Fun & Games

Drippy the Raindrop Drippy the Raindrop v1.0.1

Drippy is a platform jumping game. Cute graphics and simple gameplay make this a great game for kids. Tilt the phone to move Drippy. You cannot fall or die, and you see your online rank improve as you get to higher levels.


Mission Lander Mission Lander v1.1

A fun and addictive game for the casual gamer.
Objective is to gently land the cargo on the yellow landing-pad without triggering an explosion. If it lands outside the landing-pad or hits the side pillars it will explode. The space ship's thrusters can be controlled by using the arrows at the bottom. Requires skill to apply appropriate thrusters to the spaceship to guide the cargo to safe landing.


Ball Catcher Ball Catcher v1.4.8

You have to catch the falling balls before they hit the ground but you have to avoid the bombs. There are five different difficulty levels in the game. The game ends if you loose all of your lives or if you run out of time.
Falling objects:
-Ball: if it hits the ground you loose time. If you can catch it you get more time and points.
-Bomb: you loose one of your lives if you click on it.
-Heart: you get one more life if you click on it.
-Clock: it gives you five seconds.


Capture Line Capture Line v2011.07.19

Is that beautiful when you can see your reaction speed increased day by day? Capture line is such kind of game helping on your reaction speed in an interesting game. Your mission is to press the button when the light bar moving in between the bracket. That's easy, yet, that's powerful. That's how our raction speed measured, and we provides you a beautiful tool to show your speed stat with flame effects.


FindTheSame FindTheSame v3.4

Do you have a pair of keen eyes?


Color Link Lite Color Link Lite v1.00

Come and try Color Link, the colorful shape puzzle that will make you addictive! In this game you will try to solve the puzzle before the color bomb explodes. The game play is simple but entertaining. You will swap between 2 blocks of same shape to collect 4 same-color blocks. It will collapse when 4 blocks are met.


Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive Formula Racing: Ultimate Drive v1.3

Are you a fan of Formula Racing? Slide into the cockpit and burn rubber with our Formula Racing: Ultimate Experience game.
A multitude of great tracks all over the world are just waiting for your wheels.

Collect points and money. Use them to tune your car and improve your results!
High quality graphics, realistic physics and unforgettable sporting moments… all this comes with Formula Racing: Ultimate Experience !


MindReading Magic MindReading Magic v1.0

Let's read your mind ...


KISS (Tap-Swap-Score) v2.0 KISS (Tap-Swap-Score) v2.0 v2.0

"Tap-Swap-Score". Main mission is to avoid KISS and score more. :D
Tap-tap-tap more in short time to challenge your friend. not tap 'KISS'. Go on have fun !


Pixie Lott Jigsaw HD Pixie Lott Jigsaw HD v1.0

HD Pixie Lott jigsaw puzzle game


King of Gambler King of Gambler v1.0.1

Tap screen to add up to 6 dices. Imagine that your cell phone is a bamboo tube for rolling dice. And then check how many dices overlayed after shakeing your cell phone. Please invite your friends to have a match. Let's see who is the king of gambler in Android world!


Hangman Street Cred. Hangman Street Cred. v1.0

Edgier than your standard Hangman game this is a new take on the classic Hangman game with words inspired by urban dictionary.


UFO UFO v1.0.5

As an astronaut who drives a flying saucer in the universe, you must protect it from being attacked in a war. UFO, go go go!


Escape Escape v1.0.0

Move your spec around using tilt control. Get to the exit. Walls are invisible until touched.


Ultimate BlackJack 3D Ultimate BlackJack 3D v3.1.0

Ultimate BlackJack 3D

Engage in a battle against the dealer in this 3D simulation of the classic Black Jack casino card game. Play by the rules of some of the most famous world casinos or create your own. Rules are highly customizable with addition of some rarely used ones. Learn how to play or sharpen your skills with the built-in basic strategy tutor. Bring your skill to the next level using one of the 15 card counting systems.

Can you beat the dealer ?


Mine Sweeper Mine Sweeper v1.6

Classic MineSweeper game with three levels. A easy method to toggle flagging mode.
You are presented with a board of squares, each with a cover. Some squares contain mines under the covers. If you open a square containing a mine, you loose. If you open all squares without mines, you win.



B.O.S.S. is a faux biological scanner that you can use to 'scan' your friends!


Under The Sea Under The Sea v1.1

"Funny Stories – Under The Sea " is a fun, rhyming tale that tells the story of friendly fish and her girlfriend little mermaid.
New features only available in this interactive Funny Stories for your Android phone, include professional female and male narration, background audio and beautiful artwork for each scene. By combining the original text, artwork and sounds with features that entertain and promote reading, this Funny Stories book appeals to readers of all ages.


Funny Vitamins Funny Vitamins v1.1

"Funny Stories – Colorful Vitamins " is a fun, rhyming tale that tells the story of different fruits and vegetables. Children can listen about apple, carrot and many many more.
New features only available in this interactive Funny Stories for your Android phone, include professional female and male narration, background audio and beautiful artwork for each scene.


Memory Game Memory Game v0.95

Simple memory game for training your brain.