Fun & Games

braincheck braincheck v1.3

The Picture on the screen,Something varies as time pass by.
Search what changing to excite brain.


Birdhunt Birdhunt v2.1

Catch the duck
Bird Hunting game based on Japan traditional method in Miyazaki.


IPL T20 Fever IPL T20 Fever v4.0

The official game of Indian Premier League Season 4.
"IPL T20Fever" is the most complete cricket game for your android phone. Play with your favourite team in 4 exciting modes of play - "Quick Match", "PowerPlay" “IPL Tournament” and the turn based styled "Pass-N-Play" modes.

You can customize your game by selecting from different options - Difficulty settings, Venues and Match duration in the form of over’s.


FriendzTrivia FriendzTrivia v2.0

How well do you know F.R.I.E.N.D.Z? Test your knowledge now!


Repair It! Repair It! v2.4

Puzzle android games, nice look, had score, 50 levels up challenge and sound enabled. Tap the closer blank image to solve the puzzle. Next Level of m-jigsaw games. High score local ready now, warning message for you out of counting moves. Press the Back Button to Re-Play your existing level games.


birdwatch birdwatch v1.0

Count birds accurately.


NavyStrat NavyStrat v1.1.0

RTS for Naval battles


Bulls and Cows Bulls and Cows v1.2

The famous puzzle game with digits. To guess the number for the minimum number of attempts.


Lady Gaga Jigsaw HD Vol.1 Lady Gaga Jigsaw HD Vol.1 v1.0

HD Lady Gaga jigsaw puzzle game!


Miley Cyrus Jigsaw HD Vol.1 Miley Cyrus Jigsaw HD Vol.1 v1.0

HD Miley Cyrus jigsaw puzzle game!


Katy Perry Jigsaw HD Vol.1 Katy Perry Jigsaw HD Vol.1 v1.0

This game supports multi touch ,you can pinch-and-zoom to see the whole play area.
Because we use real HD pictures in this game, so there won't be a lot of pictures , if you want more , we will publish a series of volumes ,like Lady Gaga,Rihanna and other celebrities.

Powered by AndEngine.
Pictures in this game were collected from all over the web, so if I have violated your copyright, please let me know and it will be removed as soon as possible.


ContactsMemoryGameDemo ContactsMemoryGameDemo v1.0

It is Demo Version of ContactsMemoryGame ($1.00 app) :
See how many phone numbers from your own contacts you can remember. Play this game & complete all 6 levels as fun,then you will remember all your contacts easily !!


Monkey Hunt Monkey Hunt v1.4

Capture the mischief monkey.


BallBall Pro BallBall Pro v1.0

BallBall is a funny and simple game. Slide your finger up and down the screen controlling the baffle, allowing balls cross to other side through the gap. There are 2 lamps on the screen - green and orange. Your target is to guide balls of the same color to the correct part of the screen - green balls to green side and orange to the orange.


m-jigsaw m-jigsaw v2.2

Puzzle Jigsaw Mobile Android, Tap image the closer with icon m-jigsaw, the solve puzzle will be find. Have fun and enjoy your jigsaw puzzle games android mobile.


g-puzzle g-puzzle v2.2

Android Games Puzzle, had score, level, and customize Android Image Puzzle. Prepare your mind image logic. Have fun with g-puzzle


PushGame_free PushGame_free v1.03_free

Push the keys according to number!
This is free version of PushGame.
Game size is adjustable from 2X2 to 6X7.


CalcMaster2 CalcMaster2 v2.00

100 Sums for brain training
Brain training.
Mental calculation game.
Calculate 100 Sums quickly!


Casino Royale Casino Royale v1.4

Casino Royale is the best of casinos available for android in one convenient application!


Mobillionaire Mobillionaire v1.02

A unique online multiplayer strategy game that requires a traders' brain and shrewdness to succeed. Conquer all the 15 ports to be enter the eternal hall of fame.