Baby Easy ABC Full Baby Easy ABC Full v1.0.1

Baby Easy ABC is an application for baby and toddlers, that features :
- Learn the alphabets with funny animal pictures representing each letters
- Simple quiz to match the Letters with Pictures
- Pronounce the letters when baby touches the pictures


Sparkling Quotes Premium Sparkling Quotes Premium v2.0

"Sparkling Quotes Premium" is a real treasure for quotes Funs, it consists of well selected collection of 24603 quotes by 775 famous authors and luminaries organized in 606 Topics.


KidTeach KidTeach v1.2

KidTeach is a Visual Tutor Application, aimed at teaching kids the names, Spellings and Pronunciations of real world things. It shows an Image (cartoon style, but closer to real thing), its name, then
Spells it and pronounces it.
It also has a Test Mode, which shows an Image, provides 4 Options, allows selection of an option, counts correct choices made, calculates correct choice percentage (against total items of the category), and eventually, helps monitor the progress of Kid's Learning.


DVSA Theory Test DVSA Theory Test v7

DVSA / DSA Question Bank 2015 for Driving Theory Test for Car Drivers.


Sign Alphabet Sign Alphabet v1.0

These Alphabet Flash Cards are an essential tool in helping to learn the sign language alphabet.


QuizFlashcardMaker QuizFlashcardMaker v1.0.0


Are you looking for an EASY TO USE flashcard and quiz app? This great app will help you to create flashcards and test yourself easily!

Step 1: Create Quiz Flashcards (Question/Answer Format)

Step 2: Hit Quiz and test yourself!



Math Trainer Pro Math Trainer Pro v2.1.2

Practice your mental math and become faster than ever. Good for all ages. Unique and innovative modes to keep you challenged.


Alphabet Flash Cards Alphabet Flash Cards v1.0

These Alphabet Flash Cards are an essential tool in helping to teach your child the alphabet.


Word Puzzle Word Puzzle v1.1

The core concept of the app is to solve 2 words by identifying missing letter.


BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC v1.1

Make your child learn English Alphabet with an easy and addictive game format.


Learn Norwegian: Verbs Learn Norwegian: Verbs v1.0

Easy way to learn Norwegian verbs using adaptive learning methods. Word order is defined by your progress - words that were answered wrong come up more often then those you have answered correctly. App contains all forms of regular and irregular verbs and game like mechanics make learning more fun.


أ ب الحروف Alif Ba Alphabets أ ب الحروف Alif Ba Alphabets v1.0

Application for teaching alphabet and some of the rules of Arabic in an easy and simple way with games. Application helps children learn the alphabet and some of the rules of Arabic, and also contain Games to help the child to learn in a fun manner and beautiful, as well as the sentences used to reach the child information indirectly to learn science and others


Math Whiz Math Whiz v1.2

Math Whiz Flash Cards is perfect for practicing and mastering basic elementary math facts.


Toddler Zoo Touch Toddler Zoo Touch v1.3

• Over 60 animals in full size pictures.
• Touch the screen to hear the sound the animals make.
• Touch the name of the animals to play their names in a real voice - not text to speech.
• Great for toddlers and kids of all ages.


ABC 123 Doremi ABC 123 Doremi v1.0.1

16 fun learning games, kids learn to read, count, and play the piano. Teach kids alphabets, uppercase and lowercase, word formation, numbers, counting, elementary arithmetic (addition and subtraction), colors, shapes, music, and the sounds of musical instruments, animals, and vehicles. Kids learn to read, count, and play the piano in "ABC 123 Doremi", the best all-in-one educational app for your preschooler.


Master Algebra Master Algebra v1.3

This is for high school/college student learning algebra. It has tutorials,practice algebra skills,practice timed test & algebra challenge. This covers numbers,ratio & proportion,exponent & radicals,polynomial,linear equation,quadratic equation,rational expression,inequality. contains 350 questions.


Math Fun Math Fun v1.0

Do you like to drill math? This app makes up addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Think of the answer, and when you believe you know what it is, click the show answer button to see if you were right!


Graphics3D Pro Graphics3D Pro v1.0

Graphics 3D Pro is used to represent a function as a function of x and y in three dimensions.
Plotted functions are stored and can be loaded later.
The scale and precision can be set.


Calculator Calculator v1.0

***** Scientific Calculator ******

Simple and Easy to use scientific calculator for Android tablet. Use it once and you will never use any other calculator on any other device ever.


The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet v1.1.0

Make learning an easy, fun and musical world for your child with this fully interactive and animated book, packed with wonderful images, creatures and music. Combine literacy, numeracy and musical education with this fun and interactive book.