Call Blocker X (easy+) Call Blocker X (easy+) vXeasy+ 1.0

Call Blocker X series

Call & SMS Blocker easy+

quick silent by putting mobile face down (enable settings)

Call Block
Call Hang-up and drop
Call Silent
Call Send to voice Mail

Call Block by Group
Custom Ringtone By Group

Auto SMS responder

save profile

Two Interface
1. Call Blocker X
2. Call Blocker X (easy+)

*** 7 days free trial , Buy Call Blocker X (Pro easy+) for US$ 3.99


Contacts Mac Menu Contacts Mac Menu v1.1

Yes, Contacts Mac OS X menu is here for Android smartphones and it is completely free. Contacts Mac OS Menu is a software that can make unlimited groups of contacts. All contacts will be showed at right of your phone home screen.


Mac OS Menu Mac OS Menu v1.1

Yes, Mac OS X Leopard menu is here for Android smartphones and it is completely free.

Mac OS Menu is a software that can make unlimited groups of applications. All apps will be showed at right of your phone home screen.


Dress The Ladies Dress The Ladies v2.4

Dress the Ladies is one very funny game with 18 levels filled with fun. In each level the user must guess with what clothes the ladies might be.


People+Faces People+Faces v1.6.8

Social Network and Messenger All-In-One App with City-RADAR to find nice people and locations (restaurants, companies etc.) at any place in the world...20 languages supported.....non-commercal project - but admin-moderated and controlled to avoid any abuse in any way.


Pipeline Connection Pipeline Connection v0.19.13162.91368

The social hotspot for pipliners, oilfield workers, rig chasers, rig hands, welders and fabricators to Communicate and Coordinate!


AntiqueBlocks AntiqueBlocks v1.0

Antique Blocks is a quality game where you must save the Mayan civilization from destruction.
You must join the colorful glyphs in groups of 3 or more to generate connections to destroy the whole level.
You have 10 lives to meet the challenge of overcoming the collapse of mayan civilization.
Are you able to do it? Prove it now!


TopDogs TopDogs v1.3.0

If you want to buy a dog, and you don't know what breed to choose.
If you have a dog and want to know more about breed of your pet.
If you are passionate dog lover and want to know everything about every existing breed of dog.
If you want just quick info about breeds.


Valentine Hearts Valentine Hearts v1.2.0

When you want to enjoy the smile of Your beloved one, make her/him an unexpected romantic surprise with the help of this little app. The secret message hides not just words, but also a big beating heart.


Thermo Thermo v3.7

Android Thermometer measure the room temperature.
After Install Thermo choose Menu > Calibration > and follow instructions.



Cancel SMS Cancel SMS v1.6

Did you hit the "Send" button too soon?
No worries! Hitting the "Send" button when you forget to write about something is no longer to be an issue. You can ALWAYS Cancel the SMS that you have send, by pressing one little button.
You will have one minute to react.


Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus v9.1.283

WordNet® is a large lexical database of English with up to 140,000 entries and more than 1.4 million words, developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.


PDF Suite PDF Suite v1

One App - Six PDF Operations !! Merge, Split, Rotate, Encrypt, Watermark and Delete Pages. PDF manipulations was never this easy!!


Suba Suba v1.2.6

Capture shared memories together with group photo albums.

Remember the beautiful photo albums that used to live on your living room table? Suba streams are like those albums, except you can invite other people to add their own photo memories, so all the pics are collected in one place and everyone can enjoy them.


KaiReader KaiReader v2.04

Easy to use EPUB and PDF reader with Dropbox sync and sharing.


SMS Schedule SMS Schedule v1.2

Auto Schedule SMS is an application which will organise your SMS messages and it will schedule them in certain hour. You can schedule your messages and make them on auto send. The app can be used for birthday messages, for business meetings, holidays, name-days and so on. It is super easy to use, and you will NEVER FORGET to congratulate on someone's birthday or nameday.


Auto Loudspeaker Auto Loudspeaker v1.3

Auto Loudspeaker is a service that automatically turns on the phone speaker when somebody ringing or when you are dialing. The application has a user friendly interface.

After initial startup, the phone speaker will be activated when somebody ringing or when you are dialing.
The application is useful for drivers. You can use this application instead Hands-free.


Fast Icons Fast Icons v1.7

Fast icons is an application which will make your phone theme much more clean and beautiful. The application is suitable for all android themes which have four cells in the home screen footer.

This product is suitable with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and it is very proprer for this version of the Android. Use this amazing app, FOR FREE on your phone, and give your phone a new good look.


Art Of Tattoo Art Of Tattoo v3.2

In this application you will find a lot and very different tattoos gathered in one place. The best part of the program is that you can upload your own tattoo (if you have one) and share it with the world.
You can also bookmark your favorite tattoos. Try it !


My Assistant My Assistant v1.2

Nikol is your virtual voice assistant. Nicole will do the following things for you:

✔ Open phone applications
✔ Call favorite contacts
✔ Search in Google and Google Maps
✔ Check today's weather
✔ Answer on some everyday questions
✔ Answer on some dirty questions
аnd many more...