Fun & Games

Astral Mobile Astral Mobile v1.9

The platform game with RPG story and elements.


Sticks Pickup Sticks Pickup v1.1.1

Sticks is a fun stick pick up game


ZXdroid ZXdroid v0.5.2

A ZX Spectrum emulator for Android based on FUSE.

Runs spectrum games in lots of formats including zip archives; supports dozen spectrum models; good graphics, anti-aliasing; high quality AY sound; hardware keys and touch controls.

Please leave feedbacks and bug reports at, or mail them to


Animal Detective(Cupcake) Animal Detective(Cupcake) v1.1

You are a police detective. By getting answers for your questions about crime suspect appearance you should reveal him.

This is only for Android 1.5 devices, if you have a higher version, download "Animal Detective" application.


Dice General(Cupcake) Dice General(Cupcake) v1.0

General is a dice game the main goal of which is to score more point than your opposite.
This is only for Android 1.5 devices, if you have a higher version, download "Dice General" application.


Pool Break Lite Pool Break Lite v2.3.1

-Realistic 3D Pool Games
- Online Multiplayer modes
- Online Chat
- US 8 and 9 Ball Pool
- Snooker
- Carrom
- Crokinole


Pirates and Traders Pirates and Traders v2.0.12

Sail the Caribbean in this turn-based strategy/role-playing game. Will you be peaceful trader or rapacious pirate? You decide!


Sokoban Sokoban v1.0

Sokoban is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze,viewed from above,and tries to put them in designated locations.Only one box may be pushed at a time,and boxes cannot be pulled.The puzzle is usually implemented as a video game.


Balls Balls v1.0

Balls - simple logic game. More one color balls you will collect - more points you get!


MM Link Free MM Link Free v1.0.5

New in 1.0.5:
1.Add Resume Game Function.
2.Add Help Info.
3.Fix others.


Bunny Mania Bunny Mania v1.5

Control 50 bunnies over 28 levels, 5 worlds.
You can create maps from PNGs with a basic map creator, and share it in our map gallery.


Zebra Puzzle Zebra Puzzle v1.4

The original Zebra Puzzle is a logical puzzle attributed to Einstein involving five men with different nationalities, house color, pet, favorite cigarette and beverage. The goal is to find out who lives where and who owns what.


Chess (Ads) Chess (Ads) v4.2.5

The best app for chess lovers: Play against AI or online at FICS or ICC! Now in gorgeous 3D!


Blackjack Blackjack v1.3.3

Black Jack is a simulated casino card game, it is multi player network game. Game can be played in online and offline mode, in offline mode the game can be played upto 3 hands.


Craps Slot Machine Craps Slot Machine v1.6.2

Craps slot is a casino craps slot simulated game, the game rules are listed in the game help screen.


Poker Slot Machine Poker Slot Machine v1.5.7

Poker slot is a simulated casino poker game, game has simulated 5 wheels and game requires two spins to determine the WIN. Come play poker in slots.


Bunny Mania Lite Bunny Mania Lite v1.5

Control 50 bunnies over 12 levels. Let's go and play!
Updated. (samsung crash fix)


SuperLinlink SuperLinlink v1.0.3

SuperLinlink is a popular puzzle game, easy and fun. Great graphics and music.


Fruit Linlink Fruit Linlink v1.0.0

Linlink,which test your eyesight, test your intelligence, and other challenges you!
Click 2 identical images to connect them. Each connection can have no morethan 2 turns.
Speed of fast-paced game,Have many types of maps to play,Clear and lovely,Suitable for younger and cautious players.
Suit for all resolution.


15sSurvival-V1 15sSurvival-V1 v1.2.4

15sSurvival is a game for android mobile phones played with gravity system, show your wisdom and opportunity to escape the shots from traps, as long as the survival of 15 seconds, you will get the victory.