Fun & Games

Electrayz Pass Electrayz Pass v1.0

Electrayz Pass is a derivative of the classic Electrayz game. The theme is to pass the yellow ray deligantly through the streams of green, blue and red rays without allowing any clashes between them.

Drag and drop the Ray Eater (spinning object) to the "TIP" of a ray (green, blue and red only) to start eating that ray. Unlike in classic version, it is not important to completely eat a ray. Eat just enough to avoid collisions!


Sneck&Yoggy Sneck&Yoggy v1.0.3

Lively and colourful arcade. With nice music. The composer is
Vadim Brunell.


Bloody Truck Bloody Truck v1.1

Once in America.
On Thanksgiving Day a trucker Jacob Smith was abandoned by his wife Emily.


Fish Fever Fish Fever v3.0.305

Fish In Arctic
It's the time to fishing in the Baltic Sea!Lots of fishes in there.
Let's catch and culture them.


Greedy Angel Greedy Angel v2.0.205

"An angel notices a large amount of golden shells located in the ocean. Immediately she starts to obtain the golden shells by her pink magic.
Tilt your phone to move the angel and click the screen to drop the ball in order to obtain the shells. But be careful to the dangerous animals living in the ocean!
There is no way to miss such a rich opportunity!"


Pig Chefs' Pig Chefs' v1.0.105

Do you want to join the barbecue?The pig chef likes cooking. He invites all the animal guests to join the barbecue on the grass. Slide the screen and match the same food, in order to roast food and entertain the guests!It is a match game about barbecue. The first version is in casual mode. How many guests the pig chef can serve in 3 minutes? Story mode is coming soon, so please stay tuned.


Panda Fusion Panda Fusion v1.0.405

A baby panda needs your help!
Would you like to be a baby panda's babysitter?
Take care of him by tapping and matching his necessity of daily use.
Clear as many seastar as possible by linking them together.


Monkey Business Demo Monkey Business Demo v1.07

A very fun game! Throw the stone to hit the fruits. Catch the fruit. Avoid being hit by the falling stones. Don't let the monkey starve!

The pro version has many more levels!


Funny Zoo Puzzle Funny Zoo Puzzle v1.2

This game is one of those few puzzle games that stays challenging and addictive without being too difficult.
Solve puzzles, move the elements to burn off the line, go through the levels to score points.


Funny Puzzle Funny Puzzle v1.3

There are 25 funny puzzles, 5 difficulties.
Suggestion: If you play the game easy difficulty, then quickly finished. And you're be unhappy. So play hard and enjoy!

● 25 puzzles.
● 5 difficulty levels.
● Random play.
● Set as wallpaper.
● Save to SD.
● Puzzles Gallery.
● Supports all versions of Android!

Give feedback for more puzzle!
Don't forget to look at other puzzles, have fun!


Bubble Blast! Bubble Blast! v1.0.0

Bubble Blast! a fun and simple arcade game. Destroy the bubbles using your fingers, do combos and watch out for bombs. Bubble Blast! is like Buster Bros. and Super Pang for touch screen devices.


Clean It Clean It v1.3

Just one tap to see your display covered with the ice coating.

Clean It as fast as you can!
• The cleared area size and the wiping quality depends on the finger size and the pressure applied on the display (depends on the display hardware capabilities)
• Share your best times with your friends on Facebook
• Check in to Heyzap

Start the game from a home screen for the best experience.
• Use home screen widget to have a fun anywhere and anytime
• See your best time at your home screen


Fwarp Fwarp v1.2

Introducing Fwarp, the funniest way to edit photos on your Android phone.


Piggy Connect Piggy Connect v1.0.205

Good morning! I am Miss Piggy!
Time for my breakfast! Would you like to make a breakfast for me?
Connect 3 of the same kind to win a clear.


Dog Connect Dog Connect v1.0.205

A chance to feed a dog with delicious food!
A puppy is waiting for his dinner! Would you like to feed him? Quite a lot of food choices here! Clear as many food as possible by linking them together. Enjoy the fun to please a dog!
Connect 3 of the same kind to win a clear.


Bubble Turtle Rush Bubble Turtle Rush v1.0.405

Run! Run! Run! Get rid of the shark!Bubble Turtle Rush is a cute, fun, action game. You can tap the screen to speed up, and tilt to controll the turtle to collect a lot of coins. But one thing you must be careful, the rock, anchor, the cask and the shark is dangerous. They would let you die!!!Last, wish you enjoy the journey in the seabed.


Whack Monkeys Whack Monkeys v1.0.102

Whack monkeys!
Jack, who is on vacation, received a call from his Uncle Tom: a bunch of nasty monkeys are making troubles on Monkey Island and turned his villa into a mess. Nobody can tolerate such annoying monkeys, who even throw fruits at people. Jack plans to buy some tools from his cousin Aurelia and give a lesson to the trouble creatures!


Little Monk Europe Little Monk Europe v1.2.01

Little monk shows Kung Fu in Europe!
This is the best adventure from the Kung Fu Monk
Little monk left from China to Europe. When he enjoy local cultures, there are lot of dark creatures threatening the peaceful residents. Would you want to help him to beat the darkness?
Just tap the screen to jump.


Bubbles Burst Bubbles Burst v1.10.7

♥♥♥ Fun and highly addictive game which will keep you entertained for hours! ♥♥♥


Bubble Lines Bubble Lines v2.0.0