Instant Panorama Instant Panorama v1.0.2

InstantPanorama draws detailed 360° views and names all visible mountains and mountain ranges.

The system features 340 000 named mountain peaks and mountain ranges.


Shell Be Coming Around the Mountain Shell Be Coming Around the Mountain v2.0

A well-known children's song features a family reunion and lots of anticipated fun.


Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe v1.0

Silas Marner is accused of stealing funds from his small Christian congregation.


Winter Queen: Seasons of Fantasy Series Winter Queen: Seasons of Fantasy Series v1.0

The Snow Queen has haunted the northern lands for??


Household Gods Household Gods v1.0

Dubbed The Wickedest Man In the World, Aleister Crowley is best known for his occult writings.


The Riddle of the Wayward Books The Riddle of the Wayward Books v2.0

While their father is napping, two boys enthusiastically wash everything in sight.


Andro Cop Andro Cop v1.0

Install and Configure with -Alternate Phone Number -email address -PIN number and Keep service and GPS ON. 1. Send SMS "androcop pin" to instantly know the location of phone. 2. If SIM card is changed by anyone get phone's location automatically by SMS(in alternate number) and email.


BikeFitCalculator BikeFitCalculator v1.0.1

BikeFitCalculator is an application to help you fit bike basing on body measures you provide.


GPS Data Monitor PRO GPS Data Monitor PRO v2.0.5


Ultimate real-time GPS testing/monitoring tool
for Android is finally here !

GPS Data Monitor PRO will take max from your GPS.


English Nursery Rhymes English Nursery Rhymes v1.1.0

Nursery Rhymes include 28 animated nursery rhymes with karaoke subtitles as the following. For the full version we plan to upgrade more nursery rhymes in future for free.


Hackers Reference Hackers Reference v22

The Ultimate Hacking Reference!

This application details various different hacking methods, exploits, software attacks and more! If you ever wanted to know what a SQL injection is, what social engineering is, or simply already know most of the material and just want a handy reference, with How-To's, cheatsheets, quick references and more, THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!

Our review from DroidTweak:

"The Best Hacking Reference Available! For Beginners and Experts alike! 5/5 Stars!"


Relaxus Relaxus v2.5

Relaxus is a wonderful collection of Sounds of Nature and Melody Tunes to help you relax at your desired setting.