Fun & Games

Five Card Pro Five Card Pro v2.45

-Five Card Pro-
You're in Vegas and your task is to defeat as many players and earn as much money and fame as possible! 15 levels with increasing difficulty, 3 Blackjack venues, 120+ unique players to defeat - each with their own AI and playstyle, items dropped by opponents that alter game rules and confer bonuses, loan shark offering loans and bounties, and much more!


Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg v1.0

Blitzkrieg through space!


Tap To Keep It Up ! Tap To Keep It Up ! v1.0

Tap To Keep It Up


Froid, The Therapist Froid, The Therapist v1.0

Froid: This is the first virtual psychiatrist who speaks and understands our language


Berry Boom! Berry Boom! v1.0.51

Berry Boom! it's a simple and colourful game. Your main goal is to remove all berries on the level. How can you do this? It's simple - touch the berry and it shoots out seeds to other berries etc., until the entire level is cleared. Than less touches you use so much points you get.


WYR WYR v4.5

PIMP YOUR OWN RIDE with the 1st Car Customization Game for Android!


Impossible Quiz Deluxe Impossible Quiz Deluxe v4.0.1

This Quiz is similar to a hard marathon, everytime you have Game Over,you have to start at the first question again!


FaceMe FaceMe v1.0.11

Need an instant mood-booster? There's an App for that!
Lighten up your day or cheer up a grumpy friend with the hilarious FaceMe animated eCards!


braincheck8 braincheck8 v1.3

The 8th AHa experience game with new type.
Picture on the screen changes something.
Try to find it.Your Brain get Aha experimence when found.


Ninja Panda Ninja Panda v1.0

Unveil the life how does Ninja Panda learn Kungfu.
Fantastic oriental factors...


Dinosaur Match'em Dinosaur Match'em v1.0.0

Dinosaur Match'em. A fun free memory game with a dino theme.


TicTankToe TicTankToe v1.27

Play the brand new Tic Tank Toe on your Android phone for free!
Tired about silly games? Tic Tank Toe will challenge you!
Tic Tank Toe is the best Tic Tac Toe game of all-time.


RotatePuzzle RotatePuzzle v1.0.2

This is a challenging game. Rotate the tiles to recover the original picture.
The gameplay seems simple at first; however, as you go from level to level, its complexity gradually increases.


Toilet Paper Pull Toilet Paper Pull v1.9

Practice your diarrhea-ingested moments with a game of Toilet Paper Pull! Challenge yourself or other people to pulling continuously on bog rolls of different kinds. Having the faster time gives you bragging rights as the best toilet paper tugger. It's so much fun you can have without wasting actual toilet paper!


Groan Tube Groan Tube v1.3

The Groan Tube, also known as Magic Noise Tube/Jibba Jabber in other places, is a novelty kiddie toy that always brings amusement to anyone. Packed with a noisemaker inside, a simple tilt upside down brings out a hilarious sound. It makes a distinct 'groan' sound when turned on one end; an 'eeeeeeeww' sound one way, and a 'oowweeeee' sound the other. After technological breakthroughs, you can enjoy your very own Fun Sound Toy in your Android device!


pirates Puzzle pirates Puzzle v0.0.0.4

A simple puzzle game

Several levels of difficulty

Perfect for both adults and children

- Different images

- Mixing batton


World Intelligence Contest World Intelligence Contest v1.3

Play this addictive game of questions to show how much you know about general culture. Test your knowledge and have fun and learn at the same time trying to answer the most varied, funny, curious and interesting questions you can about anything. Try to answer questions about any category you can imagine, such as history, music, sports, movies, TV shows, video games, news, important events, math, biology, literature, reality or fiction, among numerous other possibilities.


Color Game/rectangular Color Game/rectangular v1.1d

another brain challenge.

16 squares are drawn.
Please find and touch two things of the color same within the time limit.


MiniLand MiniLand v1.0

Mini Land is a physics game with a puzzle twist. Help your small hero to find home solving riddles on the way.

More levels coming soon!


Brained Brained v1.2

If you like tricky puzzles, solving challenging problems - this game is for you.