Fun & Games

Connect4 Connect4 v2.8

Very funny Connect 4 Game, also called "4 in a Row", or "4 in a Line" FREE!


Dots Dots v1.0

Play Dots with friends or against Android to become a Dots master!


Malinka Monstarz Malinka Monstarz v1.1.9

Brand new Angry Malinkas in da house!
Kill evil creatures while russian famous Kalinka-Malinka melody is on! Now more levels and fun: play and compete with friends!

Available for tablets.

Language support: english, spanish, russian


Treasure Of Valagika Treasure Of Valagika v1.0.0.6

Go get the treasure!
Ted has found an ancient treasure of Valagika. But it is guarded by a cute Monster. Monster is very angry & won't let you get the gold chest that easily. Your mission is to get the treasure by activating all the switches on your way & saving yourself from that cute monster. Some maps are puzzle & can be completed in one or two ways only.


Speed Tapper Calculator Lite Speed Tapper Calculator Lite v1.3.1

Speed Tap Lite app to test how fast you can tap!
Tap away for up to thirty seconds to find out your score. Post it on the global leaderboards to find out how well you've done!


ReactionCalculator ReactionCalculator v1.7.1

Test your reaction using this simple application. Once you start you will have to be quick to press the green button to find out your reaction time!!


ReactionGameLite ReactionGameLite v1.7.2

Test your reaction speed in this game!

A Reaction Game that will test out the users reaction over a number of levels. Watch out for the red buttons and get the fastest reaction to increase your high score.

Challenge yourself as much as possible!!


Spiral Lands Spiral Lands v1.5

Spiral Lands is 100% free.
Spiral Lands is a collection of puzzle games set in a colorful fantasy world.
The puzzles are based on Pipes, Links, Islands in the Stream (Nurikabe), and Light Up (Akari).
All the puzzles are algorithmically generated, and can be played at your own pace.
Story mode is a nice introduction to logic puzzles for beginners. Eternal offers infinite puzzles of increasing difficulty. Challenge mode lets you change puzzle settings and instantly solve them if you wish.


SlideMyTiles! SlideMyTiles! v1.0.7

SlideMyTiles! is a version of the classic sliding n-puzzle games (the most known are 8-puzzle and 15-puzzle).

Slide the tiles to complete the picture or to sort the numbers, but do it in the right way and as quickly as you can to get the higher score.

You can play with pictures or numbers, with puzzles from 3x3 to 10x10 pieces.


Turn Turn v1.2.4

Looking for some solid snake gameplay for your touch screen device? This is it!


Nicki Minaj Jigsaw HD 2 Nicki Minaj Jigsaw HD 2 v1.0

Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1984), better known by her stage name Nicki Minaj, is a rapper and singer from New York City. Born in Trinidad, Minaj moved to the Queens borough of New York City as a child and graduated from LaGuardia High School in 2003. Minaj released her first mixtape in 2007, signed to a major label in 2009, and released her debut album in 2010.


Wordsalad Wordsalad v1.0

Word Search is the most addictive word game ever on Android!

Currently available in 9 languages.

The goal of the game is to find the word shown below the table as fast as possible. You can select the word by dragging between the first and the final letter. The sooner you find the word, the more points you get. Each round consists of 20 words. After the round, you can share your score on Facebook, and submit to the remote toplist.


Tip Tap Toe! Tip Tap Toe! v1.0.5

Tip Tap Toe! is a fun game that tests your reflexes and accuracy. Tap the boxes as fast as you can!

- Better support for small screens


Funbers! Funbers! v1.20

Funbers! is an amazingly fun game that is a combination of 'Boggle' with numbers!


Radius Radius v2.0

Take control of the experimental Radial Transit Beam through 18 different levels.


Calasdo Numbers Tablet Edition Calasdo Numbers Tablet Edition v1.0

Keen on numbers, are you?


JumpBoy JumpBoy v1.0

This is a classic jump game. The jump boy in the game could run around left and right.
Just enjoy this game, to challenge higher levels.
Will you get the 100th stair in the hardest level?


JumpBoy free JumpBoy free v1.0

This is a classic jump game. The jump boy in the game could run around left and right.
Just enjoy this game, to challenge higher levels.
Will you get the 100th stair in the hardest level?


Sneaky Snake Sneaky Snake v1.01

Best snake game on the market!! This is our version of the classic Snake game.

Control the snake as it moves around the board. Eat the mice to gain points which will cause your snake to get longer and increase it's speed. In our version we have included a few bonus items to make things a little more interesting.

Simple touch screen controls help to make this a fun and easy game to play.


101 Pictures animals 101 Pictures animals v1.0

101 Pictures - Animal Coloring Book is the biggest collection of animals pictures to color. This coloring book not only entertain your child for a long time but also lets to discover and develop art skills. Do not wait! Open the book and play with your child.
-101 Lovely pictures to color
-6 different categories
-Nice music in the background