Learn Animal Sounds Free Learn Animal Sounds Free v1.9

There are plenty of games for toddlers to learn animals and their sounds, but we are sure you will agree that our application is the best one.

Our full screen game is designed with simplicity in mind to be used by toddlers and even babies. Tap a screen to see the next picture, use two big buttons to repeat animal names and sounds, or just swipe right, left, down or up and see what happens!

You can also upload your own pictures to have even more fun!


Learn German By Listening Learn German By Listening v1.0

Learn German by Listening.

-Over 90 audio lessons!
-You can listen while you are in the car, walking or whenever you want!

Internet connection is required because the sound files are streamed from net.


Peter Learns a Lesson Peter Learns a Lesson v1.0

Kids are usually more into animals and stuff like that. They love animals and enjoy things connected to them. Animals like Horses, Cats, Tigers, Zebras, Monkeys and many more. Monkeys are known to be one the most favorite among kids. It carries a similar nature that of kid. Naughty jumping around place to place and doing funny actions that amuses others.
Monkey is known to have a title of super hero of the jungle. It does that funny stuff of climbing the tress and jumps from one to another.


Learning Learning v1.0.1

Learning - приложение, созданное для изучения функций PHP.


Safariland - Learn the Animals' names Safariland - Learn the Animals' names v1.2

Safariland is a free and ads-free game that will teach your young toddlers and kids the animals's names in a fun and educational way, in different languages


Learn Kannada Learn Kannada v1.3

Learn Spoken Kannada the easy way !!!


The Great Learning The Great Learning v1.0.6

The Great Learning (simplified Chinese: 大学; traditional Chinese: 大學; pinyin: Dà Xué)[1] was one of the "Four Books" in Confucianism.


Flashcards Flashcards v1.2.9

Make your flashcards and learn words by quiz games!


Animals Learning Animals Learning v1.1.7

Exciting app for toddlers to know animals names, appearance and sounds. A cute animals and sounds can fully attract the child's attention; and succeed in the purpose of learning through playing, and playing while learning.

Three amazing games in one application!


Emoji Learning Emoji Learning v1.0.0

Emoji Learning is a fun and addictive word game to expand your English vocabulary. This game is one of the most popular puzzles across the whole Wolrd!


Learn Arabic (Text and Audio) Learn Arabic (Text and Audio) v1.4

An initial Arabic learaning Guide

★ With text & audio

★ The Guide includes 5 catagories which are:
✓ Arabic Alphabets
✓ Numbers in Arabic
✓ Arabic Vocabulary
✓ Short Lesson 1: short phrases with word used "Haza" means "This is"
✓ Short Lesson 2: short phrases with word used "Zalika" means "That is"


Kids Learn and Spell Animals Kids Learn and Spell Animals v1.0

Educational app for young kids. Kids touch images of animals and hear how they're spelled.


Learn Hiragana with Kugimiya Rie Learn Hiragana with Kugimiya Rie v1.0

Super adorable Japanese Hiragana learning tools.


Learning Kids ABC Phonics Lite Learning Kids ABC Phonics Lite v0

Learning Kids ABC Phonics is an all in one learning experiences for young children that teaches Reading, Writing and Spelling. Using the method of Synthetic Phonics (blended phonics or inductive phonics) of teaching reading by blending the sounds of letters


Learn Php Learn Php v1.0

Learn PHP Programming quickly with this concise app that teaches you all the essentials about PHP programming.

Written for people who have NO background in programming or are beginners.

Learn PHP Programming zooms in on the most essential concepts with EXAMPLES!

Soon, you can utilize your PHP skills in dynamic web page programming, shopping carts, and of course Facebook application programming!


Learning Math Fractions Tutorial and Game Learning Math Fractions Tutorial and Game v1.01

This Learning Math Fractions Tutorial & Game App is a fun and easy-to-use tool for learning about fraction numbers. The app has a teaching tutorial and a matching fractions game. Choose between 2 game levels. Each level has a fraction ruler and 12 tiles with number fractions written on them. Touching a tile will reveal a colored pie chart representation of the fraction. Match the fractions the ruler display to score in the game.


Learn the United States of America Learn the United States of America v1.02

This Learn the United States of America app is an easy-to-use tool for learning the 50 United States of America and their capital cities. Program features separate Maps, States, and Quiz sections. Maps section has easy to read maps with the state names and abbreviations. State and capital city names are narrated for the student to hear the proper pronunciation. Quiz section has a multiple choice test for the capital city name or each state.


Learn 20 Tables Learn 20 Tables v2.0

Multiplication Table App
Here you can find the Multiplication Tables.
An easy way for your kids to learn multiplication table.
You can choose the size of the multiplication table for study from 0 to 20.


Kids Play & Learn Kids Play & Learn v1.0.0

Help your kids have fun when learning. It improves cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking.


Learn Chinese Learn Chinese v1.3

★★★ Practice and enjoy learning Chinese! ★★★
✓ Learn and practice Chinese(Mandarin) any time you want.
✓ Most useful daily used Mandarin phrases
✓ Including Pinyin (Roman alphabet for learning Chinese) with English translation
✓ Listen Chinese audio while reading
✓ Practice anytime/anywhere
✓ Easy navigation
✓ Smooth Scroll