most addictive, interesting and challenging hangman ever made.


Nurikabe Nurikabe v1.0

Nurikabe by Nikoli (famous for Sudoku) is a logical puzzle. It's also called 'Cell Structure' and 'Islands in the Stream'.

Rules can be found in APP under Menu >> Preferences >> Tutorial or on Wikipedia

# Puzzle generator
# Select size of puzzle

Check out my other lgoic puzzle Hashiwokakero


Build Bridges! Build Bridges! v1.03

Build Bridges! (original: Hashiwokakero) by Nikoli (famous for Sudoku) is a logical puzzle. It's also called Ai-Ki-Ai or Hashi.

You have to build bridges between the islands. Rules can be found in APP under Menu >> Preferences >> Tutorial

# Puzzle generator
# Select Difficutly
# Select size of puzzle


Anvestor Anvestor v1.85

Anvestor is massive multi player business economy game with real finance world mechanisms implemented. Create your company buy assets and trade. Your individual decision has an influence on the other players and the whole market.
You starts with 5000 USD in cash.You can trade on stock exchange and real estates.


Android Saper Android Saper v1.1.0

Classic saper game. Target is to find all empty fields without catch a mine.


Zenses Zenses v1.1

Escape the stress of your daily life!

Zenses Rainforest  lets you escape from the stress of daily life while challenging the mind, body and spirit through relaxing puzzle games, soothing ambient sounds and authentic rainforest  visuals. We call this active relaxation!

Get the free version now!


Space Streamer ( v-1.4.0 ) Space Streamer ( v-1.4.0 ) v1.4.0.

2D Space exploration simulator. Explore a universe inside your phone.

25 sectors. Endless variety of torpedo-dot patterns blinking along as you tap out a beat.

Learn orbital flight and discover a mystery or two.

Press menu button for a control menu, again for 2nd control menu.

"H" for help in multiple languages.


Bobofish Bobofish v1.337

Human garbage makes fish to be locked in to the solid bubbles, Marine faces disaster.
Save the marine is save us, let’s save the fish first!
Full version of the game offers four modes, more than 100 stages, more than 30 kinds of skill items, quickly join us to protect our oceans, protecting our planet.


Boost the cat Boost the cat v5.0

Boost The Cat is an addictive game. Click the screen to start a chain reaction and try to boost as many cats as needed to pass a level.


Another SameGame Another SameGame v1.94

Sitting in traffic or standing in line, these bubble game will help pass the time.

Support skins and more!