Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper Dancing Cat Live Wallpaper v2.1.1

Meet Cilo, a cute cat wandering around and dancing in your home screen.


Androbot Live Wallpaper Androbot Live Wallpaper v2.4.2

Android robot playing trick on your home screen


Dancing Penguin LWP Free Dancing Penguin LWP Free v1.0.4

Meet Piko, a cute penguin wandering around in your home screen


Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper v1.2.2

Meet Piko, a cute penguin wandering around in your home screen


Heart Balloons Heart Balloons v1.0

A beautiful flying heart ballons for valentine day.Enjoy it!

- High quality graphics
- Beautiful animations for heart balloons
- Compatible with all portrait resolutions and devices
- Improved battery management

Home->Long Press->-Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->Heart Balloons


Magnificent Magnificent v1.0.1

A nice colorful live wallpaper for anybody and everybody to enjoy!


Clovers Live Wallpaper Clovers Live Wallpaper v1.0

Simple live wallpaper (ideal for Saint Patrick's Day too). The clovers appear at random places, grow and finally disappear but new ones pop up.


Mistify Wallpaper Mistify Wallpaper v1.2

This wallpaper is like windows mystify screensaver, but with more features.

√ Thurn on/off motion blur effect.
√ Choose motion blur count.
√ Choose from 3 different shape ( line, 3-Sided Poligon, 4-Sided Poligon)
√ Choose shape count.
√ Change backgroun color.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers


Radar Live Wallpaper Radar Live Wallpaper vRadar Live Wallpaper 1.0

A realistically radar screen simulation.


Star Flight Free Star Flight Free v1.2

Star Flight Live Wallpaper is the ultimate flying trough space on a spaceship live wallpaper.


Gamma ray burst free version Gamma ray burst free version v1.16

Gamma-ray bursts are the brightest and most powerful events in the universe. This is your chance to experience it in your mobile!

If you love exploring the universe & its wonders, you will enjoy this awesome 3D simulation. All observed Gamma-ray bursts have originated from outside the Milky Way galaxy, billions of light years away from Earth. They are flashes of rays from extremely energetic explosions in distant galaxies.


Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper v4.0.0

Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper


Dreaming Clock Dreaming Clock v1.5

Dreaming Clock is a new type of clock which shows beautiful color and lights according to time. It's a live wallpaper, you can see it in home screen all the time.


Magic Constellations Live wallpaper Magic Constellations Live wallpaper v4.4

Experience a 3D journey though the magic star constellations!
"Passage to the other side of the Universe", "Cosmic eye" and 15 more are included for you to explore. Start the 3D ride through the cosmos now!


Galaxy Journey Live Wallpaper Galaxy Journey Live Wallpaper v6.2

Take a journey through a spiral galaxy in 3D! You will travel through the endless star fields of a majestic spiral galaxy. 2 DIFFERENT FLIGHTS ARE INCLUDED, SO IT IS LIKE GETTING 2 LIVE WALLPAPERS IN 1! You can choose between "Warp drive journey" and "Merkaba generator journey". Some of the UFO's, which visit our planet are using Merkaba generators to power their space crafts.


Interstellar Flight Live wallpaper Interstellar Flight Live wallpaper v4.6

Travel through the starfields, nebulas, supernovas and galaxies of the cosmos! This is both a 3D music visualizer and a Live wallpaper, which displays over 20 colorful nebulas. The app looks totally different with music, because the sound is visualized in lots of colors through the stars and nebulas.


The "Radio wave flight" option simulates how the stars would appear if you could see radio wave colors.


Hypnotic Pulsator free version Hypnotic Pulsator free version v1.30

Experience a never ending flow of pulsating and hypnotizing patterns! This live wallpaper will light up your mobile with a stream of ever changing pulsating patterns with shining colors. It has a mind elevating effect, which makes it very suitable for meditation or just relaxing, while watching the shifting patterns.

This metaphysical app can induce lucid dreaming, if you watch it before you go to sleep. It can also can increase your clairvoyance and ESP.


Ultra warper free version Ultra warper free version v4.9

Experience a never ending flow of warping 3D curves! Ultra Warper uses formulas from ultra sound theory to generate hypnotizing patterns. This has a mystical and mind elevating effect, which makes this live wallpaper very suitable for meditation or just relaxing, while watching the shifting patterns.


Live Wallpaper: ICS Boot Live Wallpaper: ICS Boot v4.0.0

Live Wallpaper: ICS Boot Animation Live Wallpaper.
Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4 Boot Animation.


Magnetic Pulsator full version Magnetic Pulsator full version v2.12

Magnetic pulsator uses formulas from quantum physics to simulate magnetic motions, which occur at the quantum level. This simulation creates fascinating and hypnotizing patterns. This live wallpaper is truly one of its kind, there is nothing similar on the market. Experience this never ending flow of strange magnetic wave patterns now!

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Magnetic pulsator