Fun & Games

Kids Trucks Alphabet Letter Identification Games Kids Trucks Alphabet Letter Identification Games v1.33

Do your kids love trucks? Could they use some help reinforcing their letter identification skills? This app works on letter identification in a way that is fun and easy for toddlers and preschoolers to use.


Real Car Parking Real Car Parking v2.0

Car Parking Simulator. Real life car parking and truck parking park challenge.


Gold Craze slot Gold Craze slot v1.0

Gold Miner Joe - this is an adventurer, not in the rules that you...


Acrosswords Acrosswords v1.17

A game of linear crosswords with over 140,000 words & 700,000 clues to solve!


Mega Trivia Mega Trivia v1.05

A game of trivia featuring over 50,000 questions on a wide variety of topics!


Trivia Canada Trivia Canada v1.09

A game of trivia with 4000+ questions that quizzes you about all things CANADA!


Word Get Word Get v1.14

A fast app for finding words from jumbled letters, handy for solving word games


Words 4 Pattern Words 4 Pattern v1.08

App to find words matching letters using patterns. Handy for solving word games!


Akzo Plex Akzo Plex v2.5.3

Akzo Plex the fusion of adventure, racing and mazes.


Arkamania Free Arkamania Free v1.2.0

Arkamania is a brick-breaker game with an addictive gameplay of classics such as Arkanoid and Breakout. Move the ball, destroy blocks and you will get the next level. Just tap on screen to control the paddle.

Includes extras and power-ups that increase the fun: invisible and unbreakable bricks, shot laser, larger paddle, 3 or 5 balls at once, extra lives, and much more ...

Play and enjoy releasing 132 levels and 4 different worlds.


jump jump v1

Come test your reflexes with this very addictive simple game, all you have to do is make your ball jump on platforms. With it's simple controls it will keep you occupied from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

No timelimit, just go as long as you can!

Why not challenge your friends, best score or longest times.

- Multiple Difficulties
- Easy to learn, hard to master!
- Quick 30 seconds to 30 minutes gameplay


Logo League Logo League v1.0.3

Logo League is the smartest way to test your subconscious mind!


The Money Game slot The Money Game slot v1.0

Known in the world of virtual gambling industry, slot machines The Money Game...


Tic Tac Toe Back To School Tic Tac Toe Back To School v1.42

Tic Tac Toe - five in the row


Odd Odd v1.0

This is an addictive game that uses the basic math of division to challenge your mind.


BaH Notifier BaH Notifier v1.0

Notify about everyday winner (50€ or more) on promotion


Block Rush Block Rush v1.9.2

Guide your satellite through the dangers of space, A game simple yet challenging game. How long can you survive? Block Dodger will entertain you. How far can you go? can you score more than 500 points?


My Planet My Planet v1.6.1

Play god in this planetary simulation game!


SnowBall SnowBall v1.3.2

Free game with absolutely no advertising!

To save Snowflake will need to go through fire, wind, mazes, avoid all the traps and collect the maximum amount of money.


Pretty Pets Pretty Pets v1.5

Get your cutest pet ever with Pretty Pets!