GOLauncherEX One Direction Theme GOLauncherEX One Direction Theme v1.2

A one of a kind theme which any One Direction fan can't miss!


Direct Flights Direct Flights v1.1

Find the cheapest flights fast & for free.


Prepositions of direction Prepositions of direction v1.1.2

Kids Grammar Prepositions 2 is one of the series of Fun4Learning programs which combines learning and playing perfectly. Educational games for kids are all we do, our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"


Qibla Compass Qibla Compass v1.2

Qibla Compass application finds the direction to Mecca from current location using two different methods: direct or shortest path.


Chicago, Illinois Jobs Chicago, Illinois Jobs v1.0

Our Chicago Jobs App pulls job listings directly from Career Builder, Indeed, Dice, and Monster. Additionally, it pulls job listings directly from employer websites directly to your mobile phone!


3D Compass 3D Compass v5.3

Lost or confused about directions? Fear no more as you have this compass application! Users can configure the compass to match their stylistic demands while being able to determine directions on their own!


PeerDeviceNet PeerDeviceNet v1.1.1

PeerDeviceNet connects your phones and tablets securely through WI-FI and WI-FI Direct network to enable sharing across devices. It allow a group of devices share web pages, contact information, pictures, videos and other documentations.
This free edition contains 100% features. It is supported via mobile ads.


Marine Compass Marine Compass v1.0.2

you can get the right direction(east west north south) with this compass!!!!!


Bit9 Bit9 v1.1

Tap the screen if the ball is above the arrow to change movement direction.


Missed call Tracker Missed call Tracker v1.3

Never miss your important calls with Missed Call Tracker, this application is going to help you to keep track of all the important calls.

Missed call tracker Keeps record of all Missed Calls and rejected calls which are left without reply.

Missed call tracker also keeps tracking of your dialled calls which are unsuccessful or rejected.


Gravity Box Gravity Box v1.0.7

When you play gravity box you can change direction of gravity at any time.
Do you want walk on the wall or jump chasm? No problem. Just switch direction of gravity.


Wi-Fi File Sender Wi-Fi File Sender v4.10

A tiny program for files and directories transfer via WiFi


Geo-iT Geo-iT v1.1

Geo-iT uses your device's internal GPS (or WIFI) and directional sensor to provide you information on your direction, altitude above sea level, speed, and global position in terms of latitude and longitude. Geo-iT offers a variety of displays and plots your position in real time on a Google Map. Great for hikers, bikers or even for use in the car.


Handys Compass Handys Compass v1.0.0

Compass will help you determine the direction.You can use it for all your outdoor activities whether you are .


Air Control Lite Air Control Lite v2.04

In this simple yet addictive drawing game you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.


Venus Transit Venus Transit v1.0.1

With this app you can watch venus transit directly on your phone.


Rue de l'emploi Rue de l'emploi v1.0

Rue de l'Emploi : Trouvez un emploi directement depuis votre mobile!
Grâce à l’application Rue de l’Emploi, employeurs et candidats sont en contact direct : l’employeur peut déposer des offres d'emploi directement depuis son mobile, et le candidat peut y répondre, toujours depuis son téléphone, sans jamais avoir besoin d’utiliser un ordinateur.


Beware Of Cats Beware Of Cats v1.1

A fun endless arcade maze runner game of cat and mouse.


Vintage Compass Vintage Compass v1.0

Turn your Android into a vintage-style compass.


JustCompass JustCompass v0.3

Simple compass application