SkyConversor SkyConversor v1.0.1

Free Unit Multiconversor easy to use with a fresh design and interface!

Converts units of Area, Data, Length, Mass, Sound, Temperature, Time, Speed and Volume.

3-steps app:
-you only need to edit the value to convert
-select the data type
-click on results!

Supports Multi-conversion for all the included unids in a single click!


CalInverse CalInverse v1.0

CalInverse is calculator with modular arithmetic and theory of numbers.
Functions include:
*Greatest common divisor (GCD) (Euclidean algorithm);
*Least common multiple (LCM);
*Bezout's lemma;
*Modular multiplicative inverse;
*Chinese theorem for a system of 2, 3, 4 equations.
The program does not require access to the internet.


HD Currency Calculator Free HD Currency Calculator Free v1.1.2

HD Currency Calculator and Converter with more than 180 currencies and 4 metals and graphs


UnitBullet Converter UnitBullet Converter vv3.2.18

Best Unit Converter


Currency Converter Currency Converter v1.2

Calculate money from one currency to other according to live exchange rates.


Unit Converter & Currency Rates Unit Converter & Currency Rates v1.0.7

Unit Converter & Currency Rate is a simple but powerful tool. It will help you to convert everything you need in your every day life, featuring currency rates updated daily! Unit Converter & Currency Rate includes many units and if you want us to add more, feel free to email us! The output format can be easily adjusted according to your needs (scientific format, decimal places).


Multi-converter(Free) Multi-converter(Free) v2.0.31.10

Is a fully featured unit
converter & calculator with more than 1200 Units .


Unit Converter Unit Converter v2.6

Unit Converter is a small easy to use, easy to learn Converter. So easy that anyone can use and get results in seconds!


Qalculator Qalculator v0.91

Qalculator helps you get an idea of how much it may cost to develop a website. You can select various options and features that your website will need and it will give you an approximate cost estimate.


Kalikan Kalikan v5.2.06.26

Kalikan adalah kumpulan aplikasi-aplikasi sederhana perhitungan seperti konversi jarak, berat, volume dan masih banyak lagi.


Essential unit converter Essential unit converter v1.0

There're 314 units, 15 groups of units converter.
With graphic user interface, you can use it easily.


Total unit converter Total unit converter v1.0

There're 477 units, 15 groups of units converter.
With graphic user interface, you can use it easily.


Shared Home Expense Tracker Shared Home Expense Tracker v1.0

Shared Home Expense Tracker (in short SHET) is a simple application designed for use in a shared house.

The key features are :

* Easy to navigate

* Expenses logging

* Instant reports

* Send SMS notification

* Completely free!


Smart Calculator Smart Calculator v1.1

A very Smart Calculator for Smart People


Graphing Calculator Free Graphing Calculator Free v0.9.9.84

A graphing calculator designed for ease of use and familiarity with common graphing and scientific calculators.

-Graphing with point tracing
-Graph Functions (Zeros, Min, Max, Intersection)
-Graph Parametric and Polar Equations
-Matrix operations
-Generic Derivatives
-Triangle Solver
-Complex numbers
-Full equation history
-Definite Integrals
-Variable and Function storage


Genius Calculator Genius Calculator v2.1.5

A scientific calculator with unit converter and calculations log.


Resale Calculator Resale Calculator v1.0

All the calculations needed to maximize profit.


ΦΠΑ Calc GR ΦΠΑ Calc GR v1.7.0

Το ΦΠΑ Calc GR είναι μια απλή εφαρμογή που υπολογίζει το Καθαρό- Μεικτό και ΦΠΑ ποσόν ανάλογα με την επιλογή που θα κάνουμε.


University Budget Calculator University Budget Calculator v2.0

A handy tool to plan on your university budget wisely.


Advanced Calculator Advanced Calculator vbasicUtil

An ambitious calculator that tries to be a casio replacement