jQuery Reference jQuery Reference v1.0

At jQuery Reference you will find complete reference of all jQuery objects and methods, along with examples.


J933 J933 v1.0.0

WVFJ-FM (93.3 FM, "Atlanta's J93.3") is a Contemporary Christian radio station that serves Atlanta, Georgia. Listen to the shows like “Atlanta’s J93.3,” “Sunday Praise an Worship,” or “New Hope Baptist Church” anytime and anywhere.


pimij pimij v1.1.3

PimiJ is a nice sheep whose only goal is to eat a little green leaf.


jCal FREE jCal FREE v1.0

Limitations of the free version:

  • Cannot add/remove events
  • No updates from now on

jCal: the beautiful and practical Android calendar. Aside from the elegant design, this app integrates seamlessly with the Google accounts you have set up on your phone, and syncs with Google Calendar. The add event slider really stands out with the ability to add an event faster than any other calendar.



Jogging is Good, But Adventure Jogging is Awesome !!! Be Bold, Be Unstoppable :))

It's Fresh Morning you woke-up and Ready to go for a Long Jogging, awesome plan!!! But what if something unwanted with Black power stops you?

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SBMessJ SBMessJ v1.6.7

SBMess versione JackSMS!


jTalk jTalk v0.49

Good jabber client for Android
- Manage roster
- View vCard
- Copy messages
- Notifications
- Indicators for new messages
- Chat State Notifications
- Subscribtion
- Bookmarks
- Group Chats
- File Transfer


Honda Automotive Database Honda Automotive Database v1.4.1

Offline Honda Automotive Database
- A-, B-, C-, D-, F-, H-, J-, K-Series Engine Specifications
- OBD0/OBD1/OBD2 ECU Fault Codes
- Transmission Specifications

More features coming soon...
If you like the app and want to donate, download the Ad free version from the market.


Web Alert Web Alert v1.0.25

Track websites automatically and gives notifications when matching a user condition.
Only small sections of a webpage can be selected for matching condition (jQuery selector)
Selected sections of the webpage can be interpreted as TEXT, NUMBER or DATE for defining the triggering condition.


HTML Code Play HTML Code Play v3.7

Learn client side programs including html and css


Counter Counter v1.0

A simple lightweight counter app. It has plus and minus and history.


Yoga Memory Yoga Memory v1.1

Memory Game of Yoga, your goal is to hit the pairs of letters at each level and releasing a yoga position.

You will have fun while remembers the images of Yoga.

This version has only 3 levels, buy a full version in order to play all levels.


IT Guru IT Guru v0.26

The only app needed for an IT guru. If you do IT work, this is the app for you! It has the basics and is constantly expanding! It currently covers networking, telephony and keyboard shortcuts. We currently offer Cisco IOS commands, HP Pro curve commands, Nortel DMS-100, Nortel Meridian 1 option commands, Avaya Definity, Avaya S8000 series, OSI Layer Model, Remote Desktop keyboard shortcuts and so much more! This app is updated all the time!


Rap Soundboard Lite Rap Soundboard Lite v1.0

Significant part of the HIP-HOP culture in your android.

This is LITE version of RAP SOUNDBOARD


Entertainment Hub Entertainment Hub v1.0

Your Entertainment Hub


baabaaloo free baabaaloo free v1.0.4

baabaaloo - "Hit That"


vPoker vPoker v2.1

Video Poker: Fast, Addictive and Fun.


M-metropolis M-metropolis v1.0 webradio 24/24 7j/7 M-MetrOPoliS n'a pas encore fini de faire parler de lui ! internet radio, radio station, radios, web radio, free online radio player, new music, songs


Health Calculator Health Calculator v1.1.0

This application helps you to calculate daily drinking water consumption, ideal weight based on Body Mass Index and J.B. Devine formulas, and your ideal height.


Mystery Of Mirror Of Death Mystery Of Mirror Of Death v1.7.0

This is a free mystery puzzle adventure game of point and click(Point and tap). This game takes you into the 90's and make you involve in the investigation of a murder of a famous fantasy fiction writer J.R.R Thompson.