Material Color picker Material Color picker v1.0

Choose colors to build your Material Design theme in easy way.


AndTask AndTask v2.3

AndTask is an easy-to use task management software,it allows you to switch on or off running programs/apps/services.


APolloNA Lite APolloNA Lite v1.3

New Physics Based Puzzle Game APolloNA For Android.

APolloNA is the physics action puzzle game.
Enjoy the ball control.

With 50 levels and colorful settings,
APolloNA offers enjoyment for your Android device.

APolloNA is available on the Google Play Store.
There is also a lite version for free you can play if you want to try the game out before buying it.


Pocket Caddy Lite Pocket Caddy Lite v2.0

Pocket Caddy is your golf GPS app. All the standard features you would expect such as live yards/meters to the green (front, middle, back), your shot, club and lie records, live stats and scorecard, and some fun visual features such as flyovers of each hole!

Download the app, register (free) for your free PC membership online to use our unique DIY Course Mapping software with Google Earth, and get on the course. Don't forget to upload your data to Stats Viewer for analysis when you get back.


AndFire AndFire v1.2

It is a android firewal software,It support to message filter,block calls,app firewall,ftp pop3 smtp block and virus firewall.You can block some network application software to help you save flow! - 它是一款Android 防火墙软件,主要支持黑名单信息过滤,阻止来电,应用软件阻止网络,FTP,POP3,SMTP阻止,病毒防火墙等,你可以阻止一些联网的应用软件,帮助你节约网络流量!


Password Generator Password Generator v1.7.1

This is a password generator app, that allows you to generate passwords from simple to the most complex types.
The length of the password is also changeable between 4 and 99, the default is 8.
All data is stored encrypted.
Changing passwords rapidly (weekly/monthly) is suggested for safety reasons.
You can save the passwords, write details, system info, username, etc.
You can list the saved passwords, filter them (fast search), delete, undo delete, etc.


gps follower gps follower v1.1

Free Android app for real time GPS tracking: Install the Android app, and then Follow your mobile device on Google Maps through the website:
See your speed, path and current position in real time !


aroundme aroundme v1

Find coupons and discounts around you!
Going shopping, this is your best app shopping advisor.
Currently using Groupon and Foursquare Specials. Many more coming soon.


Executive Assistant Tasks Add-on Executive Assistant Tasks Add-on v1.11

** Please note: this is not an app and will not open or launch. **
This add-on gives Executive Assistant access to:

+ Astrid Task/Todo List

+ DGT GTD & ToDo List (w/Pure Widget plugin)

+ Google Tasks Organizer (lite & pro)

+ Got To Do

+ GTasks by Dato

+ ToDo Task Manager

+ TouchDown by NitroDesk

IMPORTANT: to use Astrid, Google Tasks Organizer or Got To Do, it must be installed BEFORE installing this add-on.


3D Death Star Race Run Free 3D Death Star Race Run Free v1.0

Fly your spaceship trough the death star tunnel in this endless run wars game, and try not to crash! This game is for speed junkies and is the ultimate adrenalin kick for all run game lovers! Try to go trough as many gates as you can and show the world trough the integrated google play game services leaderboard how good of a racer you are!


VocaBoca VocaBoca v0.9 beta

Vocabulary to your Boca ()

Build your own vocabulary list from the words you find in your favourite apps.
Learn new words when you surf, when you read the news and when you check your e-mail.

VocaBoca combines the power of Google Translate, Flickr images and Wiktionary to explain any word, from any app in almost any language.


MyEasterEggs MyEasterEggs v1.0

MyEasterEggs is an android game app that allows you to mark in a map where you have hidden your easter eggs and gives you the possibility to add clues to help your friends find them. The team/player who finds more eggs wins the match. Good Luck


Russian Video Search Russian Video Search v8.0.2

Type and speak in Russian or English. Find Russian videos on Youtube, Yandex, Google and VKontakte.


Tasks to do Tasks to do v1.0.1

Tasks To Do ... Simple, elegant, easy to use To-do list.

Remember everything you have to do and get your tasks organized with "Tasks To Do" app for Android.
Simple, elegant, easy to use To-do list.


Vollgas - Most Wanted Vollgas - Most Wanted v1.0.8

Insanely fast top down racing game with kinda retro looking pixel art style!


The Finder The Finder v1.0.2

Direct access to information with a click using the search engine more relevant.

Many search engines in various fields.

- Added OpenSearch support

- SDcard support
- Supported languages : US / EN, ES, DE, FR, IT


AppDadsColoring AppDadsColoring v2.0.36

Create your own kids coloring book!

AppDads Coloring is a customizable paint program for kids.


BG Diary 2.7 BG Diary 2.7 v3.0

Turn your Android phone to a personal blood glucose monitoring machine.


DrumCloud DrumCloud v1.1.4

Drum Cloud is an free audio app that hybrids between a drum machine (sampler) and a simple sequencer.


IntouchApp IntouchApp v0.9.130

Share auto-updating contact info in a flash and stay intouch forever!
IntouchId is a simple and elegant solution for sharing and storing contact information so you stay in touch with those that matter, forever!