Quick Escape - Library Quick Escape - Library v1.0.1

Someone has locked the door! Can you escape the library?


Vertices Vertices v2.0

Move the vertices until no hill on the other line.

Music: Escape
by: e.z.Y

Enjoy it.


Teenager Repellent Teenager Repellent v1.1

Cause everyone from kids to young adults to want to escape from you!

Teenager Repellent will cause everyone from kids to young adults to become extremely annoyed and want to leave!
Choose from five high-frequency sounds that most older adults can't hear (12khz - 19khz).


CUT CUT v1.0

Our beautiful host takes you through the latest movie openings in a specially edited video. Updated weekly, it brings main stream and indie releases. Other features include User Reviews, Short Film of the Week, and Cinema Guide.