Credit Card Cracker Credit Card Cracker v1.0

Crack the code! Validate credit cards numbers and extract useful data from them.


MobeeVoice MobeeVoice v1.0.28

MobeeVoice allows you to use your landline at home just like you would your mobile number. With the MobeeVoice service, your home line AND your mobile phone will now share the same number.

To create an trial account from your smart device visit:

This is a REAL account and does not expire. The account has a $1.00 Credit.


Countries of the European Union Countries of the European Union v1.2

The application of the European Union: flags, maps, showplace and capital.


Credit Card Society Credit Card Society v1.0.4

Need help and advice with your credit card debt? This may be the eBook for you with a wealth of useful advice on how to go about eliminating your credit card debts


EU Anthems EU Anthems v2.5

EU National Anthems is little android application which consists of 27 European Union National Anthems midi sound of anthems and English translation of anthems lyrics.


Call Credit Monitor Call Credit Monitor v1.0.1

Monitoring your phone "Credit Unit" usage, and start saving your phone bills.


Credit Usage Credit Usage v4.6.4

As also found in the official Google Android Market:

This application is a call minutes, sms, mms and data usage meter to monitor your credit usage. Never exceed your quota again!

Supporters unlock: free times/contacts/groups; widget; usage log; greater configuration of plan inclusions + more. A free 5 day trial is offered.

Please report bugs!

Please visit for more information.


Rush My Card Rush My Card v1.0

This pre-paid card is an easy, convenient and secure alternative to traditional banking. With this card, you can only spend what is on your card so you’ll never be charged costly overdraft fees.


Onsun Onsun v1.6

Turn your mobile into credit card. 200 € credit in your pocket.


Prototype Prototype v1.71

An awesome Casual Stealth Game for you !!!!


Mexican Peso Mexican Peso v1.0

Do you send money to Mexico often?
See & Compare US Dollar to Mexican Peso Exchange Rates of Top Banks Forex, Xoom, Wells Fargo, Western Union, ATMCash
Check out Forex Trend Charts
Peso provides USD to MXN Peso remit rates
Peso currently shows the rates of ATM Cash, Wells Fargo, Western Union and Xoom


SPIcalculator SPIcalculator v1.0

this app is for college students who often need to find their results from grade. so this app will useful to find out their credit.


Postdroid Postdroid v111

Send Real physical Photo Postcards, Photo Magnets, Calendars, Mousepads from your android phone to anyone, anywhere in the world


MO-Call MO-Call v2.0.1

MO-Call offers savings on international calls made from your mobile device. Use the MO-Call app to make cheap calls through Callback calls to avoid roaming rates wherever you are.


Europe Road Sign Test Europe Road Sign Test v1.0

Europe Road Sign Test is a simple quiz based game to help users who are studying for the driving test or International License. Applicable to all test takers in the European Union and Europe. If you are a new driver, renewing your license, taking a driver's ed course, visiting Europe or just stuck in traffic this road sign game will help you pass with flying colors. Many Categories are included and more will be added soon.


Take The Egg Take The Egg v1.0

Retro remake of the game, which was very popular in the Soviet Union. The protagonist, a wolf, must catch as many falling eggs, the rate of fall is constantly increasing. For each caught egg charged one point. When the wolf missed egg it breaks. The game ends when there is 4 broken eggs.


JunoWallet JunoWallet v7.6.7

***** JunoWallet is the #1 Mobile Rewards App *****

Over 1,500,000 happy users.
Top users have earned over $1000 in JunoCredits.
Over 25,000,000 million tasks completed with over $2,500,000 in JunoCredits issued!

Earn JunoCredits by performing tasks
Buy Giftcards with JunoCredits!


Chapaev's checkers Chapaev's checkers v1.0.2

Chapayev is the most popular board game in The Soviet Union.

There are three game mode:
-user vs andorid (with online-rating)
-user vs user
-android vs android

Compete online and enjoy!


Z.O.N.A Lite Z.O.N.A Lite v1.03.14

★ ★ ★ Leave the as soon as possible the most dangerous zone of Chernobyl, a ride on the legendary Soviet UAZ, zatyunenguyte his car by security forces of the Soviet Union ★ ★ ★


Castle Siege Wars Castle Siege Wars v2.8

A multi-level medieval war game for the astute tactitian. Train your soldiers [on the Left] and send them to battle the enemies [on the Right]. At your command are Swordsmen, Spearmen, Knights & Archers. The Objective is to capture the Enemy's Castle.