Fun & Games

Droop Droop v2.0

New version 2.0 with new features like spring bar, moving bars, sticky and bouncy bars. Find more exciting stuff!

Uses accelerometer.


Drop Block Drop Block v1.6

Physics puzzle game. Hours of cute, mind-bending fun!


Drop Block Demo Drop Block Demo v1.6

Physics puzzle game, hours of cute, mind-bending fun.


Avatar Creator Lite Avatar Creator Lite v1.1

Create your own Android Avatar and share it with your friends.

Full version with much more content coming soon...


Miso Miso v1.0

What are you watching?

Use Miso to check-in to what you're watching and earn points and badges! Add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and connect with your friends.

See what your friends and others are watching in your Miso stream, like and comment on check-ins, and chat about your favorite shows.


Wakattack Lite Wakattack Lite v1.03

Evil Wakas are trying to take over the planet!
They are everywhere and it's in your hands to extinguish them.
Some of them may seem cute but don't let yourself be fooled by their appearance.


Super Slot Super Slot v1.4

Experience the fun of playing on real slot machines through "Super Slot". With realistic sounds, multi play lines & great UI, you are sure to experience the excitement of gambling.Leader boards for competitive thrill against other players.


Space STG Space STG v1.5.4

This is a free demo of Space STG ability to extend to full version - a sci-fi real-time strategy game.
Immerse yourself in a mortal war of clans. Explore solar systems,
manage cities and create a space fleet. Win the war or perish!


Twilight Link up free Twilight Link up free v1.0.0

Im a twilight fans.Twilight is a wonderful movie.Link up free is the wonderful game to make you more smart.


Speed Link up free Speed Link up free v20100704-2

Need for speed is a wonderful game.It just for Need for Speed' fans.


Unseen Fifteen Unseen Fifteen v1.1

The classic game of fifteen puzzle.


Vegetables Farm Vegetables Farm v1.0.1

This a harvest season, ripe vegetable are waiting for your pick.

-New Pick system to score double
-3 Modes
-Simple and Funny
-Scoreloop social System

Let's GO!


Squirrel Earl Free Squirrel Earl Free v1.2.0

Entertain your kids by helping Squirrel Earl eat as many acorns as possible while avoiding falling hazards.


Memorize Pattern Memorize Pattern v1.2

Memorize variety patterns


Crimson Fields Crimson Fields v0.9 beta

A well known turn-based tactical war game.

Play against computer AI or your friends by e-mail.

Basic game controls: select unit, tap TWO! times on available hex to move, attack if possible, assign tasks to all of your units, press 'Back' key, select 'End Turn'.

You can define keys in 'Options' > 'Key Bindings'.


Dora the Explorer Puzzle Dora the Explorer Puzzle v1.0.3


Great jigsaw puzzle game of Dora the Explorer.

Drag the pieces to the right place in order to recreate the picture !

* Friendly user interface;
* New high score;
* Share with your friends;
* Set as your wallpaper;
* 60 levels / 4 difficulty

Enjoy !


ZombieEliminator ZombieEliminator v1.1

Click on a Zombie to eliminate it and all neighbours that are the same type. Gravity makes the Zombies above fall down, creating new opportunities. If a column is completely cleared, the remaining columns are moved closer together. When the screen is all clear,you reach the next level. Points are awarded for clearing groups of Zombies, the more you eliminate in one click, the more points you earn.


Starbase Defense Starbase Defense v1.3.1

An action defense game. Defend your starbase from enemy ships. Features automated turrets and an upgradable starbase.


ChokeTheChicken ChokeTheChicken v1.0

Simple and fun time killer... Pinch to Choke The Chickens before your time runs out! Watch out and don't choke the cows, pigs and sheep as they'll bring your chickens back to life.
*****REQUIRES Android 2.1 (for multi-touch)******


Quake Quake v1.0.4

Quake, the ground breaking FPS. Spectacular 3d graphics & sound