SportyPal OS1.5 SportyPal OS1.5 v1.7.6

SportyPal helps you improve your running, cycling, roller-blading, skiing or any other outdoor workout activities.
- It logs your position, shows it on map, speed, distance, tempo, pace, altitude and calories burned.
- Draws elegant graphics charts of your performance.
- Facebook/Twitter easy share.
- Compete and share with FRIENDS worldwide.
- Set up GOALS
- Great community with web integration on
- Nice and easy UI


ear ear v0.6beta

ear - easy settings profiles - for Android devices


Diesel Valkyrie Lite Diesel Valkyrie Lite v1.0.0 build6

Diesel Valkyrie Vs The Undead Reich - Android version available by now!

This game controls by gravity sensor, you don't even need to touch the screen when playing!

- 9 different weapons and items!
- 21 levels with 4 difficulty levels
- rampage mode!
- Global ranking available!
- And 12 small games to kill time(2 available for current).


ARTags ARTags v1.0.5

How the world can become your gallery.
ARTags is the first application that lets you draw wherever and whenever you want leaving your mark in augmented reality.
You can express your skills on your own mobile phone. Once your "tag" is completed you can drop it in one of our AR Browsers and leave your mark.


GPS-tracker GPS-tracker v0.9.2

Convert your Android mobile phone to GPS tracking device and use all of features.

How to -

This application may be useful for:
Track your phone online in real time;
Record and review tracks;
Recover lost phones;
Personal safety;
Help you keep track of your teenager;
Save money for business owners;
And etc.


XpenseLite XpenseLite v6

Xpense Lite
You want to get rid of tracking expenses in documents and sheets? Here you go! Expense application is a simple solution for tracking your daily expenses in mobile. Xpense is a top selling app in Finance.


shackApp shackApp v0.31

Application to control the facilites at (


AppUsage AppUsage v1.3.5

Measures time spent on each app. See which apps to uninstall because you're not using them!
The most accurate app usage tracker! Accurate to less than a second on Android 1.6 and up.


Mobo Celebrity News & Gossip Mobo Celebrity News & Gossip v14.63

ENTER THE LIFE OF CELEBS for FREE with the most comprehensive and popular Celebrity Talk, News & Gossip instant tracker app that you will find! For the first time you can keep a complete 360 degrees track of your top favorite star – this is not your regular follow your stars facebook and twitter social media app- its much much more!


Mobo Movie News & Stars Mobo Movie News & Stars v14.63

The most comprehensive and fastest resource for keeping abreast with latest of the movie world from all across the globe- Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, Mexican, Greece, Arabic, Algeria, Filipino, Latin, German, Israeli, Swedish, Turkish, Egypt, Brazilian, Australian, Irish, Asian, Indian (Tamil, Telgu, Hindi, Malayalam etc.)– all world cinema- the complete movie tracker that maps everything about pictures–from English films to foreign cinema.


Tip TraQ Pro Tip TraQ Pro v3.0.1 (Beta)

Keep Track of Your Cash Income


Mobile Maternity Mobile Maternity v1.0

Are you expecting? Expect the best with Mobile Maternity, the DMC baby app from DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. Mobile Maternity is for moms-to-be who are on the go and want to be well prepared for every stage of pregnancy. From health tips to tracking tools, Mobile Maternity is here to help you and your baby have a happy and healthy experience.


Currency Converter Live Rate Currency Converter Live Rate v1.1

-LIVE CURRENCY RATES and refresh every minute.
-Our rates are trusted by the auditing firms and world's banks!
-Track Currencies from around the world.

- Know the Data Storage Unit & its size and structure.
- know how much storage space will be required for any project or development you may doing.
- Students can also learn about diff Data Storage Unit.


Mark Twain's Books Mark Twain's Books v1.0

Download this free app with the most beautiful Mark Twain books and enjoy reading!


Warfield Warfield v0.96

Sick of defending? Now it's your turn to attack!

Warfield is a real time combat strategy game set in the World War II era where you try to defeat your enemy in each level by either capturing the enemy flag or destroying all enemy units.


Android Time Tracker Android Time Tracker v1.3

Android Time Tracker 2.0 (ATT) Is your precious time companion.

With ATT you can track all yours activities. ATT is very useful for people who need to track yours every days activities . How much time you spent on work, gym, travel,play. Generating PDF reports.
Tested:Android Os 1.6-2.2.

Apps is free and those permissions are needed for advertise.


mDroid mDroid v1.6.2

mDroid is a fully featured money organizer where you can keep track of all your expenses and manage your every day budget, while saving money.

A complete money manager that lets you control your expenses, your income and see where you money goes. Handle several accounts like your wallet, bank accounts, checking account, investments, credit card accounts, etc.


Easy Tasks Easy Tasks v1.0

Easy Tasks is an outliner app that will help you get organized in a very simple way and keep your tasks in front of you at all the times. Make a note on the go – Text, Voice, Audio, Video, Photo, GPS, Barcode.


Phone Tracker Phone Tracker v1.4

Get the Telecom Circle (State / Metro) and the Operator of any mobile number by just entering first 4 digit of your Mobile Number.
See the call logs with complete information like Service Provider and Location of each call received.

Get the STD code of any city in India.
Get the ISD code of all the countries in the word.


Hawk Traveler Hawk Traveler v1.2.4

Hawk Traveler is a mobile application for Android, which allows you to make all your travels (journeys, walking tours, jogging, etc.) more informative as well as save all the info concerning these trips and, if necessary, share this information with others.
You can use Hawk Traveler as standard GPS tracker.
Export to GPX format is supported.