Diddo Diddo v1.1.5 beta

Diddo is a community-based app that finds apps perfectly suited to you and your phone.

-Recommended Apps
-Popular Apps Near You
-Filters (price, rating, location)
-Video Links
-Community based editing and rating system
-Versatile reviews system

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-lots of bug fixes, including a critical list fix


B1 File Manager B1 File Manager v0.8.7

B1 File Manager is a file explorer which allows to:
- unzip over 38 archive formats (multi-volume and password-protected);
- compress files into zip and b1 archives;
- manage the files in internal storage, external SD card and USB-drives;
- manage Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and 4shared cloud storages;
- stream media files from the cloud storages and via SMB with no need to actually download files (NOTE: streaming speed highly depends on your Internet connection speed).


Game Setup Game Setup v0.2

Beta testing of an application to automate the setting up of football games.


My Assistant My Assistant v1.2

Nikol is your virtual voice assistant. Nicole will do the following things for you:

✔ Open phone applications
✔ Call favorite contacts
✔ Search in Google and Google Maps
✔ Check today's weather
✔ Answer on some everyday questions
✔ Answer on some dirty questions
аnd many more...


StreetViewList StreetViewList v1.0.0

Best of Street Views


Task Finder Task Finder v3.2.2

Task Finder is an ingenious task list and to do list featuring Google Tasks synchronization for multiple accounts, plus a local mode. Keep all your android devices up-to-date with cloud sync through Google Tasks and never again forget a thing. Task Finder also provides a clear map overview of your tasks (including normal map, satellite and traffic) and Dropbox backup/restore. Supported languages: English, German, French, Greek.


Neon Missile 3D Neon Missile 3D v1.1

Experience the speed in this colorful 3D game. Fly the NEON missile now. Ready for GoogleCardboard VR!


Back2It Back2It v1.4.4

One click to mark the place you want to remember, and another click to go back!


മലയാളപാഠം മലയാളപാഠം v1.2

Learn To Read And Write Malayalam With Ease.



English To Tamil Dictionary for Android Devices -Trail Version
With lot of Amazing options


Personal Password Manager Personal Password Manager v1.0

Personal Password Manager [ PPM ] is well secured android application to store users' personal passwords for many different accounts under one single master password. Don't forget the master password at any cost, you need to pay huge penalty if master password get lost!!!


Market Checkout Manager Market Checkout Manager v2.50

Synchronize all your orders from Google Checkout.


SD Card Rescan SD Card Rescan v1.95

Scan your SD card to refresh all multimedia for apps such as Google Play Music!


Freeze Frame Freeze Frame v1.3.3

Freeze Frame is a simple to use frame grabber that allows you to capture the best action shots from video to save or share via Facebook or Google+. Simply select a video, seek through to the chosen moment and click capture.


TnHEX TnHEX v1.5.24

Game goal is simple, touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can. Unlike other games of this kind, buttons are hexagons composing honeycomb. That really makes this game harder to play then usual but it makes this game more interesting.

● Score sync
● Google Play Games
● Google Play Leaderboards
● Achievements from Google Play Games

Wish you fast fingers and fun.


Manslator Manslator v0.1.4

Having problem understand your wife/girlfriend?
This app can help you - Manslater! Enter what she said either via text input or speech recognition and let it translate what she really meant and display and read it to you.
Finally understand the women! :)

Supports all languages with help of Google Translate. So thank Google for bad translations ;)
Has local databases for the following languages:
* English
* German


Crypto Crypto v2.9

Crypto is a powerful utility that calculates hashes from text that you type in!


URSafe App Backup/Restore URSafe App Backup/Restore v2.8.130919

Your Safe solution for Applications Backup & Restore.

In case you need to reset your phone, don't worry about because after that, the only procedure is one Tap over each of the backed up applications.
That's all.


ColorGem ColorGem v1.1.4

Color gem is the traditional game, I hope you will like.


Droidsoft News Bot Droidsoft News Bot v0.2

A Talking News Bot - Speaks and displays top news & stories posted at DroidSoft.Co - new stories on Android, and its ecosystem including Google, Tablets, Cloud Computing, & Social Networking.