Fun & Games

maze maze v1.0.3

Play this simple yet diverting puzzle game with unlimited of levels!


Hot Donut Hot Donut v1.3.5

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ROLL, JUMP, DASH your way through awe-inspiring worlds.


Uprising: St. Louis Uprising: St. Louis v1.0.18

This is a MMORPG in the style of Storm8 or Moblyng games. Your goal is to work with (and against) the political parties in St. Louis to become mayor!


Rapid Toss Rapid Toss v1.28

Rapid Toss is a powerfully addictive paper tossing game where you toss as fast as you can swipe!


Match the Flag Match the Flag v3.01

Match the flag the one of the names of countries


Halloween Attack Halloween Attack v1.2.2

Witches - Halloween Attack

Witches, after a night of Halloween, they decide to attack the houses. Jealous for the serenity of men, to call if the powers of evil and decide to attack.

More bugfixes


Kruiswoord Kruiswoord v1.0

De eerste 100% Nederlandse kruiswoordpuzzel app.


Paper Blobs Free Paper Blobs Free v2.0.1

Did you enjoy othello and reversi, you will definitely enjoy Paper Blobs!


Hollywood Actresses Hollywood Actresses v3.01

How well do you know the actresses from Hollywood


Paradise Paradise v1.15

Get Diamonds Paradise and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge! Conquer diamond filled gaming area and rule the Diamonds Paradise. Sweep diamond chains and gain points! You’ll receive some help from your bee friends; they’ll provide their weaponry to ease the struggle. Chilibees even told that you can use their dynamites! Buzz is on!


Knifethrow Knifethrow v1.0.0

Test your knife throwing skills. The wheel has 20 targets and your objective is to hit them in numeric order using all your twenty knives. Be careful, if your aim is off and your dagger dents your assistant on the wheel, sharp blade of your knife might hurt him/her.


9 Wheel Slot Machine 9 Wheel Slot Machine v1.8.9

9 Wheel Slot Machine is a simulated casino popular slot machine game, the game has 9 wheels/ reals more betlines/paylines than other games in the market, progressive jackpot.


Hacker Wars Free Hacker Wars Free v1.2.6.s

Hacker Wars is a puzzle game that offers a truly unique and action packed twist on the classic Mahjong solitaire game.


Bubble Pop Bubble Pop v1.0

Bubble Pop Pro is a classic bubble breaking puzzle game, also known as Jawbreaker and Bubble Breaker
The goal is to remove as many objects as possible in as few moves as possible. Objects that are adjacent to each other get removed as a group. The remaining
objects then collapse to fill in the gaps and new groups are formed.
You cannot remove single objects.


Math Invasion Math Invasion v1.4

Improve your math skills with Math Invasion, the best math practice app for your Android phone.
It contains a series of problems and exercises for the basic math operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The exercises are targeted for children under 12 years, and sometimes even adults, with varying degrees of difficulty depending on their age.
- global and local highscores


ComboTouch ComboTouch v1.26

ComboTouch is a game based on your reflexes, repeat the color list in the good order as fast as you can with your fingers !
Bored of playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja ? You like Guitar Hero but you think that it's too long or it lacks randomness ? Try ComboTouch !
Be careful, this game can be addictive :]

Challenge your opponents online through Scoreloop scoreboards!


GBR Sudoku GBR Sudoku v1.0

GBR Sudoku is an addictive Sudoku puzzle with the following features:

- Time based puzzles with 3 difficulty settings (Easy, Medium or Hard).
- Facebook sharing of your score to showoff the time you solved the puzzle in.
- Ability to save your game and resume later on.
- Hints to assist you if you get stuck.
- Saving the best 5 scores you achieve.
- Support for English and Arabic languages.


Monkey Business Monkey Business v1.09

A very fun game! Throw the stone to hit the fruits. Catch the fruit. Avoid being hit by the falling stones. Don't let the monkey starve!


toonBall toonBall v1.1

Do not strain the brain and at the same time addictive puzzle game.
The principle of game is very simple, let the ball roll to the exit, substituting and removing all obstacles.


I Recycle I Recycle v1.4.2

I Recycle is a fun and educational game where your mission is to recycle as much as possible.
This app lets you learn more about recycling and improve the knowledge of differentiated collection.