CoinTicker Mobile Free CoinTicker Mobile Free v1.2

CoinTicker Mobile silver coin calculator calculates the total value of silver coins in your collection based on the current spot silver price.


555 Calculator License 555 Calculator License v1.0

Donation license for the NE555 Calculator app.


Calcscript Calcscript v1.7.1

Calcscript is an advanced calculator that uses simple programming language based on Golfscript.


EZ Tip Calculator Free EZ Tip Calculator Free v1.6

A simple and Powerful Tip Calculator which allows you to split your bill.

* Can be moved to SD-Card
* Support for TAX
* Round amount up
* Save various settings


Steampunk calculator Steampunk calculator v1.0

Steampunk Calculator if the perfect calculator for your steampunk themed phone. See the calculator gears spin and steam vents blast as you use this calculator. Nothing is missing on this calculator. Every button in steampunk calculator moves. Every gear turns. Steampunk Calculator is a completely animated calculator that looks great and sounds even better. Try out Steampunk Calculator and you will never use any other calculator!


Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.0

Simple and smart Tip Calculator.
Calculate tip easily. Also calculates tip shared between several people.


Swift Tip Calculator Swift Tip Calculator v1.3

Swift Tip Calculator - When you're done eating at a restaurant, just take out your phone and calculate your tip!


Bet and SureBet Calculator Full Bet and SureBet Calculator Full v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app...


Calc-IT Calc-IT v1.12

Calculator with many different layouts to choose from.


Bet and SureBet Calculator Bet and SureBet Calculator v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app..


BuildApp BuildApp v1.2.9

The 1st full 3D house modeling tool for Android !!
"one of the top 50 phone apps"- the guardian (18.4)

* NO ADS * just enjoy and share 3D models

BuildApp is a very easy and intuitive 3D house modeling tool for designing, visualizing and managing your house in 3D.
Make your home remodeling project better visualized for your workers, your clients and you.
Get automatic calculations of the house surfaces, areas, doors etc. !!


Ads Calculator Ads Calculator v1.0.3

Ads CPM and CPC Calculator is the FIRST advertising calculator that lets you compute eCPC, eCPM, conversion rate, CTR, cost per conversion and campaign cost. You will never need to do tedious hand calculations again.


Sales Discount Calculator Sales Discount Calculator v1.1.1

Calculates your total purchase, including shipping, tax and discounts on all items in your checkout in any currency


Tip Calculator Tip Calculator v1.0

A handy tip calculator!


Discount Calculator Discount Calculator v1.2

Do you want to find out how much you can save on sale? Just download this application and find out in a second!


Easy Financial Calculator Easy Financial Calculator v1.3.3

Calculate tip amounts, discounts and savings and pay off schemes easily.


Easy Mortgage Calculator Easy Mortgage Calculator v1.3.0

Want to know what you have to pay for your mortgage? This app can help you!
-Various mortgage types are supported: amortization, interest only and linear mortgages.
-An annual oversight with average monthly payments per year is shown.

Free v2012 v1

Irish PAYE Income Tax calculator for Budget 2012 - soon 2013

This is the mobile verson of the desktop tax calculator

It calculates your Take Home Pay, Income Tax, PRSI, Universal Social Charge (USC), Pension Contributions, Income levy and net tax due.


Killstreak Estimator Killstreak Estimator v1.1.4

A calculator that estimates the chances of getting a killstreak in the various Call of Duty games based on a highly tested and credible algorithm I developed.

This includes:

Modern Warfare 3 (when released)
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
World at War
Modern Warfare 1


Kill Death Calculator Kill Death Calculator v1.2.1

This app will tell you your kill/death ratio in the Call of Duty games. More importantly, it tells you how many kills you need to "boost" your kill death ratio up by 0.01 via the Kill Death Calculator tab. It can also tell you how many deaths will lower your ratio, if you click on the Death Kill Calculator tab.