Club Ufone Club Ufone v1.0

An amazing new social networking website exclusively for U, providing U a platform to come together and stay connected. Club Ufone is an exclusive online networking site that is user friendly and has a stringent privacy policy. Unlike other social networking websites, U can access Club Ufone both in English and Urdu languages.


SpecialAndroid4U SpecialAndroid4U v0.4.1299997748

This is the Offical App for


ControlColonyInSpace ControlColonyInSpace v1.1003

You conquer all colony.
U Had to play old simulation game, this game is similar simulation, but this game have real time battle system.
U just build battleship and attack other colony and conquer.
That's simple !!!


Easy Gesture Easy Gesture v1.3

Easy Gesture
A gesture to satisfy all your requirements
Just make a gesture, u could call him, or sms her, or start any app u want it to start.


SpecialAndroid4U SpecialAndroid4U v0.7.1303.53511

This is a web shortcut for the Android
Website found at


Fancy QR Code Maker Fancy QR Code Maker v1.1.5

That is not just a QR code editor! U can create your own small piece of art and print it for example on your T-shirt or on a cup. also u can send secret romantic message to your boy(girl)friend.

More patterns soon.


Alkso Alkso v1.0

Alkso is blood alcohol level calculator and alcoholic testing detector. It's available only in Croatian.

Alkso je kalkulator promila alkohola u krvi i detektor alkotesta u Hrvatskoj. Dostupan je isključivo na hrvatskom jeziku.


Chuzzle Show Me Chuzzle Show Me v1.0

Find out the two same faces,how fast can u be?


uFindMe uFindMe v1.2.0

Simply have your friend or family member send you a text with your uWho® Find Me Access code as the body of the text and your current location will be sent back.

Pro version available with more features


Evry'U Evry'U v2.1

Discover and be Discovered!

Now discovery can be more interesting. Evry'U allows U to meet new people, find friends, chat, get noticed, represent yourself and find places. All of this while accumulating points that make discovery more joyful.


Atom4U Atom4U v1.2.7

Atom4U-Lite is an Image optimizer that reduces size of images(JPEG) while preserving visual quality.


U.S. Constitution U.S. Constitution v1.0

Full version of the U.S. Constitution for Android.

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America.


mediaU mediaU vp.1.3.5

mediaU Radio is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use internet radio player, with which you can search, browse and listen to worldwide stations easily and quickly.
Also you can enjoy music stations on the web like Adult Contemporary, Blues, Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Top 40 and lots of more.

Problem, bug or suggestions - please send email to
We will continue to improve and make it better. Thanks.


U.S.A. Airport Calculator U.S.A. Airport Calculator v0.5.1301710683

This useful calculator will tell you the degrees, Nautical Miles, Statute Miles, and Kilometers between your originating and destination airports. It's got a built-in database of over 150 of the most traveled airports!


Poetry4U Poetry4U v1.6

An app to read, write and share poems with the world. Change the world with your poetry.

now with comments option


uDial uDial v1.79

uWho™ Sip Dialer: Place SIP calls over WIFI, 3G and EDGE networks; supports multiple Codecs and two SIP accounts. Built for our FMC platform integrates completely with the default Android Dialer for Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 based devices.


Student'U Student'U v1.0.2

I stuDENTIFY!Find & Meet Students & Discover Student Life!

Discover what the community around you has to offer and make the best of your student life! Equipped with special features Student’U makes it easy for you to handle your social and student life, so you don’t have to miss out on anything! Download now - it`s FREE!


Txt U L8r Txt U L8r v1.04

To combat the dangers of texting while driving, Car and Driver brings you the Txt U L8r mobile app. The application automatically responds to emails and texts so drivers can keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. In short, the Txt U L8r app allows drivers to focus on driving, not the latest incoming message.


uZard Pop uZard Pop v1.1.9

1. No personal information is required.
2. Whenever and wherever you can wake up your PC.
3. ActiveX web browser using your own PC.
4. Remote control can be connected anywhere, anytime


Where R U ? Where R U ? v3.190

"Where R U" is a mobile app that lets you know where your loved ones are without using GPS.

You have a small widget on your home screen for each person that you care about. At a glance you know where they are. All the time. It updates itself automatically.

You have your own widget of yourself, where you are, on the home screen too. With one press of your finger you can choose from over 30 different locations so that your followers know where you are.