ScareApp Lite ScareApp Lite v1.6

This is the best scare your friends scare app on the market because of the many many features it comes with...FOR FREE!!! Note: if you have a front facing camera, then why not try our other free app, "Scare App - Video Recorder"


Baby app 101 Baby app 101 v1.4

How to care for your baby in facetious humor. Play this with a loved one. This puzzle is designed for teenagers and children to teach them how to care for a baby. It is never too early to learn how to care for a baby.


ASolitaire ASolitaire v1.2.0

Solitaire Game For Free!
Full featured solitaire (Klondike) card game. Solitaire , Spider solitaire & Freecell solitaire, Vegas style solitaire, draw one, draw three. Fully featured Solitaire card game. A great playing cards game!

Solitaire Free!


What's the song? What's the song? v1.0

Guess the title of the song that's playing.
Challenge yourself with over 4,000 songs.
Post your scores online and try to make the top 10 list.


Baby Fun Songs Baby Fun Songs v1.0.1

A superb mind brain & puzzel app for you now. You have Palm picture slide view. You need to slid with accuracy can slide it and can win game.
App having integration with Facebook and Twitter also.Enjoy it.


Snake Snacks Snake Snacks v1.0.0

Alpha: This is app is nowhere near ready. I am just releasing it at the moment to get some feedback on the user input / responsiveness etc. of the app. Please feel free of course to send me your thoughts. Go to my website ( to see more about it and for some help. (Hit MENU > restart mainly if you have problems)

In this snake game you are not just restricted to moving up, down, left or right you can go in any direction you wish. Just trace your finger around the screen and the snake will follow. You gain points by eating apples as they appear on screen.


Super Candy World Super Candy World v8

Super Candy World is the Best platform adventure for your mobile.

Enjoy the 19 platform Awesome levels that we made for you!



These girls take flexible to a whole - nutha - lebal! Not for the faint of heart. This wallpaper is not for the squimesh.


AndPipes! AndPipes! v1.0.3

AndPipes is a pipes clone for Android.
It is your job to build pipes faster than the water rushes through.
Build fast - Build smart.


aBubblePop aBubblePop v1.0.0

Experience popping bubble wrap on android...


Spades Spades v1.0.4

The classic card game on Android! Play with a computer partner against computer opponents. Includes nil bidding and sandbag scoring.


ZRaten ZRaten v0.6

ZRaten (number guess) is a game where your have to guess a random number.


DroidBall DroidBall v2.2.2

Simple action game - you shoot droid from a cannon as far as you can.


ChineseChess ChineseChess v5.2.5

It provides players with an undo function.
Players will get to see a photo of a pretty girl if they can beat the computer.


Bollywood Hollywood Bollywood Hollywood v1.4

Bollywood Hollywood is an two player game.which test your skills about movies.

whoops !!! 500+ Downloads and hoping users had a great fun .........................

Try My other games
Flag-o-Fast on Slideme


Wrapping Wrapping v1.0.0

Wrapping is a 17 level puzzle game. The objective is to move the red shape into the blue one with the help of the blue square and other helper objects.


Numbers Numbers v1.0.0

This is a common slider puzzle. You need to arrange the numbers in order.


Bell Rabbit Bell Rabbit v2.0

this game is super funny.The object of this game is to get the rabbit to bounce off the bells and keep moving height.It can be kinda hard.


Hungry Toad Hungry Toad v1.1

Simple logic game - you must eat all mosquitoes to pass to the next level.


live running live running v1.0

run against your phone