Fun & Games

Dog In Line Dog In Line v1.0.305

A chance to feed a dog with delicious food!A puppy is waiting for his dinner! Would you like to feed him? Quite a lot of food choices here! Clear as many food as possible by linking them together. Enjoy the fun to please a dog!Group 3 sea-stars of the same color into a line to win a clear!


Fish Fever Fish Fever v3.0.305

Fish Fever In Aegean
There are a lot of beautiful fish in the mysterious sea.Do you want to get them? Just control the fishing nets to capture more fish!However there are dangerous forehead waiting for you! Wonderful aquarium has been set up wiating for your coming.Hurry up!


Bubble Turtle Halloween Bubble Turtle Halloween v1.0.405

Halloween. Bubble Turtle is coming!Bubble Turtle Halloween is a cute, fun, action game. You can tap the screen to speed up, and tilt to controll the turtle to kill ghosts. But one thing you must be careful, the rock, anchor, the cask and the shark is dangerous. They would let you die!!!Last, wish you enjoy the journey in the seabed.


Bubble5 Bubble5 v1.4

Bubble5 is the well-known strategy game, 5-in-a-row with different versions for 2 players.

You can play the game in different variants.
Use bombs and wildcards, or play with time limit.


Amazon Notifier Free Amazon Notifier Free v2.1

With the Free App Notifier for Amazon you will never again miss on a free app from the Amazon™ Appstore.

Amazon™ AppStore offers a paid app for free every day. How many times did you forget to download the giveaway, because you were too busy or simply forgot?Our app will save you hundreds of dollars by reminding you of the free app every day! We process the information on our servers, you only need to download 1KB a day!


Cracked Screen Free Cracked Screen Free v1.8.1

The Ultimate cracked screen prank. Just enable the app on your phone and give it to a friend to try and press around. Each press activates a new crack with unique sound and vibration.


Electrayz Electrayz v1.0

Eat all the rays that are emitted into the game zone using the Ray Eater. Any clash between the rays ends the game. Drag and drop the eater to the "TIP" of a ray to start eating.


Reflex Reflex v1.2

A simple ping pong kind of game.The player in blue color is you and the one in red is the computer.The aim is to maximize the time of resistance to the computer player by avoiding any miss of ball at your side.
Keep practicing and increase the time..
Good luck!!


Reflex Builder Reflex Builder v1.4

Reflex Builder is an app which can measure your reflex.
Using this app you can measure you reflex ability, the speed at which you can respond to a stimulus.The working of the App is simple press 'Start' button to begin and wait When the 'Click Me' appears on the screen,then immediately click the button. the App will display the delay of your response in milliseconds.Keep trying..You can improve your reflex speed by continuous practice and concentration.


Oh Wolves Oh Wolves v1.2.1

Based on classic "Oh mummy" from Amstrad CPC 464. Comes to Android "Oh Wolves".

Turn around to open coffers, find the key and go home. Watch out for wolves.

If you like retro games, if you miss the classic arcades of the first computers. You have to try "Oh Wolves"

For more information: Oh Wolves in Facebook


Scrabble Expert Scrabble Expert v1.9.0

Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word games such as Scrabble, Wordfeud, WordSmith or Words With Friends.


Animal Slider Animal Slider v1.0.3

Free Animal themed sliding puzzle game.


Poker Jumble Poker Jumble v1.0.3

Move cards on the grid to form poker hands on each of the 5 rows and columns.


Madpet Half-pipe Madpet Half-pipe v8

Do you like skateboarding? Then you must try this cool skateboarding game!


WordBagel WordBagel v1.1

Word Bagel is a classic 'how many words can you make from 6 letters' game with 3 different modes of play.

We hope you like it!


Angry Chicken Angry Chicken v1.2.01

Help the hen find all her babies!Can't be true! Some evil bears stole eggs from a hen. It is time for the angry hen to hatch all the scattered eggs in forest and guide the baby chickens home!Hint: Use the green magic stones to kick off the bears!


Grenadier Grenadier v1.6

Blow up your enemies by strategically throwing grenades.


Shaolin Master Shaolin Master v7.0

Do you have what it needs to become a Shaolin master?


Fastest Finger First Fastest Finger First v1.1

Answer the random question that come up in the app in the fastest time and prepare yourself to compete in any quiz show where your finger and mind co-ordination is important.


Sudoku Sudoku v2.1

501 free sudokus for android

A must have in your smartphone

Sudoku is a challanging brain game.

4 levels of difficult.

Challenge your friends in our Leaderboards. Be the best of your country!!!

Several input modes

Save checkpoints to avoid wrong number lock.