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Chapaev's checkers Chapaev's checkers v1.0.2

Chapayev is the most popular board game in The Soviet Union.

There are three game mode:
-user vs andorid (with online-rating)
-user vs user
-android vs android

Compete online and enjoy!


Monopolies & Govt. Policies Monopolies & Govt. Policies v1.0

This app is a short quiz, testing the knowledge of various government policies affecting monopolies. Designed and made for AS Economics. If you can answer questions like a secretive agreement between two firms is an example of what and what is the Competition Commission and how can monopolies discriminate? then download this app Enjoy a fun quiz with other friends on your weekly game nights. Challenge each other to try and score more. android free apps, free games, fun quizz,


Quiz-o-riffic Quiz-o-riffic v1.0

Can you guess the answer to questions like which city has the highest population in the world and is there only one word in the english language ending with mt? Try this fun quiz and learn new things with your friends or family. quizzes, games, game, fun test


Spot The Dot! FREE Spot The Dot! FREE v1.3

Test your photographic memory skills in this easy-to-learn game! This is the free version.

How to play?
Touch the most recent spot!

High score is included in this game!
How far can you go with Spot the Dot!?


Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors v1.0

Rock! Paper! Scissors! A very fun game who has got a very old history. Swing phone upward to let your Android phone help you randomly select Rock, Paper or Scissors.

The rules are simple and short:

The Rock wins vs Scissors
The Scissors wins vs Paper
The Paper wins vs Rock


High School Trivia High School Trivia v1.0

Do you know the answer to high school musical questions like what is Troy's girlfriends name and what is Troy's jersey number and how tall is Troy in real life? Play this trivia game with your friends today and see who knows more. Can you get all the answers correct? trivia, games, quiz, quizzes, android free app, test, tests, musical


Nature Iq Trivia Nature Iq Trivia v1.0

Do you know if all trees lose their leaves over the winter? Do you know how many plants are red? Green? Test your skills with this app and see really how much you do know about mother nature and the big blue planet earth we live on. quizzes, trivia, tests, free games, iq game quiz


Sport Knowledge Sport Knowledge v1.0

Think you're a Sports wiz? Try this quiz! Do you know the answer to questions like in Ice Hockey what starts the game? and how many players are there in an Australian Rules football team? and what sport is played by the LA Lakers? Enjoy a fun quiz with other sports friends on your weekly game nights. Challenge each other to try and score more. sport mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizz, quizzes, athletic, athlete, free


Do You Know Animals? Do You Know Animals? v1.0

Do you know your animals? What about zoo mammals? Are birds and frogs considered animals and do birds usually fly alone? Test out your knowledge by trying this quiz puzzle. tests, games, free game, friends quiz, quizz


Big Bang free Big Bang free v1.9

Epic adventures of a matter particle through the eras of development of the Universe. Imagine yourself the smallest particle which was thrown out of the singularity of the Big Bang and which is running through time and space in order to perish again. Did you expect something like Osmos for Android? Explore the mysterious universe of the Big Bang – you are going to like it!


Pick Your Brain Pick Your Brain v1.0

A quiz that puts your brain to the test. Do you know answers to questions like how many days are there in a year? How about 2 years? Do you know what is a good way to keep fit? Enjoy a fun quiz with other friends on your weekly game nights. android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge, game, mobile


Mr Robot Mr Robot v1.8

Tilt the phone to control the robot to jump down. The more your jump down, the higher score you got!


The Crow Buster The Crow Buster v2.1.0

"We need a Crow Buster to hire" says a sign nailed up on an old tree. Are you ready for this job? If you are, then hurry up, grab your shotgun and get to work. You have to defend the corn as much as you can from the hungry crows. There are 24 days left to harvest. Do you think you can do it? Will see.


Free Mind Quiz Free Mind Quiz v1.0

Mess with your mind in this fun quiz. Enjoy the fun game with questions like: When can't you see? If you could do everything you could make a rock too heavy for you? Do you like to play quizzes with your friends and test each other? Try this fun quiz and learn new things with your friends or family. mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizzes, free quizz


Smart Trivia Quiz Smart Trivia Quiz v1.0

If you like trivia and question games your going to love this. Aasks you questions like Who is the queen of England and many more All you have to do is download it, and enjoy. If you can answer questions like what does wwe stand for? and what is the queen of England called? and who sings 'Im Not Afraid'? then download this app mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free


Numerix Tournament Numerix Tournament v1.4

Numerix: Ad-Free and Enhanced!

In the Tournament Edition of Numerix, the game reaches new heights. We've kept the challenging AI from Lite Edition, and added 9-counter mode for longer, more strategic games along with new Wireless and Bluetooth multiplayer modes. Play against your friends, instantly!


aGibbets aGibbets v1.07

aGibbets is a simple and addictive shooting game for Android.

Use you bow and arrow to save the people being hanged!

Shoot the ropes to set them free, but be careful not to accidentally shoot the people instead!

Million times original Gibbets game was played on Flash/iPhone and now it's time for your Android.

Wish you enjoy with this game!


Baviux Baviux v1.06

Baviux are small blue creatures that were removed from their planet and taken as slaves. Now, with your help, they can go back to home...

To play you must use the two buttons to create "air flows", and you can rotate your phone to change gravity!

The gameplay reminds the 80's "water games", like the iPhone game "iWater Flow".


Angry Balls Angry Balls v1.2.0

Funny physics game.

Shoot balls for throwing many kinds of blocks on the platform.

Big challenge to your reaction and mind.


Numerix Numerix v1.51

Play Numerix - An original and addictive game of skill and chance!
Can you defeat the computer at the highest level?