Fun & Games

Memodroid Memodroid v1.0

Classic Memory game for 1-4 players. It features themes with macaroons, fruits and letters.


LightOut LightOut v1.0

Lights Out is an electronic game,.
The game consists of a 5 by 5 grid of lights, when the game starts, a set of these lights are switched on (White tile).Pressing one of the lights will toggle it and the four lights adjacent to it on and off.The game provides a puzzle, to switch all the lights off (Black tile),


Fireman Fireman v1.0

Fireman is a Sokoban style but more simple game.There is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes drop around a maze,viewed from above,and tries to use them to all fire.Only one drop may be pushed at a time,and drop cannot be pulled.


Block Click Block Click v2.0

Simple blocks game: tap on the group of blocks of the same color. The bigger is group, the more points you get, so try to make the group as big as possible.


Heart BlackJack Heart BlackJack v1.1.3

Blackjack are played the size of a simple comparison, adding a lot of top-middle plot and props, hope you like it.


TiltMazes TiltMazes v1.0

The classic 2D-tilt-mazes puzzle game.
Move the ball around the grid and collect all the blue squares.
These puzzles will astound, baffle and delight in equal measure. Young and old alike.


Trivia Run Lite Trivia Run Lite v1

Challenge your brain, play Trivia Run.


DoodleChain DoodleChain v1.0

One level – One tap
In order to complete a level you should tap only once. But be careful – once you tap anywhere, bullets will fly in every direction. If they hit an enemy, he dies. But enemies shoot in every direction as well. So, every level is an impetuous destruction of enemies.


Finger Maze Finger Maze v2.2

Original puzzle game will give you new cool sensation of the touchscreen challenge. Easy and unique gameplay makes Finger Maze really addicting entertainment.


Brick Annoyed Brick Annoyed v1.0

Hitting a ball with a paddle you need to get rid of ballons that stand above you. Try to pick up gadgets which will help you do the job easily.

Game is limited to 11 levels.

Geoscore is available at


Dinosaur Paradise Dinosaur Paradise v1.1.4

Flip through each other's game pieces, and finally to the board to determine who is winning more than a pawn.


Furdiburb Furdiburb v1.0j

Help! On a vacation to Earth my parents forgot me. Can you take care of me?


Alchemy Alchemy v1.8 beta0

You have only four base elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Combine them and their products to get more than 100 new elements. You can create a Life, Beer, Vampires, Skyscrapers and many more..


SpecTrek SpecTrek v1.5.5-65

ADC2 prize winner

Experience this revolutionary augmented reality ghost hunting game. Walk or run around using GPS and your phone's camera to find and catch virtual ghosts.

The game offers statistics, awards, titles, records, and most of all a whole lot of fun!


RotateMono RotateMono v1.2

Use gravity to rotate the Monos, three and more same monos neighboring can be removed.

After all monos removed, tap to the next levels.


Flip-Flip! Flip-Flip! v1.0

Flip-Flip! is a Jewels style game.


Uh Oh! Puppy Mess Uh Oh! Puppy Mess v1.6

A fun game involving cute puppies that run freely around a 2D world creating "messes". Clean up the puppy mess faster than the pups can make it.

Hidden and Unlockable Features!

-Yellow Snow Mode
-Unlockable Fart Sounds
-Speed Mode
-"Mini-Dachshund" Mode

*Instantly Unlock Yellow Snow Mode

New: 100,000 Puppy Point Bonus!


Barnyard Buddies Barnyard Buddies v1.3

Fun down on the farm fun for young children. An interactive game featuring farm animals waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. Tap to find who is hiding and making noise in the barn and explore to see what else the world offers. Cute and simple brightly colored graphics are used to stimulate a younger child's senses.

For younger children up to 4 years old to help aid cause/effect and visual/audio skills. Great for when mom/dad needs a break.

More animals and features coming soon! Please comment with suggestions on more ways the game can be interactive or new features your children would like to see since this game is still in its infancy.

Thanks for the support!


Car Porter Car Porter v1.1.4

You're a big man, you mighty, you are hired for security, but every time your boss gave you a problem, so you put the car in the specified location, but you certainly do not drive to it. . .


Survival 20s Survival 20s v1.1.2

In outer space, you encounter the enemy, adhere to 20 seconds can transmit back to base