Footiepal Footiepal v0.32.13310.48177

Football live wallpapers. is a one stop app for FREE football live wallpapers. Our data base have more than 50 major teams (Chelsea, Mancester United, Liverpool, AC Milan, Roma, Fenerbahce, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and many more) from different leagues(Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Bundes Liga, Serie A and Others)


Real Fairytale Castles Real Fairytale Castles v1.0

These castles look like they came from a fairy tale, but they are pretty much real. Fairy tales do come true as you can see on these images of magnificent castles which still exist around the world in all their beauty. As the castles also the landscapes around them seems magical and fairy tale like. Slide through the gallery or set a beautiful image as background and enjoy the magical scenery with beautiful, real-life fairy tale castles.


Real Snow Live Wallpaper Real Snow Live Wallpaper v1.4

Wonderful snow live wallpaper with days counter.


Cloth Cloth v1.0

Simulates a piece of cloth as the background of your device. It is a 3D physics simulation that also reacts to touch and swipe.


Live Earth Wallpaper Free Live Earth Wallpaper Free v1.0.3

Real time earth from satellite as live wallpaper.


Armageddon Live Wallpaper Free Armageddon Live Wallpaper Free v1.0.2

Spectacular eruption show from the sun in real time.


Hubble Around Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Hubble Around Earth 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.2

Hubble Around Earth 3D Live Wallpaper

Ever wanted to control and follow orbiting Hubble Space Telescope around Earth?
With Hubble Around Earth 3D Live Wallpaper / Simulation, now you can control orbiting telescope on your home screen as live wallpaper.


Chicago Baseball Live 3D Wallpaper Chicago Baseball Live 3D Wallpaper v1.0

LIVE Customizable 3D Chicago Baseball WALLPAPER!

Enjoy your Chicago Baseball team in style with this awesome customizable 3D Baseball LIVE WALLPAPER! The internet is full of millions of images from which you can choose to apply to the 3D baseball or background. That's right, You control the baseball logo, you control the background image, you control
the baseball.


Volcanic Explosion Pro Volcanic Explosion Pro v1.0

This live wallpaper shows a real and spectacular volcanic explosion with emission of lava and magma, taken from a real video in HD.
This application contains 81 frames that fit, automatically, the resolution of your smartphone. You can adjust the speed of the animation, in the settings page, via a graphical slider. This wallpaper is very impressive because it shows, in the end, a spectacular rain of fire.


Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpapers Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpapers v1.0.4

Dozens of wallpapers to use on your Android phone of Portuguese footballer for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo.

With one click you can set the image as you like and change wallpaper when you want.


Craps Live Wallpaper Craps Live Wallpaper v2.0

Shake your device and watch 3D dice roll across the craps table. Looks and feels like the real casino game! This is a live wallpaper, shake your device anytime to set the dice in motion. This live wallpaper uses real math and near industry standard random number generation for maximum Las Vegas excitement. Priced at less than the "minimum bet" at your local casino craps table, you will truly enjoy the exciting experience
offered by this live wallpaper.


SMPTE Live Wallpaper SMPTE Live Wallpaper v3.0.20100902.1

Turn your screen into TV!
Display real test patterns on your screen!


m-wallpaper m-wallpaper v2.4

Mobile wallpaper android. Set your dashboard wallpaper android. Available offline feature and update real-time online wallpaper. Enjoy your entertainment with mobile wallpaper.


Cat Under Snow Wallpaper Cat Under Snow Wallpaper v1.0

Amazing fuzzy red cat climbed a tree stump in the water. He gets real pleasure from such a thick snow.
Use these live wallpaper for free!)


waterdrop waterdrop v1.0

WaterDrop live wallpaper


Leo Messi Wallpapers Leo Messi Wallpapers v1.0.4

Dozens of wallpapers to use on your Android phone of Argentinean footballer for FC Barcelona, Leo Messi.

With one click you can set the image as you like and change wallpaper when you want.


Vintage Bird Wallpapers Vintage Bird Wallpapers v1.0

A collection of vintage images of birds optimized for Android wallpapers. This app includes 15 images and a swipeable gallery for easy browsing and selecting.


Aqua Deep Wallpaper Aqua Deep Wallpaper v1.1

Really surprise,Can see inside the Sea.That is a natural view of sea.


Planet Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Planet Earth 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.5

Planet Earth 3D
is a free animated 3D Live Wallpaper for your home screen.


Clockwork HD: Carbon Fiber Clockwork HD: Carbon Fiber v1.2.0

Turn your device into an expensive chronograph with Clockwork HD Live Wallpaper!