Fun & Games

Colors Colors v1.1

Test your color vision and skills to distinguish colors with this addictive game


Bluby Balls Bluby Balls v1.1.0

Bluby Balls is a challenge to succeed to pass the obstacles. Push your ball until getting the highest score.


Viking Monster Hunter Viking Monster Hunter v1.2.1

Viking Monster Hunter, the most brutal viking wants to kill all the monsters.


Dalmax Checkers Dalmax Checkers v7.3.2

The classic Checkers game.

This game use many of the official checkers rules, it is also possible to play your own rules using "custom rules" opti...


CruciverbaMania CruciverbaMania v1.22

250 cruciverba per il tuo tempo libero.

The User-friendly CrossWords you were looking for !


Bullet Flight Bullet Flight v1.9

Navigate fired bullet through obstacles! How far can you go?


Springee Springee v1.0

Help Springee on his journey after being kidnapped by the Junk Collector Minions


A Way to Treasure A Way to Treasure v1.2

Moving obstacles as rocks, bricks, and ice tiles to find a way to treasure.


Slash Pong Slash Pong v1.0.0

A small shooting game crossed with the mechanics of pong.


BallVSBoxes BallVSBoxes v1.1

Blue Ball versus Red Boxes:
Classic accelerometer ball game in color!


WordSmash WordSmash v1.0.7

WordSmash is a fast action word game. Race against the clock to find as many words as you can in the allotted time.


Backgammon Mate Backgammon Mate v2.1

Your smart backgammon buddy


FourColorGuess FourColorGuess v1.1.4

Guess Four Colors As fast as you can!


Mind Games Mind Games vv7

Memory and mind games featuring a colorful modern theme.


Hidden Jewels Hidden Jewels v0.0.1

Free and fun memory game.


Ricochet Ricochet v1.0.0

Amazing 2D physics game.


Aquatic Rescue Aquatic Rescue v1.0.0

Rescue the crabs, shells, fishes and octopuses from their bubble traps. Be clever!


Swi-Pet Swi-Pet v1.1

Will you take part in this star collecting journey?


Color Rush Color Rush v1.0.0

Color Rush is a color changing chain reaction game, get ready to build your strategy to maximise the score by breaking as many blocks in a group as possible.

The highly addictive game can be played using left, right, down and rotate buttons to shift block and break them. block breaks only if a red block falls near to other red block and after breaking effect the other color blocks changes their color as below-

Blue block becomes —> Green color block
Green block becomes —> Red color block


Filler Classic Filler Classic v1.8.6

Filler (Flood-It) is a classical puzzle game. You play against human or computer on the field with color squares. You goal is to occupy as many squares as possible. Elements of the selected color are occupied if they are adjacent (have common edge) to the already occupied squares. But you cannot select the current color of your opponent.