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Ogrotron Ogrotron v1.5

An open source retro shooter, similar to Robotron.
Use accelerometer to move, touch screen to aim/fire.

This game was created with the JGame engine

Desktop and JME versions of this game, and more games are found at:


Either, Or? U Pick! Either, Or? U Pick! v1.0

An excellent iPhone app filled with would you rather questions that will leave you absolutely speechless! If you consider yourself a quick decision maker, this app is app-solutely perfect for you because it will give you difficult choices that you might eventually need to make in real life! What would you prefer? A year lost in Canada OR Running 150 miles in death valley Shark bites off your arm


Live Cell Live Cell v3.6.7

Live Cell, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician-John Horton Conway in 1970.1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbors dies, as if caused by under population. 2. Any live cell with more than three live neighbors dies, as if by overcrowding.3. Any live cell with two or three live


PZL ME : The Sea PZL ME : The Sea v2.0

A fully customizable puzzle game for all Android devices.


What Do You Choose? What Do You Choose? v1.0

Has anyone ever told you one of those questions which starts like this: What would you prefer? Well, this app will provide you with plenty of such questions where you are must haved to choose between two equally difficult options! Which would you prefer? Swimming in the antartic 'bare' for five minutes? OR Walk through fire twenty times? Live on the street with a truck load of cash? OR


I Have Lost My Mind I Have Lost My Mind v1.0

Here is a game made by a 13 year old, making her first game ever! It features questions which give you two possible choices as answers. It will ask you 'Which would you prefer' and then give you two absolutely horrific options, forcing you to make a very difficult decision! Which would you prefer? Have the wildest crush of your life date you for 5 years OR Get paid 1,000,000.00 every month for 6 months? Found it easy making that decision?


Mexico Radio Pro Mexico Radio Pro v1.1

Mexico Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Math Genius Math Genius v3.1.8

Math Genius is like a crossword puzzle with numbers. You are given a list of math problems, such as 24-6=18. Your task is to find each problem in the grid and swipe the screen to “circle” it. Be sure to check every direction, as some problems are set vertically or right-to-left. Earn points for each problem you find and have fun racing the clock. Please note that this free app is ad supported. - Find the math problems to earn points - Race the clock - Beat your best score


Which Would You Prefer? Free!! Which Would You Prefer? Free!! v1.0

Would you rather get stuck in a time machine 300 years in the past or get stuck in Antarctica with a hungry pack of polar bears? This is the type of question you can expect in this quiz. If you are at a party and bored or with family and have nothing to do, then this is the quiz for you. It has interesting and fun questions which will make you choose between two alternatives! Figure out your personality through this quiz. Find out who you actually are and what your preferences are! So


Sequential Memory Sequential Memory v1.3.1

A simple memory game in which you have to remember the sequence of the colors shown to go up levels!


Hidden Object 4 Hidden Object 4 v1.2.6

Scrollable hidden object game with 36 levels. You have to find 10 objects on every level to gain access to the next one.


AndroSnake AndroSnake v2.31

AndroSnake is our cool version of the classic Snake game.

Control the snake as it moves around the board.
Eat the apple to gain points which will cause your snake to get longer and increase it's speed.

Play to get the highest local score or enable Scoreloop to compete with other players.



WallSmasher WallSmasher v1.0

Use the unique gravity of nearby suns, planets and stars to bounce energy balls off of the spaceships force field. Use the balls to destroy all the alien barriers and warp to the next gravity field.


SimplyCrush SimplyCrush v2.0.0

All you bored? Discharged. Destroy them all. They are very much, very much! They are everywhere.


What Would You Do? What Would You Do? v1.0

What Would You Do? That is a question that everyone is always asking! Here is a fun new game where you are presented with two options and you have to pick what you would rather do. Would you rather 'Spend a year in Antarctica' or 'Spending a day lost in a life-size maze with a pack of hungry tigers' Would you rather 'be eaten alive' or 'be electrocuted' Were you able to make those difficult choices? Well then, what are you


Luke's What's What Luke's What's What v1.0

A free question app that let's you choose between to answers and show all of your friends! This is a great app for anyone of any age :D Do you often struggle with basic life choices? If so, this app will provide perfect practice for you! It puts you in two different situations and you have to choose the one you feel is most apt. Which would you prefer? Being killed by drowning under-water! or Getting killed by a shark ripping off your limbs! Could you


hYperBlocks hYperBlocks v1.0

Dynamic game with a simple objective to put off the screen the green blocks.
Be carefull, have explosive blocks, runner blocks and rubber blocks, that can help or not.
Fun and challenge is the main features of the game.


Slide Fire Slide Fire v5.3.5

Are you ready for a new adventure game? Try the Slide Fire app. Alien invaders are coming and it's up to you to save the planet in this action-packed adventure game. Shoot your enemies to get a score with a touch of your finger. Once you terminate your enemies, catch the power-up objects on the battlefield. Give Slide Fire a try and enjoy an exciting adventure game with stunning graphics and cool sounds. Please note that this app is ad-supported.


Choosing Choices Choosing Choices v1.0

Would you prefer 'Spending an entire 24 hours in a desert without any drinks or food,' or 'Eating a pizza from the trash can?' 'Choosing Choices' is a wonderful application that asks you questions on what you prefer doing. 'Choosing Choices' is a game that anybody can play! This is an application that will keep you- and your friends- engrossed ! Do you think you are able to make these difficult choices? If so, download this app right away as there are many more situations in which you


Luxury Memory Theater Luxury Memory Theater v1.0

Enjoy the game, enjoy the luxury graphic style the game bring to you. And don't forget to get the high scores.