Car Widget Pro Car Widget Pro v1.46

Car widget pro make easier and quicker access to phone feature during driving.


The Emoticon App The Emoticon App v6.0.3

Have you ever wondered how to express your emotions in text? This simple app will show you how to make tons of emoticons! Create everything from an Abraham Lincoln emoticon =|:O} to a Homer Simpson (_8(|) emoticon to a butterfly }|{ emoticon or even a Death Star ( °) emoticon!


App Search Widget App Search Widget v0.99

A home screen widget that fast searches through your installed apps after you type in the first letter of it, allowing you to run your app right from the home screen as fast as possible.


App Killer Pro App Killer Pro v1.0.7

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This is the Ultimate Application Killer. This app lets you kill running applications and system services. You can also back-up applications you’ve downloaded or uninstall them from your device.


Glenn Beck (Unofficial) App Glenn Beck (Unofficial) App v1.0

The Unofficial Glenn Beck App brings the features of, the Insider, and Insider Extreme to your android phone. Browse Glenn's articles, download the Insider podcast, and watch Insider Extreme videos.


Baby app 101 Baby app 101 v1.4

How to care for your baby in facetious humor. Play this with a loved one. This puzzle is designed for teenagers and children to teach them how to care for a baby. It is never too early to learn how to care for a baby.


SmsApp SmsApp v1.0

You can send unlimited messages on one click.Just Type the number of SMSs and Send it.


App Protector Pro App Protector Pro v1.28 SlideME version

*Must Have*

Add password protection for any app on your phone: SMS,Gmail,Photo,Gallery,Calendar,Market..any app u choose!

Protect private message,picture. Lock your secret! Better than Vault apps.

Try free version youself. Search App Protector in Market. You will LOVE it.


One Click App2SD One Click App2SD v4.1.4

One Click App2SD allows you to get more free internal storage space.


Trigonometry App Trigonometry App v1.2

For all maths students irrespective of whether you are maths lovers, maths haters you have to have this app in your mobile.
There are plenty of trigonometry formulas and sometimes it becomes very difficult to learn them all.
Don't worry, we are here to help you out.
This app gives many formulas on the trigonometry, if you think any more formula should be included in the app, do mail us at


Brain App Brain App v1.0

Daily brain exercise


SuppApp Pro SuppApp Pro v1.1.3

1. Notifies about miss call, received call, dialed call and incoming messages through email or sms.
2. You can change the settings remotely through any mobile by sending text messages.
3. Filter to get the notification about specific phone number only.

Note: Some features are only available for pro version


app1576 app1576 v1.0

Cuentos en verso para niños.

"Cuentos en Verso I" es una selección de cuentos para niños. Se han realizado dotándolos de rima para que los chicos puedan memorizarlos, jugar y acivar su mente.


Islamic Wallpapers Islamic Wallpapers v1.0

Islamic Wallpapers for your Android devices.


Quick Quick v1.0

Quick allows you to quickly access your favorite apps, contacts, and bookmarks with just one press of a folder. It’s easy, just place a folder icon on your home screen and inside each folder you can store quick links to whatever you want. You may designate one link or several links to each folder. The perfect organizer for your smart phone or tablet.


SubtractionElimination SubtractionElimination v1.0

Subtraction can be so easy and interesting


Lightning Wallpaper Lightning Wallpaper v1.0.0

Cool live wallpaper lightning bolts srike the electrode. Live wallpaper reacts user interaction - on click bolt strikes electrode, on multiple fast clicks more powerful bolts appears


The Impossible Enigma The Impossible Enigma v1.0.1

THE IMPOSSIBLE ENIGMA: a new incredible game on your Android device.
Do you think you can do it?


Folder Organizer Folder Organizer v3.6.6slideme

Group items according to labels and create fully customizable folder


Style Style v1.5



Style theme is one of the most beautiful theme for Go Launcher.
Looks excellent on each wallpaper and has great icons.