XpenseLite XpenseLite v6

Xpense Lite
You want to get rid of tracking expenses in documents and sheets? Here you go! Expense application is a simple solution for tracking your daily expenses in mobile. Xpense is a top selling app in Finance.


Windows 7 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme Windows 7 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme v1.0

Bring the "Most Popular" OS to your Android device! Windows 7 theme for Go Launcher EX. Its not hard to choose, Especially when it includes Official Windows 7 icons, Backgrounds, Folders & Task bar!


Cricket World Cup Pro 2011 Cricket World Cup Pro 2011 v0.8.1

For the true cricket addicts, Apppli’s Cricket World Cup 2011 pro *unlocker* removes the ads to enhance your experience.
You MUST install the free version of Cricket World Cup 2011 from the Android Market


College Basketball 2012 College Basketball 2012 v1.0

This is a fun, new Android app to provide you the most information about college basketball, fast. One tap takes you to the following Wikipedia pages and the NCAA web site (switch via menu):

- 2011-12 NCAA Division I men's basketball season
- 2012 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament
- NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship

Get up-to-the-minute news, headlines, outlook, ranking, stats, points, teams, brackets, the schedule of the play-offs, venues, and more.