SECuRET LiveStream SECuRET LiveStream v1.10.2

Stream video and audio from your Android device’s camera directly across your Wi-Fi network in real-time, to be viewed and remotely controlled in a web browser or on another Android device. Can be used to spy on people, a serious surveillance device or just for fun!


Someone To Crawl Back To Someone To Crawl Back To v1.0

Someone To Crawl Back To is a novel-in-stories, a collection of hearts in search of what they have always wanted or what they have eternally lost.


Home Inventory Light Home Inventory Light v2.03

Register all your valuables


VReg 2S VReg 2S v1.09

Register you valuables with with lots info and pictures


Empire Defense Empire Defense v1.0.1

- Tower defense game in middle age style
- 5 classic maps available (upgradable)
- 9 types of towers including at least 20 different levels (upgradable)
- Offensive or defensive candidate towers afforded to support variety of layout
- Bonus content to increase the sense of achievement
- Exchange store embedded to help upgrade quickly
- Empire Defense Lite version features the first level (Very-Easy)


FreePlay Bollywood Quiz FreePlay Bollywood Quiz v1.0.1

Test your knowledge of the vibrant Bollywood
movies, stars and music with the FreePlay Bollywood
Quiz. Including 1,000 questions spanning a generation
of Indian movie history from downright easy to
fiendishly hard.


FreePlay Movie Quiz FreePlay Movie Quiz v1.1.0

Take the challenge and test your movie knowledge!

Are you a movie buff? Think you know Star Wars from Sleepless in Seattle? Can you tell the difference between American Beauty and American Pie?

Test your film knowledge with the FreePlay Mobile Quiz. Featuring 1,000 questions from films past and present, ranging from downright easy to fiendishly hard.

Have you got what it takes to answer them all!


Real Facts Real Facts v1.781

A bunch of really fun, family friendly, and random facts! Great for passing time at work.

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Real Gun Sounds Real Gun Sounds v1.0

This soundboard is full of gun sounds... Machine Guns, Revolvers, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, M4A1, Uzi, M9 Pistol, Magnum, and Assault Guns.

What are you waiting for? Get this app now!


Currency Converter Currency Converter v1.1

Simple Currency Converter which uses real time exchange rate information


Real Fairytale Castles Real Fairytale Castles v1.0

These castles look like they came from a fairy tale, but they are pretty much real. Fairy tales do come true as you can see on these images of magnificent castles which still exist around the world in all their beauty. As the castles also the landscapes around them seems magical and fairy tale like. Slide through the gallery or set a beautiful image as background and enjoy the magical scenery with beautiful, real-life fairy tale castles.


Real Digital Clock Real Digital Clock v1.2

-- Tuns your Android device in to a Digital Clock! --

Real Digital Clock is an innovative app which turns your Android device into a fullscreen digital clock.You can use this as your bed side clock and thanks to the Brightness controlling algorithm, it concumes unnoticeable power. current Real Digital Clock App has five different clock themes including real classic template. in Real classic template you can enjoy two color classic digital clock and people might get cheated it as a real clock.


The Ideal Made Real: Or Applied Metaphysics for Beginners The Ideal Made Real: Or Applied Metaphysics for Beginners v1.0

The Ideal Made Real is written by the founding New Thought leader and teacher Christian D. Larson, who was a prolific author of metaphysical and self-help books.


real made up, the real made up, the v1.0

From the moment we learn to speak we are always using other peoples words.


Drawccupations Drawccupations v1.1

Looking for a fun party game? Drawccupations has got you covered! This fun-filled game pits teams of players against each other, drawing out random occupations. Some occupations are easy, like fisherman. Other occupations are more challenging, like paleontologist. There are over 400 different occupations that will test your drawing skills!


How to Find Your Real Self How to Find Your Real Self v1.0

Mildred Mann was a bestselling author and teacher of the New Thought Movement.


The Real Truth Or Dare The Real Truth Or Dare v1.0

This free app has lots of fun, weird, crazy, and normal truths and dares. This will be sure to keep you going! Enjoy playing funny games with your friends and challenges that will be sure to amaze with secrets revealed. It's the hot game of truth or dare best played with a friend. Skip drinking games next time and get straight to the point with crazy party entertainment for your girl friends or guy friends. quiz, quizzes, insane, group, tests, test


AG Romanian Newspapers FREE AG Romanian Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

This program enables you to access the major Romanian newspapers (mobile version). Simple and easy... :-)


Ice Cream Memory Game Plus Ice Cream Memory Game Plus v1.03

Kids and older folks can play this game for endless hours of fun. Whether at home or on those long travel trips, you'll find this app puzzle so challenging that you might not be able to put it down.


LuckySeven LuckySeven v1.2

Las vegas Lucky 7 is available free in android market. Get the app and try your luck.