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Map Race Map Race v1.1

* Map Race is a racing game on Google Maps within real routes!

* There are 3 routes for now; Bağdat Avenue of Istanbul, Bahnhofstrasse of Zurich and Champs-Élysées Avenue of Paris. The list is growing with the greatest avenues of the world!

* Your smartphone's orientation sensor will help you while playing the game.

* You can play either on the Map or Satellite view for all routes!

* You can also get this application via


Juggler Juggler v1.009

The principle is simple: If you have more balls than hands, you're in trouble. To become a good Juggler, a lot of skill is required.

Juggler features:


Art Recreater Art Recreater v1.0

Rearrange the puzzle pieces into the correct order to recreate works of art. All artwork in the game was created by members of the Mendocino Art Center on the Mendocino coast in California. photo, pictures, picture, puzzle, brain test, game, free application


Puzzle Face Puzzle Face v1.0

Can you get the pieces to match up and form the photo. A fun game of picture skills and testing your brain with this photo puzzle. puzzles, quizz, test, tests


FruitMatch FruitMatch v1.7

"Fruit Match" is a simple but addictive puzzle game. Match the same kind adjacent fruits by tapping on them. Blocks of at least 3 pop. The more fruits you pop in a tap, the more points you get. After every pop the fruits without support drop down. If there is no block to tap, the game proceed to next level and blank positions will be filled with new fruits. If the board is full but there is no adjacent fruits of at least 3, the game is over.


Rapper Quiz Rapper Quiz v1.0

Do you know your favourite rappers? Prove just how much you know about your favorite rappers with this fun quiz. Take on your rap loving friends and see just who is the knowledgeable rapper pro. android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge, game show, mobile


Mypuzzle Mypuzzle v1.0

Ever wanted your own photo puzzle, to play anywhere, anytime, well this app lets you do just that!! Enjoy puzzles,game,games,fun app,free apps,picture,photos,pictures


Poulpytris Poulpytris v1.0.8

Help Poulpy to clean all these colored rocks falling on the ocean.


Green Zen Leaf Puzzle Green Zen Leaf Puzzle v1.0

Challenge your friends to this fun zen puzzle. See which one of you can assemble the puzzle faster. Click the tiles to rearrange the photo. Watch the time and the moves to see if you can beat your friends!


Sky Tower Sky Tower v1.0.0.7

It is easy to do without thinking game.

Climbing the stairs.

Game will earn points to crush the enemy.


YatchDice YatchDice v2.0.1

Yacth Dice is a dice game, yam's game with multiple variations and the ability to play with others rivals on the same device ! The best for a good moment at the bar.


Dots And Lines Dots And Lines v1.0

Dots : Lines alias U : Me is a fun game which allows you to join lines and acquire squares in your name (U).


Football Sport Quiz Football Sport Quiz v1.0

Just how good are you at football trivia? Do you know what team has the most superbowl wins or who holds the all time rushing record? It will test your knowledge all about NFL Football. quizzes, test, free iq games, entertainment, puzzle, brain, app


Simply Trivia! Simply Trivia! v1.0

Simply Trivia is a question game that will put your knowledge to the test. The game covers various topics just to make it harder on you. Hope you Enjoy! For example: Where is the tallest building in the world? What is the most popular website on the internet? Do you know the answers to these questions and more? quizzes, quiz, games, game, gameshow, test, iq quiz, fun tests


The Scientist The Scientist v1.0.0

As the scientist, try to finish your experiments in 365 days. You have a long time to fully test your pipe machine.

Connect the pipe parts by replacing them to make consistent pipe and let liquid flow through it.
Remember, water and electricity won't work well together.

- 365 levels to finish the game
- Ad-supported (buy the Genius version to remove ads)
- One row of fields less than in paid Genius version


Truth Or Dare - Hot Party Truth Or Dare - Hot Party v1.0

Do you choose truth or dare. Have Fun and play with friends for the ultimate party game action this weekend. What will you get up to and who will join you in this fun puzzle truths and dares. What games will your night be full of? Make it extra fun with your phone and this truth or dare gameplay action! tod, tests, quiz


The Real Truth Or Dare The Real Truth Or Dare v1.0

This free app has lots of fun, weird, crazy, and normal truths and dares. This will be sure to keep you going! Enjoy playing funny games with your friends and challenges that will be sure to amaze with secrets revealed. It's the hot game of truth or dare best played with a friend. Skip drinking games next time and get straight to the point with crazy party entertainment for your girl friends or guy friends. quiz, quizzes, insane, group, tests, test


Leef Jij Gezond? Leef Jij Gezond? v1.0

Do something about your health. Take this quiz and find out where you stand on your healthiness. For example: Hoeveel glazen melk moet je per dag drinken? Hoeveel minuten moet je bewegen per dag? x Jaskamal, Sarah, Shirella and Roma


Big Quiz Big Quiz v1.0

Loese das Raetsel! Ich gehe zuerst auf vier, dann auf zwei und zuletzt auf drei Beine? Welcher Junge hat eine Blitznarbe? Was ist wertvoller? quizzes, test, tests, entertainment, puzzle, app


Crazy Truth Or Dare Crazy Truth Or Dare v1.0

Crazy truth or dare gameshow questions for stupid and crazy fun. Test your wits with your friends in a fun game of truth or dare on your android device. games, free, truths, dares