Fun & Games

Choosing Choices Choosing Choices v1.0

Would you prefer 'Spending an entire 24 hours in a desert without any drinks or food,' or 'Eating a pizza from the trash can?' 'Choosing Choices' is a wonderful application that asks you questions on what you prefer doing. 'Choosing Choices' is a game that anybody can play! This is an application that will keep you- and your friends- engrossed ! Do you think you are able to make these difficult choices? If so, download this app right away as there are many more situations in which you


Luxury Memory Theater Luxury Memory Theater v1.0

Enjoy the game, enjoy the luxury graphic style the game bring to you. And don't forget to get the high scores.


Luxury Memory Poulp Luxury Memory Poulp v1.0

Easy memory game for both kids and adults

Kids Memory Game is a memory game to improve memory skills for everyone.


Kill a minute Kill a minute v1.0

Android phones are effective way of passing time if you are looking for a way to get more out of your day when there is seemingly nothing, at least, with this game. Let's start and find the super sexy, super hot - hidden lady (girls) on the board.


Memory Matching Memory Matching v2.0

Memory matching for kids

This is the best game for who want to train memory. It's not only for kid, it's for everyones.
So easy to play: Tap those cards to find two cards which are the same.


Box Prince Box Prince v1.0

Discover the world of Box Prince


Lucky Energy Lucky Energy v1.4

Lucky Energy Scanner is a very funny app.Of course, software Lucky Energy is just a prediction game, whether it hints your lucky Energy how small, as long as you work hard, everyday your lucky Energy is full.


Funny Fruit Memory Funny Fruit Memory v1.0.0

Funny Fruit Memory is a classic kid's board game, a memory game to improve memory skills for kids.


Funny Cake Menory Funny Cake Menory v1.0.0

Funny Cake Memory is a classic kid's board game, a memory game to improve memory skills for kids.


Crystal Balls Game Crystal Balls Game v1.0.0

Crystal Ball Game v1.0.0.
Warning: Change settings, change game mode will cause the game reload!


Baby Smile Baby Smile v1.0

Shake the Phone and baby is smile, moves around for you.
Shake the Phone and baby is smile and laughs and moves around for you.
Smile baby is always happy and shake the phone to make him more Happy.


ColorFill ColorFill vNewera 1.2

This collection contains all cool pictures of cartoon character


Air Control Runway Air Control Runway v3.0.1

Air Control game to manage Air Traffic & Control Runway as Airport Mania
Be super manager at Runway of Airport for managing Refueling, passenger terminal, take off and flight control with addictive features like Airport Mania during air traffic rush hours.


PZL ME : Russia PZL ME : Russia v2.0

A fully customizable puzzle game for all Android devices.


What Game Would You Prefer? What Game Would You Prefer? v1.0

What game would you prefer? This app will name games on the following consoles - Ps3, Xbox 360 & Wii. It will then go on to ask you which ones you prefer! So if you're looking for a platform which allows you to rate your favourite games, look no further! Which would you prefer? Battlefield: 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Which would you prefer? Burnout Paradise™ or


What Would You Do? A Fun Game. What Would You Do? A Fun Game. v1.0

What would you rather do? Eat a snake raw or be tazered by 5 tazers? A fun little game to play with your friends! It is guaranteed to keep you entertained at any social gatherings as it puts you and your friends in ridiculous situations and asks you to make the most difficult decisions you could ever expect in life! If you think you are good at making decisions, what are you waiting for? We are sure this app will leave you scratching your head in disbelief! Remember, it is just a game!


Duty of Heroes Duty of Heroes v2.3

The great graphical pvp-game for android!

Defeat rivals? Crush all devils? Fight, it's time to build your own world with friends!

This version include openfeint, so you can play with your friends in openfeint.


Iphone Dropoid Iphone Dropoid v7.0

This is so funny 3D iphone drop game..
This game uses Unity3D features..
We dont like iphones so we love Androids..
you try to drop iphones via using Androids..
There is 10 android limit..
You slide screen for horizontal and vertical speed and try to drop iphones..
Unity 3d is best engine for 3d application and game development..


Best Would You Prefer Game Best Would You Prefer Game v1.0

This game is a which would you prefer game. It will ask you which of two options you would prefer for yourself. Does it sound dull? Well, that's because you haven't seen the kind of dilemmas it will put you in. Which would you prefer? Getting hit in the shin with a baseball bat OR Getting hit in the face with tennis racket Sleeping on a bed of needles OR Sleeping in a swap with


The Movie Trivia The Movie Trivia v1.0

re you the kind of person who quotes movies all the time, or the kind who asks, "What's that from?" Either way, take this quiz to see how many movie quotes you can identify.