This Or That This Or That v1.0

Choose between choices and then continue! This app has it all. Questions are based on a huge variety of subjects. This app will ensure that you never experience boredom again! Whether the questions are about US Presidents or British Literature, we guarantee that they will challenge you to the maximum! See how many you can get right and compare your results with your friends to see who knows the most about everything that's anything!


Currency Currency v1.5.32

Currency converter, forex rates, charts with peaks and trends.


iProfit iProfit v1.0

iProfit is a currency converter and calculator for finding a profitable exchanges.


a Wallet a Wallet v3.3

"a Wallet" application is your personal Virtual Wallet at your fingertips. It allows you to save and manage your most important data like Card Numbers, Bank Accounts' details, your Web Memberships, Private Notes, Vehicles & Computers' access info, Personal Info, etc.

All of your data is stored in fully Encrypted form and is also protected by a Password of your choice, which you can change anytime.


Senhor Presidente Senhor Presidente v1.32

The government has fallen! Be the new president!

Free v4.8.2

With the app, you can shop for millions of products, find worldwide suppliers and buy whatever you need on the move! The app makes it super easy to attend to business enquiries, communicate and chat with suppliers.