Fun & Games

Pong Breaker Pong Breaker v1.0.1

Will you beat your opponent's spaceship with your talents?


years in light free years in light free v1.12

An endless arcade shooter with an old-school vibe - survive! Save humanity!


Assault Commando Assault Commando v1.0

Non-stop action, Rambo style battles and epic explosions await you in this game.


DotsBoomBoomDemo DotsBoomBoomDemo v1.0.0

Demo version of Dots Boom Boom.


DotsBoomBoom DotsBoomBoom v1.0.0

A game based on your thumbs reflexes.


Greate conquest Greate conquest v0.1

Great Conquest is one of the best strategy game to capture the castle.


Puzzlook Puzzlook v1.2

Educational and funny jigsaw puzzles for children of preschool age (2-6 years)


Quick Crossword Quick Crossword v1.0.1

Quick Crossword is a colourful way to test your wits and vocabulary. Each crossword puzzle contains 20 words - clues are accessed by touching the relevant word - upon completion of a puzzle, touch the 'Check Puzzle' button - if you do not do this the puzzle will be stored as an unfinished puzzle.


HighwayMadness HighwayMadness v1.0

The biggest robbery in the town has taken place. Guess who did it, it's YOU!


Seven Stars Seven Stars v1.3.1

Seven Stars is a never seen before game providing a lot of entertainment for puzzle aficionados. As simple as popping bubbles with remarkably well-designed and appealing visuals and sound effects.


Laboratory Laboratory v1.01

Hello to all,

Let's see what Dracula have prepared for us.


Word Search Word Search vSearch 5

Fully customizable word search game with over 10,000 words and 38 categories.


Cube3 Cube3 v1.0

Cube3 is a game where the player simply taps to rotate the triangle to collect the incoming balls. If the color of triangle’s side and ball is different than game overs.


Popping Monster Popping Monster v1.0

Want to find something interesting to kill the time and entertain? Or you're finding something for your kids or friend to play? Popping Monsters is the best choice. Once you start to pop, you can't stop! Just tap on two or more adjacent monsters to destroy them, remember to just tap two or more monsters of the same color. The rule of Popping Monsters is: the more monsters you pop, the more score you will get.


InCells InCells v0.2

Sort the bubbles in only 30s using your finger to create cells.


Zombie unleashed Zombie unleashed v1

Zombie Unleashed
Objective of the games is to protect the people of village from the attack of zombie

zombie are coming to your village prevent them form entering your village and eat your people
How to play
Tap on the zombie to make it bleed and destroy them
The faster you hit them the more your chance of killing them


TameYourHorse TameYourHorse v2.0.3

Tame horses ,ponies and donkeys,tamagotchi kind of life game with bonuses, very funny and adictive!


Mech-A-Pult Mech-A-Pult v1.0.5

Mech-A-Pult, the old school cannon launcher game with a modernized overhaul! Launch a robot down an endless path while making him look absolutely ridiculous and hilarious!


Beach Football Beach Football v1.1

Play Beach Soccer 3D
the best penalty game for Android device


Simbad Simbad v1.0.8

This time Kitmaker transports the player to the fantastic world of 1001 nights, a universe of thrilling adventures, terrible buccaneers and dream treasures.