Fun & Games

RC Land FPV Race RC Land FPV Race v1.3

RC Land Quadcopter FPV Race - simulation game lovers of extreme fly on a radio-controlled quadrocopter. Flying over the beautiful sea island, you will gain new skills and brighten control drone while waiting in a traffic jam.

This is - one of the best modern simulators, remote-controlled model quadrocopter!


Juggle Cup Football Juggle Cup Football v1.1

Juggle Cup Soccer is an ability game about juggling a soccer ball for as long as you can.
To make if exciting and more challenging, you can make huge amounts of score by aiming at bonus zones that pop on the sides of the screen. If you continue to hit them one after the other before you run out of bonus time and them hide, you get each time more and more score until you trigger the gold champion mode.


Transporter Truck Race Transporter Truck Race v1.0

Ever drive Monster Transporter trucks, 18 wheelers? ever dreams of racing these huge trucks? we give you chance to fulfill this fantasy of yours. this unique truck racing game will work as perfect simulator for you to not only practice truck driving skills but to real race.


Spark Spark v1.0

90 seconds survival game


Monster Lines Monster Lines v1.01

MONSTER LINES is a puzzle game for Android, it is the combination of monster style and the classic line game - an intellectual game very familiar to everyone. Touch to move the monsters and score as many points as possible by making monsters of one color form various lines.


MeatHook MeatHook v0.1

Catch meat and train your Butcher skills!


Sum King Sum King v1.0

Sum King will give you full excitement!!!

You have nearly 2 second to choose the correct result.!!!

- Reach your highest score.

- Get a lot of fun with your friends.



Rapid Bike Racing Rapid Bike Racing v1.0

Race your bike on these beautiful 3D racing tracks. This 3D game is a Physics-engine based bike game, get from start to finish as quickly as possible without crashing and get your time gauged. Tilt to turn and move, tap to accelerate , brake and reverse.


Pululu Pululu v1.43

Cute & Lovely Pet Breeding Game! It's Free!


KungFu Man KungFu Man v1.0.1

To become the legendary Kung Fu Man, one has to pass the trial of the wooden dummy. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenge?


Square Puzzle Square Puzzle v1.0

Square Puzzle is a tile based number game. Win by getting every tile to the same number as the target. See if you have what it takes to solve this simple number game!


Sp Fast Counting Sp Fast Counting v1.0

A simple game of counting that focuses on speed in calculating


Jeje Adventure Jeje Adventure v1.0.0

Jeje Adventure Is Funny Game.Against Enemy With First Gun is Tin Shot.Which Can Make The Enemy Dizzy.Collect Many Miraculous Barrels Possibility to Add Life.Play This Game. And be The Hero.

-Sound Kuburan Band


Match 7 Stars Match 7 Stars v1.31

Match 7 Stars is a simple, addictive and non-typical match 3 game


Anti Alien Anti Alien v1.0

This is a 2D shooter in which the player fires rockets against aliens.


Linked Jewels Linked Jewels v1.0.2

LINK the JEWELS by swiping over them with your finger.
Match at least 2 similar jewels to clear them, match more to earn bigger bonuses.
Use the power of magic stones to perform special moves and clear more jewels at the same time.

Compete against other players, build up your ranking and get all the achievements.

[This game was made as part of a challenge to build a game in a week. You can read about it in the blog at]


Tap the Box Tap the Box v1.22

A fun and relaxing physics puzzle


Word Find Word Find v1.0

Word Find is a simple, fun and addictive words game for children and adults


Future Ball Future Ball v0.0.1

FUTURE BALL, the ball that answers all your questions about the future...


ClashOfJet ClashOfJet v1.5

This game is an addictive mixture of ACTION AND ADVENTURE.
Fly and survive through Asteroids.
As you progress Game play becomes more and much more faster.
It is an ENDLESS GAME. Your goal is to DODGE as many Asteroids as possible in GALAXY.
Insane negative and positive ENERGIES which can work in your favor or against you.
As you progress, game play will become more and more COMPLICATED and very CHALLENGING.
Play and see how far you can Survive.
Higher you SCORE get more FREE WEAPONS.