Fun & Games

Adam Asmaca Adam Asmaca v1.0.4

10 tahminle aranan kelimeyi bul.


Knight Knight v1.0.4

Simple logic game on a chess board.


Combat Helicopter Combat Helicopter v1.0.1

★ Combat Helicopter - fun and addictive classic game taken to a whole new extreme level ★


Crazy Lizard HD Crazy Lizard HD v1.0.3

Crazy Lizard HD - one of the most beautiful, entertaining and addictive arcade games for your phone.


Zombie Scare Prank Zombie Scare Prank v1.0.5

Scare your friends! This free app looks like a normal find the difference game, while actually it’s a scary prank app.

1. Turn the sound on.
2. Start the game.
3. Tell your friend you bet (s)he can't find the three differences on the two pictures.
4. A scary zombie picture appears after 15 seconds with a loud scream.

Please use carefully and take care of your phone!


Dice Roll Dice Roll v1.1

No dices in your pockets? No problem with this realistic 3d simulation!


Slizzle Slizzle v1.2.6

Use your brain!
It's a great chance to check your spatial imagination.
The game idea is similar to flat Rubik's cube.


Alien Plants Alien Plants v2.4.4

An arcade game, destroy Alien Plants!
Since the first – in our Earth, many people often like to damage the plants. The plants using the voice of his soul was always begging for help. Their voices were sent everywhere, but people can not realize it. One time their voices to be heard to the Alien Plants – plants that live in other galaxies with a higher civilization. The Alien Plants come to Earth for revenge. The only hope is ALW-01 prototype spacecraft that may be able to protect the Earth.


Baseball Superstars 2011 Baseball Superstars 2011 v1.0.7

Perform events through interactive outings, hire super players, guide and manage your player to a successful career in My League Mode, and enter the Superstars tournament. Exhibition, Season, Home Run Race and more modes for endless baseball fun.


Solitaire 3D Solitaire 3D v3.2.1

The original and best version of Klondike Solitaire 3D!


Solitaire 3D Pro Solitaire 3D Pro v3.0.4

The original and best version of Klondike Solitaire rendered in 3D with no ads.


The Big Bang Gallery The Big Bang Gallery v1.8

The Big Bang Gallery!
Enjoy the best moments of The Big Bang Theory Season 01!


Warfare Puzzle Warfare Puzzle v1.2

Military warfare puzzle game.

Fighters,tanks,choppers,paratroopers,special forces....

Drag the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the image.

Various skill levels.

New pictures added every week!!!


SparklerPro SparklerPro v1.0

The hit for every party, your unique Sparkler!!!


Sparkler Sparkler v1.1

The hit for every party, your unique Sparkler!!!


Spheric Eric Spheric Eric v1.3

Spheric Eric is the new innovative, skill challenging Jump'n'Run on Android!


Star Shooter Lite Star Shooter Lite v1.2

This is a Shoot 'em up game, send your comments.

Ships rendered with Maya 3D. Four levels of difficulty.

Control your ship with the fingertips or the accelerometer.


Smart Jewels Smart Jewels v1.2

Use your brain!


Tic-Tac-Toe Tic-Tac-Toe v1.1

Tic-tac-toe is a famous simple game for two players


MatchSticks MatchSticks v0.7.6

The best guesser wins.