Fun & Games

TruckMarks TruckMarks v5

TruckMarks is a classic, Free, 3D Arcade Racing Game released for Android Platform. You can choose any vehicle or stage.


Harf Lütfen! Harf Lütfen! v1.1.5

Harf Lütfen! is a word game based on guessing dictionary meanings of given words in a short time.


Harf Lütfen! sözlük anlamları verilen kelimelerin yarışmacı tarafından kısa bir sürede bulunmasına dayalı bir oyundur.


Frutty Catch Frutty Catch v1.0a

Delve into this funny, addictive and colorful fruity adventure. Help Kenji, Amy and their friends to catch all the possible fruits in 4 addictive game modes!

Enjoy a new fruity experience!


Animal Commando Animal Commando v2.3

Animal Commando is a free shooter game for android where you will have to choose your hero to fight versus horde of martians to save the moon in a epic battle . The galaxy is at war and we are suffering an alíen attack , helps the angry animals to save the moon zity ¡¡¡ Get ready to make the alien attack defense in the moon ¡¡¡
It's an indie game I've developed on my own, I hope you enjoy it .


GameFrikados GameFrikados v1.3

Do you like video games and think you know everything about them? Prove it !!


Air Force Air Force v1.10

Air Force Dogfight, free air jet fighter game with flight control simulation, brilliant graphics and artificial intelligance


My Fairy Princess My Fairy Princess v1.3.3

A 3D dress up app where your character moves and dances in the outfit that you pick out for her!


Teeth Fixed Teeth Fixed v1.8

Ever wondered while waiting in a dentist’s office what it would be like to be one yourself?


Fab Salon Fab Salon v1.8

Are you bored of the regular hairstyles? Then you have come to the right place.


Pop Pop v0.1

Pop! is a simple but highly addictive game in which you must pop the balloons before they reach the top of the screen.


Net Belote Net Belote v1.72

This game is a trick taking game based on the french 'Belote' and played by 4 players.


Demolition Rocket Demolition Rocket v0.3

Tilt your phone to navigate a rocket through dangerous thunder storm.


Shield Defense Shield Defense v1.02

Rotate the force shield around the Earth to save it from attacks!


Shapes Shapes v1.1.2

Use your brain and make a shape of these dots.


Swiped Fruits Swiped Fruits v1.0

Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!
Swiped is a funny and addictive game which is very easy and suitable for all ages.
There are different kinds of colourful fruits.
Your task is to swipe the fruits of the same type together to make longest chains.
Swiped is one of the best Android puzzle games and casual games supporting all popular mobile devices.


Burnout Ball Burnout Ball v1.6.39

Try this addicting game and prove to your friends that you are the best!


Climb, Zombie! Climb! Climb, Zombie! Climb! v1.04

Play the part of a zombie in this fun, crazy climber game.


FlipLines FlipLines v1.0.8

It's more than just Lines. You have two boards with cubes instead of balls on it.
Rules are still the same. Make line of 5 or more cubes of the same color to score.
Each time you have to decide which board to use - just flip it.
Also you could flip cubes on boards - twice tap to cub.


Sliding Puzzle Full Sliding Puzzle Full v1.1.1

The game challenges you to slide pieces of an image to obtain the final picture. The sliding puzzle game comes packed with features such as shuffle, camera/sdcard images, timer and more.


HPReady HPReady v0.0.1

Change the "ready" text on some HP and Lexmark printers