Fun & Games

Zepto Tanks Zepto Tanks v1.1.8

Online Multi-Player Tank Combat. Play against your friends from around the world.

You need a speedy connection to have fun.

Buy the paid version for less adverts.


Zepto Wars Zepto Wars v1.1.8

Robots versus humans in this real time strategy game. Use waypoints for resource collection and attacking. Build structures for better units and upgrades.


TypingClass TypingClass v1.0

Typing Class is a one touch solution to practice and improve your typing skills while you play on your Android.It is comprised of games to learn typing, with loads of letters and words that challenge you to type and finish the game play.
It is challenging , engaging , entertaining and educative game.


Spaceship War 3d Beta Spaceship War 3d Beta v0.2.4

Space ship war in 3d. Destroy all enemies, use accelerometer to control your ship.


lines lines v1.0.0

This strategy Game will make you think and concentrate for hours if you accept the challenge.


XTask XTask v1.0.4

XTask is an challenging multitasking game. Prove your multitasking skills and play up to 4 minigames at once, each giving you a different task. Your highscores will be automatically submitted to our gameservers!


Dilbert Dilbert v1.4

Use this handy app to view the latest Dilbert strips by Scott Adams!

Supports portait and landscape mode and you can search for specific strips! Also it has the ability to read future strips!


WordBox WordBox v2.5.0

WordBox is an addicting word puzzle game. The aim is to find words by connecting three or more adjacent letters on a 4x4 board within a time limit.
+ Multi-Player Support (Play vs. Online Players)
+ More than 80000 words dictionary.
+ 1000's of boards.
+ Online Global High Scores List.


braincheck6 braincheck6 v1.3

The 6th AHa experience game with new type.
Picture on the screen changes something.
Try to find it.Your Brain get Aha experimence when found.


FireWorks Game FireWorks Game v17.0

The best Firewroks Game.
35 levels.
International scores.


Type It! Type It! v0.1 (beta)

Type It! is all about speed and quick fingers. It challenges (and hopefully improves) your texting abilities. You have to touch and type as fast as you can to see if you can beat all levels. Your task is to enter the words that appear as fast as possible to collect all achievements. The faster you are the more points they get. Improve your dexterity by trying to be the fastest guy in the high score.

This game is fun and science at the same time. Check out the about screen to learn more.


Pinball Pinball v1.1

Sunshine, football, summer dreams - Bad Monkee presents Kick Off Pinball.


Upside-down Frog Upside-down Frog v1.1

Overturn all the frogs in the screen!
Tilt the device will change the gravity of the screen.
Please enjoy the physics engine incorporates a unique movement.

* The current version is only 35 stages.

Let rest on the ground upside down all the frogs in the screen.
Try to update the best time! !


Snake Snake v1.1

Simple Snake Game.


Beast Out Beast Out v1.0.8

Try this beastly games its a beauty!


Bastard Solitaire Bastard Solitaire v1.6

A rarely seen solitaire variation with a good mixture of luck and strategy involved. OpenFeint enabled with leaderboards and achievements. Ready for Honeycomb!


YoYoBoom YoYoBoom v1.2

YoYo Boom is a casual game on the Android operating system developed and published by Tianjin Pictograph Co.,Ltd.
It is a simple and creative game. Player can shake the mobile to the right and left to control the direction of the little spirit jumping ceaselessly that step on the clouds and obtain a higher score by jumping to higher place.


Jane`s Hotel Jane`s Hotel v1.3.0

Help Jane make her dream come true and build a beautiful 5 star hotel! You begin with a small 2 star hotel at the outskirts of town and work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them happy by building a gold course, serving them exquisite drinks and good meals, or simply cleaning their room.


(Lite) BoB (Lite) BoB v1.5.8

What do you get when you mix Pool with Labyrinth? You get BoB! Fun and addictive


Squash Squash v1.0

Squash is a game you have to touch the ball to accumulate points and can not let it hit the bottom line.