The Teaching Trees The Teaching Trees v1.0.0

The Teaching Trees has kids learn about shapes, numbers, colors, and letters by having them catch items from trees.


Dot to Dot Dot to Dot v1.0.6

Give free rein to your imagination with all our dot to dot games!


Easy Math Game Easy Math Game v1.5

Are you quick at solving math problems?
Even adult will find his weaknesses after playing this game for a 2 minutes.

Keep your mathematical skills sharp!
This game is best played for a few minutes each day!
Challenge your friends and family! Keep it up and most importantly have fun!


Encrypted Doors Encrypted Doors v2.0



Kata Ball Kata Ball v0.8.0

A new Evolution of Words Game. Learn new vocabulary while you playing a drop balls game to create a word. Test your reflex, speed, and strategy to accomplish each stage. This game is suitable for kids and adults.

- 7 Languages : English, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, German & Bulgarian
- 6800+ Words, 6500+ Palabras, 4800+ Kata, 5000+ Wörter, 6800+ думи, 6700+ слов and 6600+ كلام to play with
- 9 Levels, 45 stages and 6 types of enemies
- Mini Games


Time Traveler Time Traveler v1.0

Retrieve objects lost in time!


Tidy House Lite Tidy House Lite v1.4.1

Have fun while your kids learn to be organized.


Muscular Muscular v1.0.4

Try Muscular Anatomy Game that is one of the most important parts of the Human Anatomy Game Application.


Panda play school Panda play school v28

"Kids Learning Animals Fruits" is an educative app by Android Blooms, designed for the kids of all ages. Panda has established his thematic play school in a forest, from where he teaches about various animals, fruits and objects in a fun filled way. With this App kids can learn all about, say, animal sounds and interesting facts about animals; Color, taste and Nutritional benefits of Fruits; Inventors and Invention history of objects all in a swipe. It continues with various levels of Quiz.


Hellokids Hellokids v1.0.9

Every child can draw and color trying out a unique and fun experience!

Color & Draw App by Hellokids was designed to offer a unique experience on mobile and tablet devices for children between the ages of 2 to 10 years old.


Baby Tap Baby Tap v1.6

Simple and great game for babies to develop mobility of hands and fingers.
When played consistently for weeks, results will surprise you.
Please be patient few times, at beginning baby may not be able to accurately touch the moving objects.
Best suitable for infants above 12 months - tested by my daughter :).


Anatomy Game Anatomy Game v1.0.5

Explore the human body system while you are playing.


World Quiz World Quiz v1.0

World Quiz game


Math Hero Math Hero v4.0

Math Hero is one of the best math games for free!

Train your brain and math skills with this game! Solve math tasks and get to the highscore.


MuscularLiteGame MuscularLiteGame v1.0.3

Try Muscular Anatomy Game that is one of the most important parts of the Human Anatomy Game Application.


Fun With ABC Jigsaw Free (Tablets) Fun With ABC Jigsaw Free (Tablets) v2.2.0

Fun With ABC Jigsaw Free - Tablet Version
Play the whole A-Z Jigsaw Puzzle for free supported by Ads.

Learn ABC with fun. Rich graphics designed for tablet and intuitive UI will not only help your child to understand and learn alphabets but will also help to enhance their cognitive skills.
The best ABC jigsaw puzzle to gift your child.


US States And Capitals Quiz US States And Capitals Quiz v1.0

This is the perfect app to help learn the US States and Capitals.


Balloon Catcher Balloon Catcher v10

Casual game for children (valid also for adults) in which the child must pop as many balloons that come across the screen.

This game is available for children of all ages that controls over the display of the mobile or tablet.


Everyday Words Full Everyday Words Full v1.5

Amazing educational app for kids to learn everyday basic words that will give them a heard start in reading and speaking English frequently.


Everyday Words Free Everyday Words Free v1.5

Amazing educational app for kids to learn everyday basic words that will give them a head start in reading and speaking English fluently.