Fun & Games

Danger Lights Danger Lights v1.0

Danger Lights is a lighted puzzle game where you manipulate the on screen lights to all turn off, or to form the pattern of an ‘X’ or to turn on all the perimeter lights. You do this by selecting a green or red light. This will toggle the light and its horizontal or vertical lights to the other color. The app tracks your lowest score for each scenario. The app generates random starting patterns that are guaranteed solvable for the particular goal. Have fun!


QuadroLogic QuadroLogic v1.0

QuadroLogic : Simple and addictive puzzle game with portals logic.
Target: install 4 elements in points specified on a level. For achievement of the purpose it is possible to use: Portals, Antiportals, Dynamic portals.


What Would Be Better Quiz What Would Be Better Quiz v1.0

This is a game where you are given 2 choices of what you would rather happens and you have to choose one. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz below and give your opinion on the topics, and what you would prefer. Good luck


Worldcrafter Worldcrafter v1.46

Worldcrafter is a sandbox game in the style of Minecraft. You control an avatar who can move around the world, which is completely different each time you start. The game is designed to be open-ended, so players can decide how they want to play.


Tiny Lines Tiny Lines v2011-9-19

Tiny Lines is a game play on 9x9 board with balls of seven different colors. The object is to connect 5 or more balls of the same color to a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.


Memory Master Memory Master v1.6.3

Memory Master is a great game for all ages. Those gorgeous cards will captivate the younger gamers. The diverse game modes will definitely challenge the older audience. Great for the whole family. Now with Scoreloop leaderboards and over 20 Achievements!

Spend some time to master your mind with Memory Master


Geeko Quest Pro Geeko Quest Pro v1.2

Geeko Quest Pro is an interactive quiz application which keeps a record of individual player's score and also compare it with all other app users.


Spr!ngoal Spr!ngoal v1.25

Shoot the goal by a range spring footballer!
You can shoot a ball by catch and pull player's head.
Get the high score in Survival Mode or Free Kick Mode!


Whale Trivia Whale Trivia v1.0

Do you love whales? Do you think you know everything there is to know about the largest mammals in the world? If so, this is the perfect app for you. It features ten interesting questions covering all aspects of whales. See if you can get yourself a perfect score. To make it even more fun, compare your results with fellow whale enthusiasts to see who knows the most about these stunning and fascinating creatures.


Your Choice Quiz Your Choice Quiz v1.0

Have you ever wanted to live life according to your own standards and ways? If you want to make your own choices in life then this is the quiz you want to take. This quiz will ask you many different questions and ask you which option you prefer. So hurry up! Take the quiz below and make your choices!


FOX AND RABBIT Puzzle FOX AND RABBIT Puzzle v0.0.0.2

With advertisements.
Set difficulty level. 5 levels are available.
Proof your reaction and combinatory skills with this brand new games.
It's simple to use: gamer should slide and place pieces of animals in correct picture.
Support APP2SD.


TrailHit TrailHit v1.1

It is impossible to find this app by acccident! This Mission is called TrailHit.
Ages ago, there was a powerful and righteous human civilization on Earth who possessed the knowledge of controlling energies of the Universe. They used their knowledge to construct a unique vibrational device for stabilizing planet Earth in all times, and what is more, to harmonize minds of all creatures on the planet. The result was eternal peace, understanding, wisdom and exponential development in all fields.


Lion Puzzle Lion Puzzle v0.0.0.1

Simple puzzle game

Set difficulty level in Setting.

Mix for start.

Drag the pieces to the right place to create the image.

*Choose between 5 difficulty levels
*At the end of the music is playing.


Snorbies Snorbies v0.34.0

Snorbies is a cute bubble shooter / match 3 clone with several game modes and online highscore list.

This is the full version with more levels than the lite version.

Naptime is over, but the Snorbies are still asleep... and it's up to you to wake them up!


Danny Danger FREE Danny Danger FREE v1.1.0

Danny Danger is a brave man who loves above all adrenalin and breaking any records. This time, he decided to break the world deep diving record.


moeSNAPlois moeSNAPlois v1.1.0

This is a fun camera app that let you take a photo with cute characters in the background and best of all it's free!


Bug Destroyer Bug Destroyer v1.2.4

Bug Destroyer

Black Planet is under attack. Only the captain of the Bug Destroyer has left. Bug Destroyer was never has the power of the killer rockets.And now, it is the time for revenge. Mutant bugs finally unleashed a brutal on Black Planet. You are the defender .survival of the planet


Amulet 3D Demo Amulet 3D Demo v1.0.9

Amulet 3D Demo
is a fully functional demo application for Amulet 3D Live Wallpaper


Pop Culture Bash! Pop Culture Bash! v1.0

This app is an exciting app that has questions from movies, TV Shows, music, or magazines. If you think you know everything there is to know about these subjects, you can put your knowledge to the ultimate test. This app consists of thirteen questions which will see whether you know what you are talking about when it comes to pop culture! Compare results with your friends and family to see who knows the most about pop culture in today's world. The questions range over a wide time period,


Darts 3D Darts 3D v1.1.5b

Darts 3D is one of the best dart simulations available for android! It comes with a neat aiming method and features 3D graphics - but see for yourself and throw some darts!