Contact2Sim Contact2Sim v1.32

Copy your contacts to the SIM card.


Math Pop Math Pop v4.1

• Pop Balloons, get points, beat levels!
• Over 90 levels!
• Different each time you play!
• Beautiful art and relaxing music!
• Subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.


Holo Metronome Holo Metronome v1.25

A simple, free and accurate Metronome.


Mouse Mouse v1.0.35

Mouse Trap is a simple but very addictive puzzle game.

The goal is to help a trapped mouse find the exit of a given maze.
This can be achieved by sliding blocks out of the mouse's way. As you unblock each part of the maze, you will be given a chance to unlock bonuses and gain coins.

Each of the 1900 levels requires logic, skill, and patience. Do you have what it takes to help me (the mouse) find my way out ?


Show IP Widget Show IP Widget v1.2

Show IP Widget is basically a very simple widget (4 X 1 in size) that displays your android device's Internal AND External IP Address in a widget form. It detects your internet connection (both WIFI and 3g) and displays the IP Address accordingly. If your android device is not connected, a "Not connected" text will be displayed instead. You may also touch on the widget to copy the IP Address to clipboard. More features coming soon!

Do try out my other great android apps as well!


Cute Animal Life Cute Animal Life v1.0.0

In Cute Animal Life your kids can explore the most interesting places and have fun with lovely animal sounds.


Contact Export Pro Contact Export Pro v1.1

-Single Click Contact Export to SD CARD...
-Single Click Contact Export and Search For "MyContactsList.xls" in your SDCARD.
-No Limitation with product.
-You will get all contact details like, Home Phone, work phone, Mobile No., Email ID.,etc...


Expense Register Expense Register v1.7

Simple and fast way to register expenses


My Stock Ticker Lite My Stock Ticker Lite v1.3

Have you ever wished for a stock ticker for Android, just like the one on TV?
Your wish has been granted!

The world is in an economic crisis, and we need a constant update on the market and our investments.
Get My Stock Ticker and stay updated with the latest Stock Quotes in Real Time*.

Just a note, the Premium and Pro version are not available via "SlideMe Market".


The Timisoara Times The Timisoara Times v1.0

One of the most popular local newspaper in Romania is now available for Android users.


My Top Goal My Top Goal v2.3

Achive your Goal in Life.Goal Setting Goal Progress Tracking Productivity App


Ebola Structure in 3D Virtual Reality Ebola Structure in 3D Virtual Reality v1.2.1

Ebola virus in interactive 3D virtual reality that you can enjoy here without the danger of infection!


Party n Play Party n Play v9.2

PnP uses GPS to determine your exact location and instantly connect you with gay, bisexual or curious guys in your area with the same sexual interest.

Dirty, raunchy and kinky - no holds barred! Perfect for fast anonymous hookups to chill or go wild.

You can also see special offers and discounts nearby provided by FourSquare.

We are still very new - please let your friends on twitter or facebook now :)


Math Bingo Math Bingo v1.1.2

Math BINGO is a fun way for children to practice math facts on your phone/tablet. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division BINGO, then select a level of difficulty.


One Power Guard One Power Guard v3.6.0

One Power Guard is an unique battery protection app - One is all cool(xuan).
One Power Guard is a unique battery enhancement tool designed to conserve your battery power an increase uptime on rooted Android smartphones/tablets. One Power Guard will decrease your charging time and increase your device performance while also increasing your uptime.


My Internet Status My Internet Status v1.0

MISS – My Internet StatuS helps you monitor the status of your internet connection and get notified when you lose connectivity to take actions. Never miss any important email, message, chat message or any update you are waiting urgently, due to internet connection loss. Get notified via notification of the status change, and customize your notification.

MISS monitors the status of the actual internet connection and not only active WIFI network or data connection such as 3G 4G and others.


Last Resort Last Resort v1.8

Last Resort will automatically send a SMS to your selected contacts before the phone is dead. (Keeps you in touch)


AS Contact Sync AS Contact Sync v1.0-for-Android1.x

"A highly used tool. Now I know my contacts are safe, and available everywhere!"

If you have computers, smart phones, and other devices where you store lists of phone numbers and other contact information, how do you keep them in sync?

This app allows you to synchronize contacts across all mobile devices and computers.


Android Eye Android Eye v1.9.9

Computer Vision. Object Recognition. Android Eye. The ONLY Computer Vision App!


TxtNote Free TxtNote Free v1.01

A minimal and lightweight Note taking app