Fun & Games

FiveCard FiveCard v1.0

Five Card combines solitaire and poker for a relaxing or a challenging game! Can you manage four poker hands at once?
Place the cards on the board to form the highest-scoring poker hands you can. Three different games keep the game fresh. The save feature lets you pick up where you left off!


Clumps of Bubbles Clumps of Bubbles v1.0.19

Clumps of Bubbles with online-Internet-rating

Your goal in this game is to get as many scores as possible by clicking on groupes of bubbles with the same color.

Scoring of the bubbles depends on the number of bubbles in the group and the number of bubbles that are left on the table and store.
The greater the number of bubbles in the group and the number of remaining on the board and in the store, the better.

Enjoy this game!


Let's Bounce Let's Bounce v1.7

Let's bounce is not a typical Arkanoid style game. Try something fresh!
- Control up to four paddles simultaneously using accelerometer.
- Play infinitely number of different levels
- Random bricks arrangement
- Every next level is more difficult than the previous one, but the selection of difficulties almost never is the same


Transformoid HD Transformoid HD v0.82



Transformoid HD continues the traditions of arkanoid (breakout) style games. Plunge into the world of fascinating physics! Your task is to drive the curved paddle and resist the real gravitation and wind. Enjoy!


Transformoid SD Transformoid SD v0.82



Tranformoid SD continues the traditions of arkanoid (breakout) style games.Plunge into the world of fascinating physics!Your task is to drive the curved paddle and resist the real gravitation and wind.Enjoy!


DancingSanta DancingSanta v2.0.6

Become a dancing Santa! Funny Santa Claus is dancing incendiary christmas dance.


Untangle Unlimited Untangle Unlimited v0.8

Classic untangle game.
Find a way to untangle tangled net. Move net points to positions where no lines will cross.

Check how many levels this game has!

Simple design, fast and reliable.
Easy to use but challenging and addicting.


Vector Runner 3D Vector Runner 3D v1.1

Fly your cube across a track whilst avoiding the many pyramids which lie in your path. Steer around the cube with the accelerometer and get as many points as you can.
Upload your score and view the world ranking with OpenFeint.


Magnetic Cube Magnetic Cube v1.8

Magnetic Cube is an addictive puzzle game originated from Jens Duttke's Macuro. The object of game is to roll all colored cubes to floor of same color by using green cube. You can roll the green cube everywhere and dock other cube to it to roll together. The green cube act like an electric magnet in steel mill. There are 38 levels in total.


Wheelz Wheelz v3.3.3

Drive a Monster Truck across impossible terrains!

make your own levels (using inksMoto - the level editor for xMoto)

Similar to these games: xMoto ElastoMania trials
But in a monster truck instead of a bike :)

This project has lots of scope for change please e-mail me!

Updated often with extra levels and features.


Dungeon Wonders Lite Dungeon Wonders Lite v0.

that require NO network
You can play up to B20F

There is ads in one of the
main game screen.

This is simple RPG
but still in order to
fully enjoy the game,
there are fair amount to read!

If your device work with
Apps2SD, install size
should be ~2MB


Bub Bub Bubble Free Bub Bub Bubble Free v0.9.965

You're a bubble, you must take all possible bubbles to grow.

Avoid the mines and collect oxygen (red bubbles).


Jingle Bells Jingle Bells v2.2

A must-have application for the holidays! Playing Jingle Bells is easy requiring only 5 bells.


WheelOfFortune WheelOfFortune v1.15

Wheel of Fortune is first game for Android, based on the original quiz Wheel of Fortune.


American spy American spy v5.0

Good spy can memorize a lot of faces in a few seconds of time. Do you have what it takes to be a spy?


Punch The Rabbit Pro Punch The Rabbit Pro v2.1

The rabbit will appear from holes and you need to punch it to get numbers. There are different levels and the game gets very exciting in last stages when you have to be very fast in punching the rabbit.


ChickLover ChickLover v2.1

If you are feeling hungry,turn on your android device and let,s play this game.If you are over weight and you want to reduce your weight,then play this game.Eat KFC chicken on android as much as you can.


Candy Farm Candy Farm v1.4

For the first time in a century, the gates of the most incredible candy farm in the world are opening at last. Luckily you are one of the holders of the 5 golden tickets and are invited to a one day tour of the candy farm.
The goal of this game is to get each candy from its wrapper to its specified gift box to work wonders!


Ice Blocks Ice Blocks v1.0.4

Ice Blocks with online-rating

A field contain ice blocks with different directions. Some blocks are blocking each other.
Your task is to remove the lock. The smaller the change the direction you take the more points you get.

The game has a online-Internet-rating that you can see during the game.

Enjoy this winter game.


Twisdial Twisdial v2.1.2

Spinner for fun Twister game.