AG French Newspapers FREE AG French Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

All the major French newspapers (mobile versions) in the same app! Quick, easy and most importantly, useful!!!
Journaux: Le Monde,L'Équipe,Le Parisien,Libération,Le Figaro,Les Echos,Rue 89,Le Télégramme,Marianne 2,France 24,Le Nouvel Observateur,Le Point,L'Express, Metro and MANY MORE REGIONAL AND FOREIGN NEWSPAPERS! (200+)


Technology Deals Daily Technology Deals Daily v3.0 is one of the premier retailers in the E-business field. With competitive prices and real time service, provides all categories of high-quality products on over 120,000 items, such as household gadgets, electronic products, fashion dresses, home & garden, wedding dress & accessories and much more.


Drudge On Droids Drudge On Droids v3.2.2

Easily read the Drudge Report on your mobile device.
The best and easy to use Drudge Report reader on the Android Market and the only one with a widget and tablet UI.


Rush My Card Rush My Card v1.0

This pre-paid card is an easy, convenient and secure alternative to traditional banking. With this card, you can only spend what is on your card so you’ll never be charged costly overdraft fees.


aHome: Quick Note aHome: Quick Note v2.1.3

Note extension for aHome! make notes right on the desktop with this widget!

Major Update 2.1.1
Themes and theme selection menu!
Onscreen keyboard!

Fixed Mystery Line

Go to for instructions/help
or email us!

Must have aHome or aHome Lite


AG Malaysian Newspapers FREE AG Malaysian Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

All Malaysian and world newspapers are now two clicks away!


AG Thai Newspapers FREE AG Thai Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

All the Thai and world newspapers are now two clicks away!


All in 1 Converter All in 1 Converter v1.6

this is all in 1 converter. it convert various unit of type such as length,mass,volume,speed,temperature,torque,current,tip .


All in 1 Converter All in 1 Converter v1.4

this is simple all in 1 converts between different units of length,mass,speed,temperature,tip,torque,current,volume.more unit will be added soon.


AG Indian Newspapers FREE AG Indian Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

This program enables you to access the major Indian newspapers (mobile version). Simple and easy... :-)


JellyBean Unit Converter JellyBean Unit Converter v1.1

this is all in 1 converter. it convert various unit of type such as length,mass,volume,speed,temperature,torque,current,tip,density,currency .


TraceBuddy TraceBuddy v1.19

App for sharing your location with anybody even if they don't have a mobile device. No login necessary, no account, just install and go. Social Tracking made easy.


Cricket World Cup 2011 Cricket World Cup 2011 v0.8.1

Follow Cricket World Cup 2011’s news, scores and updates live on your mobile!


Global News Global News v1.3.3

Over 6000 international and local newspapers, magazines and news page from all around the world in your hand.

Main features:
- Full blown browser
- Play embedded videos and music
- Save news for offline reading
- Find text on page
- Translate selected text or whole page
- Feed reader (RSS/Atom)
- Automatically save feeds for offline reading
- Add custom feeds
- Newspaper from 112 countries
- Add custom newspaper
- Watch video news
- Share with E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter...


AG Portuguese Newspapers FREE AG Portuguese Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

This program enables you to access the major Portuguese newspapers (mobile version). Simple and easy... :-)


fotodanz fotodanz v1.6.4

Capture your favorite movements in photos that dance!

Create ridiculously cool motion photographs (cinemagraphs) with fotodanz. It's FREE! No need to register either.


JournaLuke JournaLuke v2.4

Instant notification of new entries in LiveJournal


Mobo Rss Reader Mobo Rss Reader v14.63

Reads all types of RSS feeds (Atom, RSS1.0, 2.0, Feedburner and more)-create your own all in one place personal news channel reader-add and create any content you want on any specific topic/category for free-best of fashion, tech, celebrity news, business, science, health/fitness, sports, world news, entertainment, movies, mobiles, games, dresses & styles, festivals, weird news, TV radio stars, shows, fashion designers, models


To Do To Do v1.0

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity..


SatView India SatView India v1.0.002

See the clouds with eyes in the sky !!
Seen those swirly cloud images in TV during a cyclone ?
Now they come to your phone.
Weather Satellite images viewing app for India.
Images updated by Indian meteorological department every 3 hours ..