Fun & Games

Truck Of Hell Truck Of Hell v1.0.2

Go to the road with your truck, travel the roads, test your driving skills, go over obstacles like rocks , water,river desert. Can you handle the challenge?


Go Bananas - Monkey Sling Shot Go Bananas - Monkey Sling Shot v1.3

Go Bananas is the ultimate monkey game! Knock down and collect as many bananas as you can.


Dweebs Dweebs v3.0

The cute alien puzzle game!


School Day School Day v3.2.0

In "Cricket Kids: School Day" your child will love entering or rediscovering the world of school through 12 varied games.


Pop Fishes Pop Fishes v1.01

Pop Fishes >>> Original, fun and cute ;) Try it !!!


CarnivalShooter CarnivalShooter v1.2.1

A quick and fun shooting game to test your reaction time!


My Space Baby My Space Baby v1.3

My space baby is your virtual friend. The story of this little pal starts, when one day he decide to leave the Earth to discover new worlds, to find a new galaxy friends and so the adventure begins..


Oil Drill Oil Drill v1.3.48

Drill and deliver oil through 10 challenging levels!


Raiden2014 Raiden2014 v1.0

12 great BOSS, more than hundreds enemy forces, 5 battlefields
12 BOSS stages each with three different difficulties
Aircrafts can be upgraded with 6 components maximum to level 5
30 achievements with great in rewards
Shocking battle, a visual feast
Start the interplanetary journey with your goddess


Exterminator Exterminator v1.2

Planet is on danger and you can save it. Isolate aliens from further expansion.


Planets Gone Rogue! Planets Gone Rogue! v1.15

Battle enemy planets and collect resources in this action-strategy space game.


Mystery Crimes Mystery Crimes v1.00

Rainbow Town is a town that Human, Fairy, and Vampires coexist peacefully together. Until one day, the young detective Jonny when investigating the death of a poor anonymous musician, accidentally discovers a notebook which has a song with the lyrics written very strangely:

"With the right eye of a maiden.
Let find some vampire’s dust.
And take a heart that full of love.
Glow in the sign of the star.
Rope all with red fairy hair.
Another world will be open …"


Tangram Tangram v5.11

Piece all the fun puzzles together and see the endless possibilities that you can create!


Take a Cake Take a Cake v1.5

This game is for those who like to dive into the world of puzzles! Collect pairs - get a sweet bonus! Bright graphics and lively music create a pleasant gaming experience. If you have a sweet tooth and worried about your figure - this game is for you! ;-)


Happy Pet Spot Happy Pet Spot v1.0

A picture is worth a thousand words! Guess the shadows and match them to the pictures within the time limit! Give your brain a good workout in this fun and challenging mini quiz.


Caveman War Caveman War v1.01

This game is a platform game similar to old 8-Bit jumping platforming games.


Denominator Denominator v1.5.2

The objective is to find integer dividers for a given number.


Fire Rescue 3D Fire Rescue 3D v1.0.1

It’s time to rescue the city from fire and take control of a big fire truck and put off the fire which is burning the city. So put on your fire fighter helmet and get ready to drive your fire truck as fast as possible and save the locations.


Zombie Fair Zombie Fair v1

Step right up and try your luck at The Zombie Fair.
Test your zombie shooting skills at The "Tap Zombie Shooting Gallery".
Slice as many zombie heads as you can at The "Zombie Blade Challenge".


Paradise of Insects Paradise of Insects v4.31

Educational objectives: to help your baby recognize the common insects and know their growing processes and living environments by adopting them and building the insect's paradise.