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Famous Solitaire Famous Solitaire v1.4

Free Solitaire Games for you phone

It's always useful to have a solitaire on your phone

Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Forty Thieves, Las Vegas.

Upload your score to the global ranking website

With Will Smith as the blackjack, Maradona as the blackking, Pamela Anderson as the redqueen, Zidane as the redjack.

eaderboard, Upload your highscores to challenge people all over the world(Stats menu)

Added Lord of the rings cards: Gandalf,Saruman,Galadriel,Arwen,Aragorn,Frodo


Shuffle 'n Slide-Free Shuffle 'n Slide-Free v1.3.5

Shuffle 'n Slide is a fun casual game based on the classic 15 puzzle. Slide the puzzle pieces to reconstruct the original image. Sporting 135 nature scenes for the puzzles, you can compete in your overall score on the global top scores list.


World Flags World Flags v1.51

This is a casual puzzle game under the theme of national flags. Player needs to open 2 same national flags. Test the player's memory ability. It can help players learn human geography knowledge and exercise the player's memory. So it is so popular game. Why not have a try.


Puzzle Warriors FREE Puzzle Warriors FREE v1.1.0

Swap the two stones to create at least a trio of stones with the same symbols. Defeat all enemies by your deftness and tricks, and free the country from suffering.


baby shapes baby shapes v1.0

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Looking for a great application for your kid? You can have that when you download this application. Toddler Puzzle Shapes is great for teaching your kid how to recognise shapes and learn as he plays. Come and try it now.


Paint with Mickey Paint with Mickey v1.3

Would you like to give the children a surprise or to give him one more interesting game? A new concept game brings a nice drawing show to the children.
Bright colors make the children like it very much.
It is easy to play. The players just need to click the selected color, then the nice picture will come out.


Jewel Joy Jewel Joy v1.10.8

Jewel Joy - one of the most entertaining and addictive puzzle games for your phone!


MyFirstLittleHorse MyFirstLittleHorse v1.0

Launch Day special...for free for 3 days. If your kids love horses, this is the app for them!These horses are really dirty, someone has to wash them!With iWash they can soap, rinse, dry and finally brush them!It's so much fun!Ten cute horses to wash!**App tip: if you shake the device you can access a menu to skip the current animal and go wash a new one **


Finger Scan Finger Scan v5.0

Feeling happy, angry, sad, or being loved? Trying to figure out what how your friend is feeling right now? Try out the fingerprint scan and find out how your friends feel!


Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire v5.0

Mahjong theme with 3D effect. You just need to eliminate the same patterns mahjong as many as possible. Beautiful pictures and creative design make the game more shining.


Hungry fish Hungry fish v1.0

Our main character “Joke” is a shark from Atlantic. He needs to fight with enemies to make himself strong enough. In order to grow up, Joke is looking for more little fish. There are 5 kinds of fish.1) Rogue fish: Easily angry, strong attack. 2) Red fish: Wander around , good appetite 3) Green fish: Mild, only eat little fish Risk 4) Yellow fish: The smallest fish, no danger 5) Blue fish: Very rare species, give you a big surprise Let's start the game.


Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner v1.0

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Lazy to carry your heavy and bulky acoustic guitar around? You can have it in your mobile phone when you download this application. Tap on the buttons of this application and you can play your mobile guitar right away.


ChineseChess ChineseChess v5.2.5

It provides players with an undo function.
Players will get to see a photo of a pretty girl if they can beat the computer.


Space Wars Space Wars v1.2

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Enemy ships are approaching and your mission is to save the world. Get your fighter jet ready as you face the greatest enemy onslaught ever before in


Solitaire Solitaire v3.5.1

It provides players with different options such as drawing 1 or 3 cards, standard scoring or Vegas scoring, etc.


Super Pocket Sudoku Super Pocket Sudoku v1.1.5

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Do you think your IQ skills are good enough? Come and test them when you download this game. Super Pocket Sudoku has the classic and all the variant arrangements of the Sudoku puzzle in 1 application. You can do away with those pencils and books when you get this application, come and have a try.


Cosmic Crash Cosmic Crash v1.21

Avenge Pluto's demotion to 'dwarf planet' by knocking the rest of the Solar System into Black Holes!!

Win points, bonuses, hiscores, space-fruit(*)

It's completely free - why aren't you playing it yet??



TapMaster TapMaster v1.3.1

Become the Tap Master!
Try yourself with multiple game modes and challenge your friends via Facebook.


YesNo YesNo v1.9.2

Make an important choice, Love it or Not, Believe it or Not, Trust it or Not, Shake it got BEST answer!


Bouncing Pigs Bouncing Pigs v1.2

It's time to watch pigs fly! In Bouncing Pigs, you tap the screen to lob different colored pigs into the droves. Free them as you match their colors together in touching groups of three or more.