Chicago Baseball Live 3D Wallpaper Chicago Baseball Live 3D Wallpaper v1.0

LIVE Customizable 3D Chicago Baseball WALLPAPER!

Enjoy your Chicago Baseball team in style with this awesome customizable 3D Baseball LIVE WALLPAPER! The internet is full of millions of images from which you can choose to apply to the 3D baseball or background. That's right, You control the baseball logo, you control the background image, you control
the baseball.


Volcanic Explosion Pro Volcanic Explosion Pro v1.0

This live wallpaper shows a real and spectacular volcanic explosion with emission of lava and magma, taken from a real video in HD.
This application contains 81 frames that fit, automatically, the resolution of your smartphone. You can adjust the speed of the animation, in the settings page, via a graphical slider. This wallpaper is very impressive because it shows, in the end, a spectacular rain of fire.


Craps Live Wallpaper Craps Live Wallpaper v2.0

Shake your device and watch 3D dice roll across the craps table. Looks and feels like the real casino game! This is a live wallpaper, shake your device anytime to set the dice in motion. This live wallpaper uses real math and near industry standard random number generation for maximum Las Vegas excitement. Priced at less than the "minimum bet" at your local casino craps table, you will truly enjoy the exciting experience
offered by this live wallpaper.


MadMarbles MadMarbles v1.4

A colorful live wallpaper with realtime glass marbles moving and colliding!


SMPTE Live Wallpaper SMPTE Live Wallpaper v3.0.20100902.1

Turn your screen into TV!
Display real test patterns on your screen!


waterdrop waterdrop v1.0

WaterDrop live wallpaper


Aqua Deep Wallpaper Aqua Deep Wallpaper v1.1

Really surprise,Can see inside the Sea.That is a natural view of sea.


Clockwork HD: Carbon Fiber Clockwork HD: Carbon Fiber v1.2.0

Turn your device into an expensive chronograph with Clockwork HD Live Wallpaper!


Snow Globe Live Wallpaper Snow Globe Live Wallpaper v1.0

As you know Christmas Hollidays are at our doorsteps, so you need to get in the right mood. To do that start with your smart phone! Snow Globe Live Wallpaper is an amazing application that will turn your smartphone into a real snow globe! Pick your favorite background, shake it and surprise your family and friends!


Star Fish Wallpaper Star Fish Wallpaper v1.1

Let,s satarfish float on your desktop. That is a live wallpaper which give a real look in water. When ever you will touch the water. You will get waves and let,s touch more and more to get more waves in water.
Enjoy the very good wallpapers


Miami Basketball Miami Basketball v1.0


If you are a Miami fan this live basketball wallpaper is for you! Enjoy a Miami basketball bouncing as a live wallpaper on your Android device. Must see it in action to appreciate the remarkable graphics and real life look.
A must have for any Miami fan.


Dandelion live wallpaper. Dandelion live wallpaper. v1.1.1

The full version of Real Dandelion live wallpaper.


River in dense vegetation River in dense vegetation v1.3

This live wallpaper shows a real river in a green and dense vegetation. The images resolution are HD quality (1920x1080). Above it, fly some colorful and touch-sensitive butterflies. Paid Version


Fireflies Fireflies v1.0

Fireflies is a real time hardware accelerated (OpenGL ES 2) interactive and highly customizable live wallpaper with very realistic 3D light reflection effect.


Gold Butterfly Gold Butterfly v4.0.0

Gold Butterfly Live Wallpaper.


Clockwork HD: Jewels Clockwork HD: Jewels v1.2.1

Turn your device into an expensive chronograph with Clockwork HD Live Wallpaper!


PaperSea Live Wallpaper PRO PaperSea Live Wallpaper PRO v1.9

Paper Sea Live Wallpaper is colourful cartoon depicted in antique style!


Paperland Pro Paperland Pro v1.6

A fantastic paper cut-out landscape scrolls across your screen! Choose a fixed time of day, or let the sun and moon rise and set according to real world around you.


Lovely Snowfall Lovely Snowfall v1.28

Lovely Snowfall is a nice and smooth Live Wallpaper showing a beautiful winter snow


3D Cubes Infinity 3D Cubes Infinity v4.0.0

3D Cubes Infinity Live Wallpaper.