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Thief Dash Thief Dash v1.0

Run with the thief as far as possible and steal as many valuables as you can. On your way, you must be cautious about a lot of traps.


Break In Squad Break In Squad v1.0.0

Do you think you have the thief skills to take anything without someone noticing? Break-in-Squad gives you an opportunity to become a thief for a moment in life! The robbers have broken to the apartment – your job is to steal as much as you can!


Star&ShellFull Star&ShellFull v1.0

Compatible with any screen size and with NO LOADING TIMES


WorldQuiz WorldQuiz v1.1

Try all the continents with 800+ different locations!


Middle East Racing Middle East Racing v1.1

A race against time! In a quest for glory.


Angry Boss Angry Boss v1.3.3

Sick of your job? Sick of your boss? Sick of your coworkers? Want revenge?


Brick attack! Brick attack! v2.0

Steal money, collect nuclear waste, and bend time: do whatever you can in your battle against against the bricks from hell! In this survival madness - a crossover between Grand Theft Auto and Snake - your control the hero with your smartphone and test your skills in dozens of challenging levels!


Pretty Water Pretty Water v2.1

Water pours through boulders and over the edge of Indiana's Upper Cataract Falls. No sound but it is a great looking and mentally soothing waterfall. The waterfall over the rocks is in 720p HD quality so feel free to stream to your HDTV!


Mighty Wizard Mighty Wizard v1.0.2

Help the mighty wizard to solve the brain twisters!


Robbing For Riches Robbing For Riches v1.0.0

Robbing For Riches (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 5 credits per line (up to 9 lines) - Any 4 scattered bonus symbols triggers one of two interactive bonus games. Steal your way up to thousands of credits to win all of the 41 trophy achievements and purchase the 10 items in the gift shop with your winnings. For once, it pays to be on the other side of the law!


Chopper Control Chopper Control v1.3.2

**Don't forget to rate us**
**Touch & Hold screen to ascend. release to descend**

Throttle your copter through the volcanic mountains of death and face the enigmatic hurdles that come by. As you fly, you will get helped with super powers. Take control of your copter for bumpy ride.

Flying is fun: Flying is Passion


FaceBash FaceBash v1.01

Solve all arguments using your Facebook friends and phone contacts!


Mello _ Smudge Marble Maze Mello _ Smudge Marble Maze v1.0.0

Hooray kids, Its Maze Time!


Mouse Storm Mouse Storm v1.0

Exciting game to train attention and reaction!

A good master in the kitchen is always clean and tidy, all the products in place. But what to do if you have an unexpected guests - mice! And not just any mice - it's a trained team of professional thieves, which aim to destroy all your cheese supplies


A tracker A tracker v2.8

Light but essential tracker using GPS. Made and tested by mountain biker. Supports cruise (showing real time speed and travel distance/time) and navigation (showing current position, tracks, and remaining distances in a map) panes. Able to store POIs (Point of Interests).

Tested with Droid and Nexusone. Would appreciate if you can ask anyQs or suggestions/bugs to


JapanTravelGuide JapanTravelGuide v6.0

The ultimate travel guide comes to your device, with offline viewing. This guide has:

- all the must see locations, including pictures, details and an offline map
- offline maps, at 4 levels, so you can find your way without internet access
- all the country info you need to know before you go
- all the annual events you should go to if you can
- an offline version of the wikitravel page
- the current local time
- the exchange rate
- the local weather


Journey To Pluto 2 Journey To Pluto 2 v2.0

A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth. Now it’s his epic journey to Pluto again. On his way to Pluto he has to face different adventure like jumping, climbing, floating in space and fighting with snake, leopard, mountain goat and eagle. This version 2.0 contains four fantastic levels jungle, himalay, cloud and space.


Adrenaline Skater Adrenaline Skater v1.0

Got the need for speed?
Are you the competitive type looking for an adventure and adrenaline full challenge? This is it!
Are you ready for the most amazing stunts?
Accelerate your skating board for an amazing game with three different and challenging worlds.


An Outcast An Outcast v1.0

"An Outcast" a fiction book by Francis Colburn Adams was written in 1861
Francis Colburn Adams was an American miscellaneous writer, formerly living in Charleston, South Carolina, who wrote under various pseudonyms, including A Cavalryman, Justia, a Knownothing and Pheleg Van Trusedale.

1. Special for Android devices

2. Start reading the book in minutes