Satski Lite Satski Lite v2.2

The #1 ski/snowboard app. Real time ski navigation on 3D trail/piste maps. Imagine seeing your live GPS position, tracking & stats (speed, dist, alt).


Pucktronics Speed Meter Pucktronics Speed Meter v1.1.1

Speed Meter: The new high tech Color Speedometer for your car, motorcycle, bike or other vehicle.


All Sport-Maps All Sport-Maps v2.7.0.lite

An ideal companion for the extreme sports enthusiast (back country skiers, Xtrail bike riders). Tracks in real time, live stats, records your tracks in GPX format for post activity review in Google Earth and other Software.


HudSpeed HudSpeed v1.1

speedoMeter is unique way for heads up HUD style GPS speed display on your car windscreen

• is unique way for heads up HUD style GPS speed display
• Ever wanted a heads up display of your speed?
• Hud Speed is a GPS Speedometer.
• Ever wanted a heads up display of your speed?
• Hud Speed is a GPS Speedometer.


V Limite V Limite v1.0

V Límite tells the user if he reached maximum speed limit with just a click.


GPS TTS GPS TTS v1.0.0 / Mohammadk

Simple GPS TTS Utility.


Radardroid Lite Radardroid Lite v1.34

PS speed camera warning application for Android devices. Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database. This application these will give you advanced warning of possible danger ahead and will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law. Check for more info and support.


Compass3D Compass3D v7.4

This is augmented reality application, add 3D compass to the live camera view in real-time


wheredroid wheredroid v1.07.00

displays gps status, with satellites, compass and altitude, odometer, speed display


TachoBike TachoBike v1.8.0

Analog and digital GPS tachometer for bike. Speed in Km/h.


Speedometer 125 Speedometer 125 v1.0

Measure speed in old style


mEarth mEarth v0.0.2

mEarth is 3D (Relief) Maps Android Application.
Customer Support Mail:


GPS Speed GPS Speed v7.3

Turn your phone into a digital speedometer! Nice Compass view + big digital speed view


Speedometer Speedometer v2.4

GPS speedometer. Demo version!
Acceleration, the rapid passing(1/4 mile included).
Speed, max and average speed, all distance, elapsed time, compass.
Write tracks, speed alerts and more.


Pocket Speedometer Pocket Speedometer v1.0

Have you ever want to test out how fast your car, your boat, or your bike is going? Here is a handy tool. This applications make your android device to become a pocket Speedometer. It uses the GPS to measure how fast your vehicle is going. It is a perfect tools to track how fast you can go instead of relaying on the car's speedometer.
Download for free while you can, first 5 days for Free only.


Speedometer Speedometer v1.1

Don't get in the car without GPS Speedometer!


NavDroyd NavDroyd v1.4.7sme

Onboard/Offline GPS Navigation App
»worldwide 2D/3D OSM maps
»turn-by-turn routing/navigation
»voice/audio guidance (>1.6)
»car/pedestrian routing (bike to come)
»local search (places/POI)
»visual/audio speed warning
»map themes (day/night/outdoor)
»frequent map updates
»no cellular network required
»no hidden roaming costs


RadarAlert RadarAlert v1.0.0

1.0 Beta
IMPORTANT: If you are using 0.9 alpha version please uninstall before install 1.0 beta version.
Red light and speed camera alert.
Alert when you are close to radar or camera, if you are over speed limit alert with "ding-ding" sound.
Improve performance, many bugs fixed from. Brazil and UK data are avaliable. More regions soon avaliable on preferences menu.


iTrackMe iTrackMe v1.0.0

iTrackMe is a Family GPS Tracker that allows parents to track/locate loved ones using their phones. iTrackMe consists of a web portal ( that allows parents to see the location of their kids in real-time on a map and a small mobile application running on the kids' mobile phones. iTrackMe supports notifications and geo-fencing/zoning.



GradarUSA is your warning radar traveling throughout USA.
Embedded in your HTC G1 It will show you the nearest red light camera and risk of speed camera and will notify you via a tone and visual approach too large.
GradarUSA can warn other users in real time using a sharing database using 3G or wifi connection.

GradarUSA loads a database of more than 6 000 red lights camera and high risk location of speed camera.
Free uptade from your Mobile.

-Warning distance configurable.
-BackGround mode (just click HOME button on your HTC G1)
-listen to music on your HTC G1 with gradar.
more informations on