Security Xploit Security Xploit v2.3

Security News


Home Security Home Security v2.1

Capture and receive Home Security Pictures direct to your personal cell phone with WIIA 2.1 Android Home Security Camera, to prevent the loss of valuable property, identity theft or an accidental encounter with a burglar.


Joey On The Web Joey On The Web v0.82.13465.61873

Joey reviews web products and services. He also answers your questions on his Blog, Joey On The Web. The app has special mobile exclusive content coming soon.


Weather Forecast USA Weather Forecast USA v1.7.1

Displays 7-day forecast; weather watches, warnings and advisories for any location in US (Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam included). Location is determined via GPS or manually entered ZIP code. Forecast is obtained from NOAA web services where it is refreshed hourly.


Utoo Utoo v1.1.2

Client for Utoo cloud storage.
- Open files storing on server.
- Keep files locally.
- File's editing.
- Share via sms, like a link and through the social network.
- Friendly user interface.
- Supported by three languages.


Shifr Shifr v1.2.1

This application will encrypt your text with a certain key and decrypt it back.


Technology Deals Daily Technology Deals Daily v3.0 is one of the premier retailers in the E-business field. With competitive prices and real time service, provides all categories of high-quality products on over 120,000 items, such as household gadgets, electronic products, fashion dresses, home & garden, wedding dress & accessories and much more.


AntipodalPoint AntipodalPoint v1.2

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you dug a tunnel straight down from where you were standing? Wonder no more!


JellyBean Unit Converter JellyBean Unit Converter v1.1

this is all in 1 converter. it convert various unit of type such as length,mass,volume,speed,temperature,torque,current,tip,density,currency .


Appsaver Appsaver v1.4

This is a simple and lightening fast appsaver+uninstaller+move to sd card.


Centrebet Centrebet v0.32.13312.84094

Centrebet has the widest range of betting markets on sports and events. Best & latest odds on Horse Racing, NRL, AFL and all major events.


Mobo World News Mobo World News v14.63

The first FREE news app that not only gives top stories of the hour, but also customizes breaking news from best sources across all global regions-US, UK, APAC, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Access latest text, pictures, images, videos of national/international news from banking & finance markets, world economy, politics, sports, tech, leisure, science, health, lifestyle, marketing, business, arts.


TraceBuddy TraceBuddy v1.19

App for sharing your location with anybody even if they don't have a mobile device. No login necessary, no account, just install and go. Social Tracking made easy.


Aasaanjobs Aasaanjobs v2.0.9

India’s no. 1 portal for entry level jobs. Now available for download. Service is free of cost!
Search for fresher jobs on the move.
Search for jobs near your location. Apply for and add unlimited jobs to your wishlist. Register and login to schedule an interview. Finding a job is just a touch away.


Drudge On Droids Drudge On Droids v3.2.2

Easily read the Drudge Report on your mobile device.
The best and easy to use Drudge Report reader on the Android Market and the only one with a widget and tablet UI.


UnTouched Me UnTouched Me v1.4

UnTouchedMe is a complete anti-theft app for protect your phone and make the theft surprised when someone has touched your phone!

App feature :
• Your phone will sound an alarm when someone pickup it.
• The display will light and show the message that you set.
• Your phone will alarm until you put the correct code.
• All buttons are locked and cannot do anything.
• The phone will alarm immediately after turn on again when it was turn off while still alarm .


Super Ball Game Super Ball Game v1.0.3

Are you fast? Are you passionate for really cool & smooth Games? Then this Super Ball Game is perfect for you.

A pure Open GLES game ensuring optimal battery usage and ultra-smooth functionality.