TrackHabb TrackHabb v1.1.5

TrackHabb, your unique habit builder. It lets you become even more awesome!
Want to start running regularly, reduce smoking or eat more health? TrackHabb will support you at its best.


RabbitTrack RabbitTrack v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
The little rabbit is searching for carrots while there are dogs looking for her everywhere in this forest.
Use your finger to drag the dogs away from the little rabbit to protect her. Who will be the best “rabbit keeper”? It’s waiting for you to make it.


Tracked! Tracked! vV1.061

‘Tracked!’ is a new innovative program with several tracking methods to retrieve your stolen or lost android device. It can intercept all incoming messages. If the incoming message is equal to the code that you input, than ‘Tracked!’ will automatically activate the code. With the inbuilt FTP Manager, you will be able to view all recorded sounds, photos, GPS Maps and more at any time, on any computer! The app has been tried on numerous devices and the GPS Tracking works extremely well.


Raise The Bar Raise The Bar v2.4.7

Raise the Bar is an easy-to-use activity Goal Tracking and ToDo List app. Have fun while reaching your goals!


Shuffle Match Shuffle Match v1.0

Fun memory matching for all ages


Townlets Townlets v1.0

Townlets is a modern variation of the classic game, requiring accuracy and fast reactions!

Hurl the bat at the shapes made from blocks located on the moving platform. Keep track of the time and the number of throws, and be sure to knock out the red blocks, or else the game is over. Collect bonuses for help, and watch out for obstacles. Knock out strikes to multiply points and set new records.

Play Townlets - it's fun and active! The rules are simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy!


Retro Racing Retro Racing v1.2

Choose your car, then skid, slide, spin and drive around the track at break neck speed, collecting power-ups as you go. Master the perfect racing line, avoid other cars and cones, and speed your way to victory in this adrenaline pumping top-down racer...


Mobile Secure Mobile Secure v1.0

Protect your investment with Mobile Lock Security! Track your lost or stolen phone in real time.


MiniCars MiniCars v1.0

- Use your finger to control your car

- Learn shortcuts and secret elements in some tracks to shave some seconds off your time

- Natural obstacles and electric barriers can either help or hinder your quest to be #1

- Race on 15 different tracks, each unlocked by winning Gold Cups!

- Custom designed music to get you in the mood!


Clasher Tracker Clasher Tracker v1.2

The best way to track your villages progress as you max out your town hall


Elevation Profile AdFree Elevation Profile AdFree v1.13

This application shows the elevation profile of the path.

Ideal for hikers and bikers to assess the level of difficulty of the terrain before actually going out. Application works without GPS, Internet access is required.

This is adfree version.


Plan a Trip Plan a Trip v1.1

Planning a holiday? Plan a Trip helps ensure nothing is forgotten.

Plan a Trip keeps track of the three most important things…
-- the To Do list of things you need to remember before you go
-- the Packing list so you don’t forget something
-- and, just as important, the up-to-date weather in your destination.


VReg 2S VReg 2S v1.09

Register you valuables with with lots info and pictures


Tap Beats Dubstep Tap Beats Dubstep v1.0



My Diabetic Log My Diabetic Log v1.0

The best dibetic log avalible


Hot Hand - 4 Card Poker Hot Hand - 4 Card Poker v1.0.5

Daily chip & multiplier rewards! Changeable credit values ranging from 1¢ - $5. Purchase the 6 items in the gift shop using your winnings to unlock higher credit values, add bonus cards to the game deck, increase the multiplier frequency & even unlock a larger multiplier!

Swipe up for a max bet, or raise x3, if you’re feeling lucky. Swipe down to deal the initial hand, or fold after cards are dealt. Swipe right or left to toggle the credit values. Any bonus card dealt triggers the bonus game.


Card Shark Poker Slots Card Shark Poker Slots v1.0.0

It’s time to ante up! Card Shark Poker Slots (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 15 credits per line (up to 11 lines) with actual POKER HANDS as the winning combinations! Changeable credit values ranging from 1¢ - $5. Bluff your way to 42 trophies, purchase the 10 items in the gift shop using your winnings, and work your way up to piles of chips to become to ultimate card shark! If you love texas hold ‘em, you’ll love Card Shark! Reel cash, real fun!


Work Shifts Work Shifts v1.7.1

Work Shifts is a simple app that allows you to keep track of your work shifts.


Championship Racing 2014 Championship Racing 2014 v1.0.0

Play Championship Racing 2014 today, the ultimate racing game with up to five super fast cars and 15 challenging tracks to test your driving skill.


Shuffle Match for Kids Shuffle Match for Kids v1.0

Fun memory matching for all aged kids