Credit Card Cracker Credit Card Cracker v1.0

Crack the code! Validate credit cards numbers and extract useful data from them.


MobeeVoice MobeeVoice v1.0.28

MobeeVoice allows you to use your landline at home just like you would your mobile number. With the MobeeVoice service, your home line AND your mobile phone will now share the same number.

To create an trial account from your smart device visit:

This is a REAL account and does not expire. The account has a $1.00 Credit.


Credit Card Society Credit Card Society v1.0.4

Need help and advice with your credit card debt? This may be the eBook for you with a wealth of useful advice on how to go about eliminating your credit card debts


EU Anthems EU Anthems v2.5

EU National Anthems is little android application which consists of 27 European Union National Anthems midi sound of anthems and English translation of anthems lyrics.


Call Credit Monitor Call Credit Monitor v1.0.1

Monitoring your phone "Credit Unit" usage, and start saving your phone bills.


Credit Usage Credit Usage v4.6.4

As also found in the official Google Android Market:

This application is a call minutes, sms, mms and data usage meter to monitor your credit usage. Never exceed your quota again!

Supporters unlock: free times/contacts/groups; widget; usage log; greater configuration of plan inclusions + more. A free 5 day trial is offered.

Please report bugs!

Please visit for more information.


The Prosperity Factor for Kids: A comprehensive parent's guide to developing positive saving, spending, and credit habits The Prosperity Factor for Kids: A comprehensive parent's guide to developing positive saving, spending, and credit habits v2.0

Canadian parents need to teach their kids about money, and this book will help!


Postdroid Postdroid v111

Send Real physical Photo Postcards, Photo Magnets, Calendars, Mousepads from your android phone to anyone, anywhere in the world


MO-Call MO-Call v2.0.1

MO-Call offers savings on international calls made from your mobile device. Use the MO-Call app to make cheap calls through Callback calls to avoid roaming rates wherever you are.


NeatPayment NeatPayment v1.3

NeatPayment makes credit card to payment gateways transaction easier, faster, neat and cool.


Reminiscences of a Rebel Reminiscences of a Rebel v1.0

Why did a Union-loving, secession-opposing young college student volunteer.


Chapaev's checkers Chapaev's checkers v1.0.2

Chapayev is the most popular board game in The Soviet Union.

There are three game mode:
-user vs andorid (with online-rating)
-user vs user
-android vs android

Compete online and enjoy!


Paravoid Paravoid v1.0

Imagination is man's most fearsome weapon.


The China Card The China Card v1.0

In this far-seeing novel, the nations of the near future come to 1984?


An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge v1.0

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge opens with the story's hero, Peyton Farquhar, hanging bound from a bridge, awaiting hanging.


Castle Siege Wars Castle Siege Wars v2.8

A multi-level medieval war game for the astute tactitian. Train your soldiers [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemies [on the Right]. At your command are Swordsmen, Spearmen, Knights & Archers. The Objective is to capture the Enemy's Castle.


Secret Box+ Secret Box+ v1.1.6

You have secrets. We help you safely lock them away from prying eyes!


Free Loan Assistant Free Loan Assistant v1.0

Free of charge Loan assitant will help you to calculate regular payment and total payment. Easy to use.


Absolute Pazaak Absolute Pazaak v1.0.8

Absolute Pazaak is the famous Pazaak cardgame known from Star Wars games brought to your Android device, now with online duels!

- online duels are now available!
- earn credits by winning duels or collecting daily bonuses!
- spend your credits in the card shop, build your own sidedeck!
- 100+ new achievements!


Expense Recorder Expense Recorder v5.1

This program lets you enter expense/income items or credit/debit items and calculates totals and differences depending on the date selected. This is the fully featured version of my product. There is no expiry date and it has pie charts and reports which shows the report range. You can also export the data.

You can change the report range by pressing the menu option.

Please donate if you find the application useful :)

Press the menu button at the main screen for starters for add/delete categories and help.

I really want to know if you find my application useful.
Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think, if you like it and what you'd like to see.