Military Medals and Ribbons Military Medals and Ribbons v1.3

This reference application allows you to select your service medals and ribbons and then display the awards in the proper order of precedence based on each respective organization. Currently, the application includes awards from the Army,Air Force, Navy,Marines,Coast Guard, and L.A.P.D. More organizations will be included


Droidsoft News Bot Droidsoft News Bot v0.2

A Talking News Bot - Speaks and displays top news & stories posted at DroidSoft.Co - new stories on Android, and its ecosystem including Google, Tablets, Cloud Computing, & Social Networking.


IthinkDictionary IthinkDictionary v3.0

The IThink Dictionary is a comprehensive IT dictionary with suggestions of 3,000 computer related terms and abbreviations with word twist game.


Animal Alphabets Animal Alphabets v1.1

An approach to teach the kids to learn Alphabet with fun. "Animal alphabet" app helps the kids to write and learn alphabets with sounds of animals. The app creates interest in kids to know animals and teaches alphabets at same time.


Armored Warfare! Armored Warfare! v1.0

Get the most comprehensive Military Armored Vehicles Handbook on Android! Along with the Handbook, learn to recognize the world's Military Armored Vehicles of through a game of visual identification!


Scholarship Bulletin Scholarship Bulletin v1.0

Scholarship Bulletin is a platform for students to get all information about different scholarships, grants, financial aid across the globe.


CompTIA A+ 801 CompTIA A+ 801 v1.0

Upward Mobility's new CompTIA A+ 801 will thoroughly prepare you for both the 220-801 IT technician certifiction with 320 questions and explanations, with expanded, all-new material written by a CompTIA-certified trainer. Our apps cover all topics to be found on the new CompTIA A+ 801 exam, including: Hardware, Laptops, Networking, Printers, and Procedures.


Unit Converter Unit Converter v1.0

Quick convert centimetres to inches or kilogrammes to pounds or Kilobytes to Gigabytes or degree celcius to degree farenheit.

This app does it all using a intuitive user interface.

It converts over 60 different units. Including metric and imperial units for length, weight, volume and area.


Words for Tots Words for Tots v1.1

Give your child a head-start at reading fluency. Your child is guaranteed to learn to read children books with you by their side. Your kids will love their new found ability right away and have fun reading with you. Build a healthy relationship with your children today. Start as early as 2 years old.


ChalkBoard ChalkBoard v1.7

Magic Board is an application which helps the user to calculate simple and complicated mathematical equations. The Math Board is used as a calculator. I had created a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface. So that it can helps the ones that are using it.


WikiDroyd WikiDroyd v1.4.10

WikiDroyd is an off-line Wikipedia reader supporting 28 languages. Once you've downloaded your personal Wikipedia library (e.g. over Wifi) you do not need a network connection to search and read your articles. With our "Droyd Plugin Speech" WikiDroyd also reads articles using TTS.


Shakespeare Sonnets Shakespeare Sonnets v1.0.1

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date"
Sonnet XVIII

The perfect application to help you study the sonnets of the greatest English writer.


Speak Spanish in 12 days Free Speak Spanish in 12 days Free v1.1.3

Speak Spanish in just 12 days. This app will allow you to learn Spanish very fast.


Shakespeare Search Shakespeare Search v1.0.0

"Can one desire too much of a good thing?".
As You Like It, Act IV, Scene I

The perfect application to help you study the work of the greatest English writer.